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"Revelator Review"

Lexington outfit Symbiance drops their Freshman debut Revelator after being together just shy of a year. The sound seems to be spearheaded by John LaBoone’s solid beats and Duke Lee’s determined bass lines. Andrew Thompson keeps things funky with wha wha induced textured rhythms often drenched in envelope filtration and consistently heady phase shift, while Matt Duncan and Chuck Moreland lay down atmospheric plumes one can only find in a pot of gold.

If you’ve ever attended a Symbiance presentation, you’ve noticed that they effortlessly dish out solid grooves that keep the audience bobbing and weaving (and drinking). I wondered if they could capture that rebounding energy on Revelator, if it were possible, if it would feel the same. Could they take me back to nights I lost myself in those heady, infectious grooves? The answer is yes. But I was pleased to find that there were actually two live offerings to boot!

If anything, Revelator now sets the live standard for this band, and from this point forward, they have a lot to live up to, especially for having only been a band just shy of a year. Revelator successfully captures the raw mightiness that Symbiances possesses, and highlights all of their strengths as a unit, most notably their ability to shift tempos and moods on a dime. I’m looking forward to the next offering from Underlying Themes, as their current yielding is a conformable accomplishment enamoring everything that is great about Symbiance, from crispy rim-shots that open up audible airways, to the way Chuck is constantly twisting knobs like a mad scientist.

The ebb and flow of the album is perfect, with every track seamlessly melting into one another. Revelator feels like one smooth journey that you don’t want to end. The album is pronominaly mixed and impeccably produced. On a personal level, Revelator is an album that is very conducive to my lifestyle. It’s idyllic for when there are several in the household and we wanna spark some inspiration. It’s great when it’s just me and the lady, and it’s just as good when I’m alone or driving. And a hidden track? What more could you ask for 5 bones? At $1 for every star, that’s a steal..

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"Revelator" EP released on Underyling Themes Records in 2007



Since their inception in the late winter of 2007, Symbiance has become the premier live act for fans of funk and reggae around the Central Kentucky area. Built on the childhood friendship of bassist Duke Lee, guitarist Andrew Thompson, and drummer John LaBoone, Symbiance's music is as much about having fun as it is about making some seriously funky grooves. Along with synth/keyboard/melodica player Chuck Moreland, the instrumental group seamlessly blends heavy dance grooves, authentic JA style dub reggae, and futuristic funk into a totally unique and original creation. Supported by a loyal and ever-growing fanbase, Symbiance has been turning heads and moving hips throughout the bar/club scene with their distinctive and hypnotic sound. Their live show is a groove-heavy, dance-inducing journey that unites and inspires audiences into a sweaty fervor, guaranteed to leave them wanting more.