Symbio X 'us

Symbio X 'us


We are a band from NWI we play many shows with big up and coming bands such as ourselves, we range in all types of music we are big into heavier music but mix with whatever we feel like we can cover any type of music.


We are very open minded individuals even at our young age as a very conceptional band we compose music as a group and see our music as an art form. As a band we came together unbias we play for all people we are a diverse group of kids meeting at school where we got the basic foundation of music all naturals to our craft we love to throw off people in our music and have a big range of technicality but we know how to keep a groove and we hope you enjoy it. We see no reason why we should have to wright to please a genre we see it as a form of classification music to us is art which should never be censored.


We have not been in the studio yet we will be stepping in soon but we have done recordings

Set List

As a band we know how to please the audience we think hard about what would be the most fitting for the place we are playing we do covers but put our own feel on them and we play our songs as much as possible sometimes we'll throw stuff together just to go jam out at blues bars or jazz clubs.