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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Being inventive is what hip hop needs"

A brand new addition to the ever growing UK hip hop scene...

This time coming from the Rebellious Records camp is the debut from the up and coming rapper/producer Symbolic, who is doing things a little different.

On this latest release we hear Symbolic infect his beats with a mixture of Funk, Jazz and even Latin but still manages to keep his sound and flow British (imagine that), using well-trodden samples which are cut together dam well.

Being inventive is what hip hop needs right-about-now and Symbolic has that gift - being able to spit and produce your own tracks; infuse different styles and keeping it British is an achivement; Symbolic ain't just another UK MC/Producer trying to fit in, so watch out for him.

Watch out for his forthcoming album 'Beats From The Living Room' coming real soon. -


Signed to Nine Foundation Music in 2001. Released an 11 track ep entitled 'Eternal Headache'. In 2003 released a 21 track LP entitled 'The Truth Of Light'.
July 2004 released 'The Rebellious Mix Tape'
September 2004 current release entitled 'The Living room EP'.

We have sinced gained and are currently receiving commercial and underground radio station air play.

We also have digital distribution through (USA)


Feeling a bit camera shy


To me, hip hop has to be pure, and when I create a track, your getting 100% realism through songs. The two major differences between me and other hip hop artists and producers is the wide diversity of what I speak about and what i create. I'm influenced by just about every genre of music you can think about. Blending all this together allows me to stretch my musical and lyrical ideas to whole new levels.