Sylver Tongue

Sylver Tongue


Sylver Tongue was born from the Kandinsky addled mind of a Purple Rain obsessed girl. Inspired by 70s sci-fi movies, psychedelic pop and the prowling grooves of Grace Jones and her warm leatherette, Sylver's songs were hammered out on an old battered Juno and
a shiny metal computer from the comfort of her underground cave.


Sylver Tongue - the new project from Charlotte Hatherley was unveiled earlier this year in the form of the free download, ‘Hook You Up’. Seductive synths collide with Charlotte’s compelling vocals to create a delicious and irresistible slice of pop.
Her debut single ‘Creatures’ was released on May 21st, and it carries on where ‘Hook You Up’ left off.
Both songs demonstrate a new direction for Hatherley; whereas previously she has written songs on a guitar, under her Sylver Tongue guise, she composes on keys. The resulting tracks stand out from her previous solo material and define a new chapter in her career.

Currently working with the award winning remixer and producer James Rutledge (Fever Ray, Everything Everything), Sylver Tongue is committed to making timeless songs, with a majesty and versatility that’s hard to find but impossible to resist.

An album to be released late 2012/early 2013.

Her dynamic live performance is also not to be missed!


'Hook You Up' single (free download)
'Creatures' digital single - released May 21st 2012 Worldwide.