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Sylvia Emmerson

Miami, Florida, United States | SELF

Miami, Florida, United States | SELF
Band Alternative Folk


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"City Link names Sylvia Emmerson one of "Five South Florida acts you need to know in 2011""

While performing heartfelt, quiet songs such as “I Could’ve Died” at places such as Churchill’s Pub in Miami, Sylvia Emmerson often doesn’t notice when the patrons are ignoring her to chatter noisily among themselves.

“For me, it’s just as gratifying to be up there personally as it is to [think] that I might be impacting somebody,” she says. “So I play my music and hope that there’s maybe even one person in the crowd who’s listening. If that’s the case I will play my best show ever. I feel like if I stick to my guns and play passionately, there are times when I’ll see the audience go from talking very loud and then slowly, through the set, becoming intrigued and interested. It’s an amazing feeling.”

Emmerson, who released the four-song EP For All Who Wander Jan. 1 on Forward Motion Records, feels at home onstage and says becoming a musician was a no-brainer. Her mother is a pianist, her grandfather was a drummer, and her parents often took her to concerts by artists as diverse as Fiona Apple, Eric Clapton and Marilyn Manson. “They were always interested in finding out about new bands and had a really laidback attitude, so they were never really shocked by acts like that,” she says of Manson. “In fact, they listened to them as much as I did.”

Emmerson was 10 when she got an acoustic guitar for Christmas and 12 when she began taking voice lessons. At 14, she released a demo, performed at SunFest and began playing electric guitar with rock and metal bands at the Culture Room, Revolution Live and the Seminole Hard Rock. From seventh grade onward, school never interfered with her music. “With home school, you can condense all of those lessons into three hours and have the rest of your day free,” she says. “So I spent the majority of my time working on music and playing shows. When I was 17, I was able to play out of town and out of state when I probably wouldn’t have had the opportunity when I was in school.”

But last year, Emmerson, now 24, returned to her first love, acoustic guitar. “I felt like I’d grown a lot as a person and changed. Being alone in my room and writing these songs on acoustic guitar was very intimate,” she says. “I write in the way a person would write in their journal and I found it was a great way to express all my thoughts and ideas and purge and heal myself. The intimacy of that singer-songwriter style and just being alone with my instrument and playing really hooked me.”

“Wide Awake,” her EP’s opener, is about that pivotal moment when she decided to go solo. “It’s morning, and I’m washing clean,” she sings. “The sun it holds a mirror up to me/And I’m hurt by the things I see/It’s obvious the night before/It had its way with me/I don’t think I’ve ever been, all I can be.”

“The song is about the moment where I woke up in my life and saw myself for who I really was and I wasn’t digging it,” she explains. “I felt like there was a lot I wanted to change about myself. I wanted to grow and become the person, musician, daughter and friend that I always wanted to be in the world.”

Fernando Perdomo, who founded Forward Motion Records and co-produced For All Who Wander, met Emmerson when playing guitar on her demo 10 years ago and encountered her again last year. “The minute I heard ‘Wide Awake,’ an acoustic demo on her MySpace [page],” Perdomo says, “I was compelled and knew what type of atmosphere I wanted to create production-wise — dark, twangy guitars and very fat-sounding drums played with brushes. On most of the record, we covered the entire drum set in a sheet to give it that dark, almost the Band- or Wilco-like, woody feel to it. I feel like everything about it is warm, and the vibe I get is that she’s a welcoming host to a very dark party, like, ‘Come into my world and I’m going to freak you out, but it’s going to be very comfortable.’ ”

What’s freaky, apparently, is her knack for revealing truths. “She’s an honest, very poignant writer,” Perdomo says. “Her lyrical style is not an easy pill to swallow. It’s a little disturbing and I love it. You feel like a voyeur when you listen to the lyrics, because this is the kind of stuff you find out in diaries.”
— Colleen Dougher - City Link

"Review of Sylvia Emmerson's EP, "For All Who Wander", by New Reviews"

Having left this latest album from Sylvia Emmerson to run happily in the background, I have soon found myself absorbed in her music. Her elegant voice, the delicate beat; simply hypnotising.

Her first track ‘Wide Wake’ is like a bottle of wine by an open fire, you just want it to last forever. Her voice flows so beautifully, it’s like being on cloud nine. With influences from The Mars Volta to City and Colour, she is one interesting artist for sure.
Like a gentle sip on a frothy coffee, her music will soothe you from start to finish. Like a piece of art on a canvas, you simply admire her work. A true inspiration.

‘Got So Sick’ has to be my favourite from this latest EP, as this Miami artist delivers sophisticated, crystal clear vocals to a perfect beat. I love her style, she just feels genuine and passionate as she sings with true emotion. From a young age this brilliant artist has had an interest in music; who’d have known that at the age of ten, a Christmas present could lead to something so spectacular?

If you have any sense at all, you will check out her music here. - New Reviews


For All Who Wander [EP] - 2011



Sylvia Emmerson is an inspiring musician and songwriter whose talent and passion has been rooted since her musical childhood.

Sylvia’s parents introduced her to the world of music through records, albums, and live concerts. Her attitude towards her art has also been a shaped product of a musical grandfather and mother, a drummer and pianist respectively, both crucial ingredients to Sylvia’s musicianship.

At the age of 10, Sylvia received her first acoustic guitar for Christmas, a present that would become much more than a toy under the tree. After years of developing a unique instrumental voice, Sylvia decided to take up vocal lessons at the age of 12 to cohere with her guitar-playing.

Coming from a past of home-schooling, Sylvia has had plenty of time to tend and water her music and allow it to grow. Sylvia wrote and recorded her first studio demo at the age of 14, a young accomplishing age. Following her first studio attempt, she was asked to start playing live in local clubs and bars in all corners of South Florida—venues such as The Culture Room, Hard Rock Café, and Tobacco Road have all been witness to Sylvia’s sweeping chords and elegant voice.

Throughout the next few years, Sylvia left her original pieces on the shelf in order to work on various musical projects and bands with other musicians. She has been involved with an array of local rock and metal bands, and has even toured the east coast.

After all the excitement, Sylvia decided to hang up her electric guitar and began writing again, acoustic guitar in hand. At the age of 24, she reconnected with Fernando Perdomo, an old friend of hers who had become an accomplished producer, engineer, and founder of Forward Motion Records. Perdomo approached Sylvia with hopes of recording and delivering her music to fans on his record label.

Sylvia Emmerson began recording her new EP, For All Who Wander, in September 2010. For two months, Sylvia was back-and-forth between her home studio and Forward Motion Studios to finish recording for the EP’s release in January of 2011.

“Wide Awake,” a new song off the EP, was released on Forward Motion’s YouTube channel in mid-December 2010. With a graceful blend of acoustic rhythms and electric sweeps, the song fits puzzle-like with Sylvia’s waterfall voice, a rain of refreshing melodies that softens the cracks in your ears.

All songs on the EP written and arranged by Sylvia Emmerson. Production and engineering jointly done by Fernando Perdomo and Sylvia Emmerson. Featuring Sylvia Emmerson on vocals and acoustic guitar; Fernando Perdomo on electric guitar, bass, and keyboards; Derek Cintron on drums and percussion.

For All Who Wander was released on January 1st, 2011.