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Acadian 80s anarchist punk grows up into tight, soaring surf jams spanning genres and highlighting a quarter-century of musical skills.


Back in the day, some kids formed a punk band. Some time later, they learned to play instruments. Twenty-some years later (right about now), they became the best band to blast out of Acadie in a dog's age. They are so tight right now, they're about to turn into fossil fuel.


1984 Anthes Office Products
1986 Cow, Shoe, Nose, Brain
1987 This is the Bearded Man
1992 Naked in the Marsh (a compilation to which Syntax contributed the single "Hands")
2010 releasing new CD?

Set List

We have 13 tight new songs that are largely instrumental and range widely in mood. We also have a large repertoire of our sometimes humourous old-school punk tunes about New Brunswick life and Acadian characters. Set lengths flexible.