With stage antics and videos, our mission is to provide a show, as opposed to a traditional rock concert. Because behind Synthetic, there is a vision that we wish the world to see.


There have been a handful of opposing figures in the music industry. First came Alice Cooper, with his stage antics, leaving people in frenzy. In the 80's, arose Ozzy Osbourne from the darkness. In the 90's, came the likes of Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie. All these men have challenged the rules of both music and society. Now, perhaps there is another…

Stuck in his own personal hell, Javen Vein found himself wanting to let the world know exactly how he felt. First picking up a guitar in late 2003, he found out what would be his way of bringing peace to his soul. He then started writing and recording his own songs in his home, and expanding his knowledge of other instruments and layering them. In late 2006, with his worst fear being realized, he then crafted some of his best songs to date, including "I Am Vein," "This Synthetic Life" and "Part of Me."

He then decided to give his project a name. Synthetic was created as a defiance to everything that is wrong with society. In the near and distant future, Vein intends to challenge everything in society that succeeds in utterly disturbing him. These elements include certain laws and regulations, beliefs, and ways of life. The reasons behind this, to inspire thought and question, but all in all, to make a statement. With his relentless drive, he then inspired others to help out on his quest to change the world. A long journey they have, but with Vein's unstable mind, there is no telling how powerful they will soon become.


This Synthetic Life

Written By: Javen Vein

Am I undecided?
Am I so underrated?
I am the one you all denied.
Am I all so jaded?
The past has left me with nothing
Left to say but this…

Am I not so charming?
The ones like them have made
My life a living hell inside.
You know, an adage states:
Don’t judge a book by the cover.
Take a look inside…

Seven days in my life,
No one justifies mine,
They all wait for my demise.
Tell me, how could this be?
Am I chasing maybe?
Cause they all wait for me to die.

I Am Vein

Written By: Javen Vein

Under the world we know
We soon will fall.
Have we become the wretched ones?

Above the world I know
I soon will rise
I’ve got the world in my hand.

I am the defiance Vein

We’re falling ,
We’re fading
Into a world Oblivious.
We don’t know
What to do
When we find our destiny.

Part of Me

Written By: Javen Vein

If I could let you know
What you mean to me.
If I could turn back in time,
I would stop everything.

If I close my eyes and say “Why?”
Would it ease the pain?
If I wait until the end,
Would I just fall and die?

What’s left for me?
All I can say is..

Yesterday, I lost part of me
To someone I’ve never know.
Is this the end for me
Or just a new beginning?

Am I meant to die in my abyss?
Am I meant to die alone?

In Due Time

Written By: Javen Vein

The darkest ones
Tell everyone
I want you,
I need you.
And then they go
Into the game
And break you,
They break you.

I want to see you inside

This time I will not
Reach far inside.
This time I will find
You in due time.

This time I won’t let
Them get to you.
This time I will not
Let you fade away.

What am I supposed to do?
When you don’t listen to me.
What am I supposed to do?
When you walk away from me.


This Synthetic Life
I Am Vein
Part of Me
In Due Time

Set List

Our set usually falls between 30 to 45 minutes. Dependng on the venue, we usually go with this line-up:

The Awakening (Intro track)
Your Confidence is Ignorance (Not on 1st album)
This Synthetic Life
Hyperspace Battlefield
Things In My Head
In Due Time
I Am Vein
Part of Me