Sylvie Bourban

Sylvie Bourban


Description of our debut album : [ki:r] is a snapshot in time, a week-end in a studio, sharing standards, original compositions and improvisation. The result offers different shades of playfulness, sadness, happiness. offered by incredibly talented musicians. Enjoy.


Born in Switzerland, Sylvie Bourban grew up singing in different choirs. At age 16, Sylvie was already a soloist in the village choir and performing regularly in a piano bar. Meanwhile, She attended the conservatory where she studied classical piano and music theory. At age 18, Sylvie moved to Lausanne, where she studied vocal technique, at the Jazz school, EJMA, until she won a scholarship to the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston. While in Boston, Sylvie immersed herself in Jazz, Instrumental music for vocalist, Latin and Brazilian music and started writing her own songs.

In Boston, Sylvie got he group in a recording studio. The players were among the best musicians around Berklee. The alchemy of this group recorded live in a studio gave to [ki:r], her début album, a very special flavor.

Sylvie’s style is very much unique. Bringing together many genres, she found a way to built her own sound and style, blending all her different influenses with always the same unique ingredient: her sensitivity and love of interaction with the other musicians.

Sylvie’s group performances where very much appreciated in the Boston area, and [ki :r] is already a great success.


I remember

Written By: Sylvie Bourban

Drops on my piano, wind through the window, a grey cat is fixing the emptiness, far from this kingdom

And I remember (repeated)

And I wonder about my piano, lullaby to my old dreams, and I wonder about the grey cat, play date of some old time

But I remember (repeated)

Dust on the table, empty bottles around, and I remember, far, far away, I remember
And I don't know what to reach for, I don't know what it takes for those sweet memories to take place in the present. And I don't know how I dropped it, but suddenly, it broke, and I don't know how to face it, what I miss the most.

But I remember (repeated)


[ki:r], recorded in Boston, in april 2008

Set List

Our repertoire is Jazz Standards, as well as contemporary jazz and personal compositions.