Positive Fusion. Rock/Folk/Electronic/Hip Hop. The musical framework surrounding the lyrics remains constant while the transistions between songs allow for seamless improvisation. It's Jazz Workshop theory at work in an entirely new genre.


Let's start by defining the word Amalgam. It means a mixture of diverse elements. Normally a word used in metallurgy pertaining to the combination of metals to produce an alloy, the metaphorical interpretation is more applicable to music. We are diverse elements bringing influences from every genre. The experiment is to combine these influences and produce music that is catchy but original, experimental but approachable, memorable but not tiring. With songwriter Sean Bennight at the helm, the lyrics and music are captivating, incorporating real problems and solutions with interesting and original musical compositions. Our number one goal as a band is to share the positivity that we find in life with all the listeners. Too much negativity has permeated the music industry and very often the listener is only choosing to have these negative words in his/her life because of the sound created by the band and the marketing throwing it at them. It is possible to create involving sounds, to convey true emotion, without adding negative energy to the listeners life. Sadness doesn't have to be glorified and happiness doesn't have to sound trite and inconsequential. We met by chance, by a synchronous encounter, and we are all in this for the same reasons. Not money, not fame, just sharing some positive fusion. Our level of professionalism is above and beyond other bands as we don't hold ourselves to be seekers of fame and fortune, we are professional musicians who like to have fun and help others have fun in the process.



Written By: Sean Bennight

How bittersweetly liberating
detaching from concentrating
no thought of comfort or commonality
the gain of freedom, loss of reality

can I gain myself, the question looms
it seems time to explore
no attachment to anything around me
I am cancerous and I long to eat no more

I try to hold on to my dreams
they've drifted so much further than I remember them being
still I look ahead, imagine more
I see a future now much further than before

In my mind I lose myself when there's nothing left to do
I'm being held back by the past I cheated through
with patience you might find you'll come out alright
cause you've not wasted all your time.
maybe you'll be fine
maybe you'll be.

Lost Thoughts

Written By: Sean Bennight

I can think of metaphors
the thoughts that keep me from falling
with reasoning I logically convinced myself when you first saw me
you said that I reminded you of a guy you knew a few years earlier
I said if I confide in you do you think what's new will just get sturdier

I look to find a light a smoke exhales I turn my head
echoes of lost thoughts go dancing with visions of what I said

Sometimes I find peace of mind in cigarettes and coffee grinds
a cheap excuse some drug abuse the luck of choosing perfect timing
In retrospect I don't exist as far as I'm concerned that is
hindsight strikes with blinding speed it's constantly reminding me

I look to find a light a smoke exhales I turn my head
echoes of lost thoughts go dancing with visions of what I said

Down So Long

Written By: Sean Bennight

well I've been down so long
I don't know which way to go
I've been down so long
I don't know which way to go
been searchin for direction but I just can't see past my front door

I've been down that road
many times before
I've been down that road
many times before
You say you love me baby but I just don't see that love no more

I look into the mirror
I do not like what I see
I look into the mirror
I do not like what I see
been runnin from you baby ever since the day you met me

I come down like a hurricane
stumble back to your door
you come down on me cryin
sayin you don't love me no more
guess I deserved it baby but damn
my soul feels sore

Illusion of a Soul

Written By: Sean Bennight

I woke up, I didn't realize I'd been sleeping
twisted and slow the day began
who I was, where I went, what I did, what I said, what I wish I hadn't done
you said son, where are you going?

reactionary existence
the illusion of control
you're the image of a man
with the illusion of a soul
your motives are self-seeking
your words placating and feigned
your concern is single-minded
with desire, you're in chains
and so you shall remain

never face the unknown cause in your head you never leave your comfort zone.
the generalizations are the same, the details are the only things that have changed.


Written By: Sean Bennight

Beguiled by misdirection
I fumble for my shoes
should've practiced some discretion
I don't know what I thought I'd lose

Upon further contemplation
it was not wise to be disarmed
I used to cry out with elation
I used to have such charm

I've never been the first to let go before but you see me
stumble through your door reluctantly I'm leaving
is this life keeping me from breathing

In time I've come to find I question sanity less than the loss of my mind
the direction of what is and what could be lie close to the edge and just out of reach

my self-actualization
dormant and forlorn
unable to embrace a fraction
of torment without scorn
but there's no compromise in who I am to me
I am your child I will endlessly seek
there's no compromise in who I am to be
I am your child I will endlessly seek


November 2007 -- semi-live at Shine Studios
Bittersweet and Lost Thoughts are prepared for streaming audio on STLSounds developing internet radio station. We are also in rotation on local college stations and moving towards local public radio and "New Music Sunday" on 105.7 The Point

Set List

Original Songs: Illusion of a Soul, Bittersweet, Down So Long, Lost Thoughts, Nobody There, Rocking Chair, Silent Talk, To Wander To Roam, Seek, A Glimpse but Fading Away, Merry Go Round, Reflections, Rachel's Jam, Egad Dad, Reasonable Skeptic, If I Put You on Paper, and more to come.
Sets are usually 45-60 min. On multiple-billed shows we play one set as that is standard, at our shows we play 3-4 depending on time. The covers that always get played: Babe I'm Gonna Leave You(Zepplin), Little Wing, All Along the Wathctower, Hey Joe, The Wind Cries Mary (Hendrix) Illegal Smile(John Prine), Folsom Prison Blues(Cash), Empty(Ray Lamontagne), Moondance, Into the Mystic(Van Morrison), The Thrill is Gone (BB King), Creep, Exit Music from a Film, Lucky, The National Anthem(Radiohead), Comfortably Numb(Pink Floyd) and more.