Symbolic Life

Symbolic Life


Rock'n'roll is the framework. Life is the inspiration. And Symbols are the means to expression.


Symbolic Life was officially formed in Brazil in 2006 by two long time friends, Andreas and Daniel.
In the following years they worked intensely looking for their authentic musical and philosophical identities. Joined by drummer Lucas da Rosa and bassist Danilo Penteado they faced a period of musical experimentation, songwriting and rehearsals.
In June 2008, these efforts resulted in the recording of a 4-track demo. In the same month Andreas and Daniel moved to London to find their place in the British music scene. After a short period of adaptation SL was soon regularly headlining showcases at venues like The River Bar, The Phoenix Bar, The Powers Bar and Edinburgh Cellars, just to name a few. Slowly building a reputation in an unknown territory.
The broad range of influences resulted in a unique style, marked by a rich rhythmic motive and catchy melodies. Daniel’s background in philosophy and Andreas’ experience as a doctor are manifest in the uniqueness of the lyrics that tend to reflect the turbulences of modern life.


A 4-track demo recorded in 2008

Set List

A typical set list consists of 6 original songs making up a 30 min ACOUSTIC performance. More material is available if a longer set is needed, including originals and covers from their most influential bands.