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Symphosomatic is the brain-child of Ontario native Adam Bernstein. Having spent time as a drummer for a number of years touring and recording he was often drawn to his guitar for true satisfaction. While always enjoying his time as a drummer his passion for playing guitar and singing his own songs became greater over time. Inspired by the likes of Jeff Buckley, Wilco, Radiohead, Joe Strummer, and others, writing soon became more of a passion than beats and thus began the genesis of Symphosomatic.

Adam spent 2001 through 2005 living in Seattle, Washington only to have returned to Toronto in July of 2005. It was in Seattle that Adam met Joel Bell who would go on to produce the now released EP, “Circles Round My Mind.” Adam claims that Joel’s contribution was invaluable. Not only did he assume the majority of the production duties he also played some guitar, keyboards, percussion, and sang backup vocals.

After Joel had agreed to work on the EP Adam turned to finding a rhythm section to round out the project. In stepped Devin Lowe (bass guitar) and Sky Christopher (drums). Devin and Sky have a background in jazz which Adam felt would compliment his emotional pop songs well. The foursome was joined on two tracks by pedal steel player Brian Wetzstein, whose skillfully airy playing added that something extra Adam was looking for.

Recording was done at Electrokitty in Seattle and was engineered by owner Gary Reynolds.

Mastering was completed at Abbey Road Studios in London, England by Chris Blair who skillfully added the final touches to the record.

Now back in the Toronto area, Adam is currently searching for a new group of musicians to showcase the EP.

Check back often for updates on gigs, news, etc.


Someone To Love Me

Written By: Adam Bernstein

Don't forget to bend your knees
When you pick up my disease
There wasn't anyone to please
All my glaring insufficiencies

All I needed was someone to love me

Looked back to when it all began
There wasn't one thing defining the man
There wasn't anyone to please
My basic childhood needs

All I needed was someone to love me

Someone to love me
Please love me

Settled down in a thick fog
No one around I wasn't looking for a mob
Just one sole would have been swell
I would have shown me that I can be well

All I needed was someone to love me


Written By: Adam Bernstein

You stand on your soapbox and you sway
Perpetual motion
Of the mouth with bullshit in the way

Your soapbox is made of needles and hay
I looked all through it
And couldn't find one thing of interest you'd say

You're a politician

I dreamt of you the other day
I woke up screaming
You had no face your skin was decayed

You're just like the mailman but one block away
Ideas so useless
I hope the dog bites you and says

That you're a politician

Can't fight this deadly condition
It's a warped form of intuition

You're a politician

Circles Round My Mind

Written By: Adam Bernstein

I've grown tired of independence
It feels so insecure
Doesn't it feel lonely
With feet nailed to the floor

It circles round my mind

This paranoia it haunts me
Paranoia versus legit fear
It's easier to live with
Than to think that it's all real

It circles round my mind

I don't believe in superstition
Hard work is hardly working
Maybe we should turn to thinking
Sit back and open the door

It circles round my mind
All fighting for the crown
This big ship is slowly going down


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