Symmetrical Kickboxing

Symmetrical Kickboxing


Symmetrical Kickboxing is an energy-driven fusion of solid beats and harmonies with only one goal; to make our audience dance. From trance and drum n' bass to classical piano and synths, our eclectic catalog of originals and choice selection of covers fuels a live show not to be missed.


Symmetrical Kickboxing formed at West Virginia University in 2005. While our lineup has changed over the years, our goal has remained the same; to make people dance. We are an energy- fueled trio, driven by the powerful rhythms of Matt Segal and Craig Joseph underneath of dynamic lead lines from the keys of Tyler Simmons.

Through our music, we have been granted the opportunity to share the stage with bands the likes of Lotus, The Bridge, Brothers Past, Telepath, Indobox, Jazzam, and Push.