Symptoms Of Sobriety

Symptoms Of Sobriety


Symptoms Of Sobriety is melodic alternative modern rock with a nod to Queens Of The Stone Age, Smashing Pumpkins, and David Bowie. Frontman, Dan Wentworth won 3rd place in Songwriter Magazine's July-August Lyric Contest, '06, founded Red, Right, Return, Records, and the Athens Songwriters' Guild.


The Symptoms Of Sobriety hit you hard. With vamped up guitar sounds, melodic harmonies, insightful lyrics, and catchy hooks, this band has it all. And they are kind of cute too! Influences include life, the Beatles, Corrosion Of Conformity, David Bowie, the Deftones, Faith No More, Metallica, NIN, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Queen, The Queens Of The Stone Age, Radiohead, Smashing Pumpkins, Tool, and Wilco. Symptoms Of Sobriety stand out because they focus completely on their fans. There aren't any stars in these guys eyes. We are educated in business as well as music, and we are fiercely critical of our own behavior. We are creative and innovative in terms of marketing, and we constantly seek to expand our market. We won't lie, we are just getting started, but we look forward to all of our challenges as opportunities. Most of all, we look forward to working for you!


Vast Difference

Written By: Dan Wentworth

Emptyness plagues us
Science betrayed us
I feel the witness
Failing to resist
Closer with each step
I'm racing to my death
I'd rather die than to feel this
In time I

In time...
Jesus weeps
It takes a tragedy to build some harmony
The soul must feel disease to build immunity

What they did was jaded, it faded
They didn't save it they ate it
Wasted away our life-line
In time...

Space grows between us
Faith has betrayed us
Strange how we resist
This dying existence
I'd rather die than to lose you
This time I
Drift past our last hope
Breathe as we let go

In time...
It fades away
You take away the pain
It still remains the same
It takes the light of day
To chase the night away

What they did was jaded, it faded
They didn't save it they ate it
Wasted away our life-line
In time...

Die Like A Spider

Written By: Dan Wentworth

Act like a spider
Throw your legs in the air
Wave them around
Like you just don't care
You can scare off the giants
If you act like you're not scared...

But you might die.

Live in a vacume
Lie awake unaware
Walk like a zombie
Never tasting the air
You can try to sleep hard
But when you wake up you're still there

Sweet Enemy

Written By: Dan Wentworth

"Good afternoon" she said Oh so slowly
It gave away the way you play this game
It came in stages traded gazes playing
Lazily Oh no...

Sweet enemy
She's into me
She came to be
My everything
She'll have to lead me down
Lean into me
Sweet enemy
Lean into me
Sweet enemy
You'll have to lead me down

She came away from me oh so slowly
Betrayed the way she hated me
She laid the blade in her gaze as she made me
Lazily Oh no...


1. "To Hell With It" got on the Pig Pen Studios 2005 Compilation CD.
2. "Dear Listener, I Hope You Like These Songs." Red, Right, Return, Records 2007.
3. Dan has three songs scheduled for release on the GSC Songwriters Guild compilation CD, 2008.
4. "The Reaper" coming soon...

Set List

Well over 130 songs as of september 2007. This list keeps growing and growing...

1. 3/4 Song
2. 1991
3. A Cat Called Karma
4. A Sadder Day
5. About Face
6. Angel
7. Baby
8. Back At Me
9. Bad Meds
10. Beside the Waterfall
11. Better Than You
12. Birds of Prey
13. Blind Eyed
14. Bluegrass Tears
15. Bob, the Carpenter
16. Brothers
17. Chaos
18. Check It Out
19. Cold As You Go
20. Consequence and Frailty
21. Conversations
22. Crescendo
23. Deadbolt
24. Downwind
25. Drag Me Down
26. Earl, the Lawyer
27. Edward Thatcher
28. Fill My Sails
29. Free To Fall
30. Get What You Give
31. Gimp
32. Godzilla and the Skinny Pig
33. Had A Little Picture
34. I Can See Everything
35. I Love Me
36. I Won't Cry
38. Inside
39. It's All So Hard
40. It's Out of My Hands
41. Joe Lymerick
42. Lavendar Silk
43. Life
44. Life On A Couch
45. Madman
46. Mashed Potatoes
47. Masticate
48. Monday
49. Mute Stroke
50. No Crown
51. Nobody
52. Not Afraid of L