Syncope is a slightly progressive, indie-rock quartet out of Baltimore, MD. In the fashion of Wilco and the Decemberists, most songs are lyric-oriented.


From the blue skied, wooded space between Baltimore and Washington D.C. arises a starry-eyed quartet endeavoring to define an independent new genre. In a sea of powerpop and pop-punk outfits, Syncope (sin-co-pE) is a refreshing mix of transcendent melodies, endless harmonic decoration, and tasteful use of progressive rhythms that venture into sophisticated time signatures. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Colin Meloy and Nick Drake, lyrical content ranges from ghosts avenging their death to relationships divided by oceans to a take on Tom Robbin’s book Still Life with Woodpecker.

The band began after songwriter and pianist Justin Levy obtained his degree in Biochemistry from the University of Maryland in College Park in 2006. He set out to form a band with like-minded individuals; a high school friend and classmate at the University of Maryland, drummer John Theuerkauf was the first to become part of the band as it is today. For months afterwards, the two struggled with many guitarists and bassists until Dave Rogoza, a jazz guitar major at Towson University, caught their attention. The trio began playing shows in the Baltimore area with Justin covering the bass lines with his left hand on the piano. After a series of heartbreak and deceit forced bassist Allin Hinton out of his former band, he immediately became part of the current lineup and is recuperating nicely.

In their work and study, the notemakers of Syncope may perhaps be as diverse as the music they create. Justin works as a scientist at the National Institutes of Health and teaches drumset lessons part time. John works as a mechanical engineer and operates on HVAC systems. Dave majors in commercial jazz guitar at Towson University and studies with the acclaimed Steve Herberman and Allin studies business at the University of Maryland in College Park focusing on business law.

Anxiously awaiting the September release of their full-length debut album, the band aims to win the hearts of captive audiences locally and on weekend tours to the northeast and beyond.


Paint Your Windows Black

Written By: Justin Levy

Paint your windows black. Put your clothes aside.
Stare at the camel pack where you can run and ride.
Let your hair down long, let your breath go deep.
Let your song along as you drift asleep.

All these crazy things you think, you can't show to the world.

In a quiet time you sat and thought of him.
If you could change your mind would you meet again?
Or would you come undone. Would you call it off?
Or would you turn and run to your attic loft?

Now They Rise

Written By: Justin Levy

Now they fall, like stones thrown in a pond, now they fall.
Watch them crawl, there's really not a chance for them at all.

Now they rise, growing from the ground to the night.
With spectral sighs, in twos or threes or more they come alive.
The sins that put them down will be repaid.

Pleas won't help, with minds made up they've come for revenge.

And all at once the dead will live again.

I Used to Fly

Written By: Justin Levy

I never was an average child, keeping to myself, while all the other children went and played.
I was never sticking out, in a crowd I had no clout, waiting for the sun to shine and strike a change.

I used to fly and I used to fight.
I could spin the earth at night.
I always knew that I would save the world.

I used to try with all my might, but I was cast in kryptonite.
I always knew that I would save the world.

Metropolis is sinking now, with evil forces all around, but one day I will rise and take them down.
When I controlled my secret skills, I conquered all evil until, the one day when I fell and broke my back.


...coming September 2007

Set List

Paint Your Windows Black, Nice Day,
I Used to Fly, Goodbye Space and Time,
Repercussions, Heart Shaped Cloud,
All the Wrong Places, See You in the Spring,
Tonight, Now They Rise, Ten Words

High and Dry - Radiohead
Wonderwall - Oasis
(we can learn 10 covers in a week's notice if need be)