Syndee Lee

Syndee Lee

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Syndee Lee is truly an artist of the new milennium. Seamlessly fusing such styles as: Hip Hop, Electronica, Spoken Word, Soul and Pop into one totally original sound. Some have said she is a combination of Pink and Lauren Hill.


Syndee Lee is a name in the music industry that is surely going to be on all over the world. Syndee Lee joining Ryze Records has bolstered the portfolio of the label and greatly expanded its musical presentation and production capabilities. Lee claims that her first love is Hip Hop but has obvious musical influences from other genres such as house, electro, industrial, indie and alternative. Lee is able to masterfully weave her stylistic influences together within Hip Hop to create a unique sound that is totally original and comparable to none. Some have labeled her music as "Experimental Hip Hop". Whatever the proposed category you choose to place her music in; the fact remains that her music is amazing. Time in the studio with Syndee Lee is nothing short of phenomenal as she crafts her material with sensual deep tones, exciting word play and experimental beats. Syndee Lee is truly an artist that represents the New Millennial Sound and a must hear artist.


- First Things First The MixTape (2008)

- Currently working on self titled LP

Set List

Typical set list includes: Brown Suga - City High Crime - Groove Jive