San Diego, California, USA

San Diego based Indie Dance Rock band that will make you want to shake your ass. Syndicate is remiscent of great bands like Gang of Four and the Rapture with their dancy beats and rockin rhythm.


“…their piercing guitars and boogie bass lines may be a few years behind the hip curve (which shape-shifts every time a Montreal band forms), (but) it's good enough and energized enough to elevate them past a Rapture-esque also-ran.” – Troy Johnson Fox Rocks

Strongly influenced by the 80’s, new wave and the indie dance-rock sound, Syndicate has carved themselves a musical kitsch that sets them apart for the rising slew of four-on-the-floor dance bands. Catchy hooks and energetic live shows have created an exciting buzz about the band while frequent radio airplay and word of mouth have continued to spread their fun and innovative sound to nearby cities and states.

“A fine rhythm section and some fantastic guitar work make this a great party EP to dance around to,” says Seth Combs from local zine San Diego City Beat, describing Syndicate’s debut ‘EP1’.

2010 has been a banner year for the band. In April Syndicate hooked up with Get Down! To Brass Tacks for a top to bottom West Coast Tour. For nine days the two bands wound their way from San Diego to Seattle and back performing their high energy show night after night.

This summer has also brought with it a series of amazing shows. In July, Syndicate was selected to open for The New Politiks (Denmark) at 91x’s Next Big Thing concert and in August they rocked out for a crowd of industry professionals at The North Park Music Thing, San Diego’s own music conference.

This fall marks the release of Syndicate’s new ‘EP2’. This collection of seven songs showcases a more mature sound that proves to be the band’s best work to date. The new tracks are full of incredible guitar hooks, powerful vocals and a locked-in rhythm section that proves Syndicate is a band that’s here to stay.

Get out this fall and catch one of their many shows in the southwest region and make sure you grab ‘EP2’ as soon as it’s released, you will not be disappointed. Check out more info on the band and hear their music at the following websites:


Fall 2010 ep2 will include 7 songs: Hotdog Cart on Fire, Disco Balls, Meow, Chateau Plateau, Face First, Neun, 2002.

March 2009 ep1 includes 7 songs: Divorce Court, Down by the River, Move My Unit, Hot in the Dark, Jesus lives in North Park, 2 Minutes in Heaven, Street Tweeker Lullaby

July 2008 Demo Includes 5 songs: Move My Unit, 2 Minutes in Heaven, Syndicate, Face First, Walkin'

Set List

Current set list is about 45 minutes and is about 10 songs as follows:
Face First
Divorce Court
Street Tweeker Lullaby
Chateau Plateau
Disco Balls
Move My Unit
Hotdog Cart on Fire