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Los Angeles, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2013 | SELF

Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2013
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"Symmetry (formerly Sound Cannon) Wins Best Rock Song 2012"

SYMMETRY/ (formerly)SOUND CANNON TAKES BEST ROCK SONG OF THE YEAR AWARD AT 2012 HMMA’S! Tonight at The Fonda Theater in Hollywood CA. Sound Cannon not only performed their hit song “When Will It End” but also came away with the coveted HMMA Award for the years best rock song for “When Will It End”.

- ShockBox TV

"Louder Than War - New Band Of The Day!"

osted on June 1, 2013 by Jay Rawley

With a new single – Take the Reins – out and a full length album on the way, we present to you our New Band of the Day; Symmetry.

It says in their bio that the band Symmetry creates music that defies easy classification. They describe their style as “”alternative progressive pop/rock”, and while that’s fair enough for a start, it really is only a part of what this band is about. Their influences range from Protest The Hero and Circa Survive to Paramore and 30 Seconds to Mars, but the resulting sound seems to me to be all their own.

Symmetry came together in Los Angeles in 2012, and consists of Mike Campbell on vocals, Jared Hara, guitar, and Nate Anderson and Max D’Anda on bass and drums respectively, but the group is really the brainchild of blind guitarist Hara.

They tell me that their sound “developed during late night jam sessions where the open flow of ideas between the four of them, as if through osmosis, created intelligent and balanced musical compositions.” It’s usually hard to know for sure, but their music just sounds to me like it’s “a little more analogue, and a little less digital” than most these days, if you know what I mean.

I’m sure something like Pro Tools was probably used, but there really isn’t a plugin to replicate the sound of four guys playing in the same room together. Like I said, I’m not sure if they did it that way, but to me, it just sounds…real.

Check out the song Take The Reins, from their soon to be released full length album Frozen In Time for a taste of what this band is about. The album was recorded with producer James Paul Wisner at Silver Sound Studios in Woodland Hills, California, and from what I have heard, it just sounds big.

First and foremost they are a guitar band, and this song features some beautiful acoustic playing balanced by some crushing electric guitars. Mix in a stunningly powerful and emotive vocal from Campbell, with a tasteful and dynamic rhythm section, and the result is a genre-bending sound that is simultaneously fresh and powerful, and yet absolutely radio ready. - Posted on June 1, 2013 by Jay Rawley

"Sound Cannon!Their music will blow you away, and so will their story."

We are all guilty of seeing things as they are and not what it took to get them that way. Doctors, athletes, technological devices, buildings, even nature; we appreciate them all, but never imagine the time, dedication and obstacles overcome in order for them to have been achieved. Well, bands are also those marvels of mankind that we take for granted. We want to soak in their sound and not think about their journey. However, if you want to hear an incredible story about music, a band and life, read on.

It's understandable if you haven't heard of the rock band, Sound Cannon that formed in 2007. Their show with Less Than Jake 3 weeks ago at the University of Central Florida was their second performance since playing with There For Tomorrow on March 13th, 2009. After that show, they disappeared from the music scene for a year.

Jared Hara, the guitarist for Sound Cannon is blind. He lost his sight when he was 12 years old and then began taking guitar lessons from notable Orlando musicians like Bobby Koelble from JunkieRush, Jeremy Hagen from Afterglow Radio and Mike Walker from Rule of 7, who is today Jared's primary mentor. Even Eric Lugo from Social Ghost spent time teaching Jared how to create songs and melodies. When Jared was 13, Shinedown brought him on stage at the Hurricane Relief Concert in Orlando and together they played Fly From the Inside. You could say that Shinedown moment inspired not only the audience, but Jared as well.

Six years later, Jared is one bad ass guitar player that you must see to believe and he will tell you that music brought him happiness and the will to survive his loss. I believe if you ask most musicians, they will say that in some way, music saved their lives as well.

