Syncere DaRealist

Syncere DaRealist

 Washington, D.C., Washington, D.C., USA
BandHip HopR&B

Syncere DaRealist is the most creative artist, songwriter and performer coming out of the DMV area. He's music has the realness of a 2pac song, with catchy hooks like a 50cent song and puts alot into his stage presence and performance as a Busta Rhymes show.


Raised in Washington, DC by an independent mother and an entrepreneur driven father, Syncere is no stranger to hard work and struggle.

Syncere was born Marcus Ashcraft on January 21 in South East Washington, DC. He attended entry and middle schools in southeast, DC and moved to Clinton, Md where he completed high school.

Syncere became interested in Rap/HipHop in the mid 1990's and took the name Syncere DaRealist to project both his dedication to the art, as well as his unique style of music.

At the age 20, Syncere started his own record label alongside his father and released his first album "Mind of a Thug". He quickly learned the business and what it takes to survive in the music industry.

Syncere is currently the Ceo/President of CSC Entertainment and is also writing, producing, and recording new material. He also has a new album coming out in 2011 called "Based on a True Story".

Syncere's goal is to become a successful rap artist releasing many cd's and to pursue the business side, such as producing and managing his own label. He is also looking to expand into many other parts of entertainment such as movies, modeling, endorsements, etc.


"Mind of a Thug" - 2001- 2002
"Cliental" tha Album - 2008
"Still Certified" mixtape - 2007
"Based on a True Story" - Coming 2011

Set List

2-3 mics (prefer cordless)
bottles of water
free tickets for performers and a few for extra guests