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"Synged is one of those bands"

Synged is one of those bands that you know they remind you of a band but your not sure who. Well I figured it out. Sounding like the love child of Alice In Chains and Stone Temple Pilots, they are actually pretty original. Imagine 90's grunge on stoner rock steroids. I am completely enjoying what I am hearing even though I hate 90's era music.
Synged found a way to take the old, tired ass rock of the 90's and make it listenable, and better yet, enjoyable. You know what? Forget everything I have said, it's better to listen to this with an open mind, because you wouldn't want the diluted, uninspired actions of old grunge to taint your perspective of this truly original band. Synged is the 90's reincarnated into something great.
Shane Scalise - Music - Shane Scalise - Music

"Synged Aiming to Impress"

The music is so hard to describe that, according to Culbert; Ferrell has coined his own genre of “Modified Rock.” “It’s a little influenced by everything” Culbert explained. "There’s heaver rock, emo, 70’s rock. We wanted to keep it heavy but also keep it melodic so people can sing along.” Which they do. Songs like “Graduation”, while saturated with distorted guitar, draws the audience into sing along to its catchy chorus. The songs on the album are driving and fun, full of energy and sexual innuendo, some obvious and some not so. - Reading Eagle, By; Jim Speese

"Devil Woman CD"

This local 5 piece band mixes metal, hard rock (and a couple doses robust machismo) into a blend of modern rock music. Synged's brand new disc is called Devil Woman, which may or may not be derogatory (the verdict is still out). But who really cares? Most of the songs on Devil Woman are about women, or one woman who is possibly a devil woman. (That would make sense, wouldn't it?) The crowning moment on this record is when lead singer James Culbert Jr. does a solo vocal in the beginning of Experience and then follows by saying "But I just want to f--k." That clinched it for me. (Check out their video on, if you can figure out what’s going on, it'll earn SYNGED 1 more star.

2 stars out of 5
- Pulse Weekly: Reviews


Released Love & Hated EP spring of 2006; Released a Full length 15 song Enhanced CD with exclusive pictures, Video, Lyrics and much more, February of 2007, which can be sampled on, or here on Current Radio play ; WLVR 91.3 Bethlehem Pa, 93.3 Wmmr Phila. Pa., WQXA 105.7 the x York, Harrisburg, Lancaster Pa.,KZSU 90.1 fm Stanford University Cali., WRFY 102.5 Reading Pa.,, WOCM 98.1 -OC Maryland. XM Radio - Squiz XM 48



Synged was formed by Aaron and Matt, huge Mattallica fans and Chuck, the alternative King. They met up with Jimmy an old school metal head who brought with him Tim(Ziggy) long time rocker and out of it we got SYNGED.*Modern Rock*, Original Music, Formed in 2000. Currently Playing: United States concert venues,56 shows in 2006. Semifinalist winners of the 2006 Zippo Hot Tour and Semifinalist winners of the 2006 Original Sessions Competition in NYC. Self managed with legal Representation by Lloyd Zane Remick-Zane Management. Synged has been playing venues from New York City's Club Rare and the internationally known 2006 CMJ Music Marathon to the concert halls of Pennsylvania. Synged has opened up for such national acts as: Skid Row, Michael Shanker Group and My Downfall (aka Breaking Benjamin) to name a few. Their song Yellow has been licensed in a commercial advertisement for the semi pro football team “Reading Raptors”. On April 23rd of 2006, Synged was featured in a live showcase on the Brenda and Jerry’s RCN cable network TV show. They’ve also been featured on several collage radio shows through out The U.S.A. and have regular play rotation on some. All members are B.M.I. associate writers. All songs have copyright, all artwork and logos are trademarked. Synged is a licensed professional Pennsylvania partnership.