By March 2009, Sound Cannon with bassist Bryan Boyhan, drummer Maxx Danziger, guitarist Jared Hara and vocalist Zach Bass was enjoying what felt like that cliché meteoric rise. After just 15 months together, these 18 to 20 year-old musicians had gained the respect from the Central Florida music scene coming in 2nd in the 2009 WJRR Battle of the Bands. They were also beginning to find it much easier to play good shows and popular venues with those Orlando bands they admired. It just seemed everyone was trying to help them and amazingly, you could feel there was a Sound Cannon movement going on.

The show they played with There For Tomorrow in early 2009 will live with the band forever because the reaction from their largest audience was undeniable; their music was a huge hit. That show seemed to be the tipping point that would launch Sound Cannon to the next professional level. That night will also live with the band forever because it was the night that their friend and vocalist Zach Bass passed away.

The devastation left Jared, Bryan and Maxx directionless and depressed for quite some time. However, after months of soul-searching, they knew they needed Sound Cannon to survive. A search for another vocalist began and six months and 20 auditions later, they found the new voice of Sound Cannon in Trevor Durning; a self-assured and humorous 19 year-old from New Jersey.

These remarkably talented and inspiring boys of Sound Cannon are as excited as ever to be back performing their music for you at FMF. Their positive nature, fun loving spirit and dedication to music has created a very unique band with a sound that will take your breath away. They are for real, their hearts are pure and their passion is music. If you want to be blown away, don't miss Sound Cannon at The BackBooth, Friday Evening at 9:30.

Now that you know their story, be blown away by their music.

See you at The BackBooth Friday Evening 9:30.

- Axis Magazine Orlando, Florida

"Shinedown Featured in HBO Documentary About a Blind Boy"
Shinedown Blog
'Blindsided' - Shinedown

"Shinedown Featured in HBO Documentary About a Blind Boy"
Shinedown Blog
'Blindsided' - Shinedown

"Blindsided" - Orlando Sentinel

"Blindsided" - Orlando Sentinel


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Relentless. It’s the word that best describes Symmetry, a progressive pop/rock band based out of Los Angeles. Striving to touch one’s heart and soul through their music, this innovative band consists of Michael Campbell (vocals), Jared Hara (guitar), Will Weiner (bass) and Max D'Anda (drums). These four accomplished and determined musicians fatefully met each other in California and aim to inspire hope through their powerful music.

Jared Hara, guitarist for Symmetry, exemplifies the value of hope. When he was twelve, Jared lost his eyesight and picked up his first guitar, which became a newfound passion. "Sometimes in darkness, we find ourselves,” says Jared. Music provided him the hope and strength to continue on. Now a guitar virtuoso, composer and producer, Jared is living proof that tragedy can reveal hidden potential.

Symmetry formed in early 2013 with what they refer to as "the dream team." Their similar mindsets quickly led to writing and recording their debut full-length album, Frozen in Time, with producer James Paul Wisner (Dashboard Confessional, Paramore, Underoath).  

Frozen in Time was praised overseas by the U.K. music and culture website, Louder Than War, who called lead single “Frozen In Time” “fresh, powerful and absolutely radio-ready.” Their song “When Will It End” won “Best Rock Song” at the Hollywood Music and Media Awards (HMMA’s), and Symmetry’s playful rock cover of Katy Perry’s Roar quickly gained steam with fans on YouTube.

Symmetry's album, along with their infectious chemistry, caught the attention of many during the winter of 2014. While touring the U.K. with Room 94 on the Live Nation No Strings Attached tour, Symmetry gained worldwide fans (who quickly hopped on Twitter to create an international fan feed).  The band’s performance at NACA's West Coast Convention (National Association of Campus Activities) kicked off a domestic tour. Symmetry is currently wrapping up 2014 with a new EP, also produced by James Paul Wisner. 

In 2015 Symmetry will be heading back to the U.K., Ireland and Poland as the supporting act for Room 94 as part of the Dirty Dancing Tour. There is lots more to come from these talented musicians....Stay tuned!