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In the digital age, many artists and musicians have utilized the advent of the internet to their utmost, not only using it as a means to gain exposure and distribution that little more than a decade ago could only have been dreamt of, but also as a means to better connect with an ever growing fan base. An activity that seems popular, especially in the electronic music scene, is to hold remix contest, giving a number of burgeoning musicians and producers the opportunity to hone and refine their own skills while also making an impact on the artists they admire. One artist that has been doing this from the start is Celldweller. Since beginning the project after the demise of his previous band, Circle of Dust, Klayton has made a practice of holding remix competitions. Now about to complete its third round, the Take It & Break It series culminated in this collection, the Frozen Remixes, on Klayton's own FIXT label.

Like round one, there were three winners picked from hundreds of submissions - with Klayton also providing his own personal picks - all three of which are featured on this massive three-CD collection that runs the gamut of styles from industrial to EBM to drum & bass to IDM and all points in between. With 43 tracks spanning three CDs, it would be quite cumbersome to go through each every track, especially when considering that all are remixes of the same song, "Frozen." Granted, each remix does well to infuse the individual remixer's own style into Celldweller's edgy blend of alt. rock and hard electro, but one can only stand to hear so many variations of the same lyrics and hooks before the need to move on kicks in. Still, it can be argued that the three discs are not meant for continuous playback, but more so to offer listeners a wider range of options for their musical enjoyment... and what a set of options they are!

To begin with the top three winners of the competition, we have the As Ember mix by Brent Young winning first place. A hard-hitting industrial mix full of searing synth manipulations amid fields of ambient bass pads, it's no wonder this mix won first place, bearing only the slightest resemblance to the original song while staying true to the elements that made "Frozen" so appealing in the first place. Second place belongs to Copy Paste Repeat's remix, a blazing barrage of caustic breakbeats and vocal glitches that would send many drum & bass aficionados into a rabid frenzy. Skeel's Mass Panic mix takes the third place spot, recreating the song with an epic assault of heavy metal guitar leads, classically-inspired synth arpeggios, and glitch-laden vocals; if this is an indication of Skeel's own work, then fans of industrial metal and even progressive metal would do well to check this artist's original material out. We then have Klayton's personal picks, beginning with Delta-S's Fade to Grey mix where ambient washes of trancelike arpeggios float above a conservative use of skittering beats and vocals, while Red Devil's Updamassive mix gives us another blistering array of drum & bass. Icon of Coil's Sebastian R. Komor - who has since become a staple of the FIXT production roster - also makes an appearance with the hard EBM of his Filtered Overdrive mix, although the change of tempo gives the song a semblance to Celldweller's "Switchback."

Celldweller's music is often perfect for the dance floor with its mix of varying electronic styles, and several of the remixes on this collection take this quality to the limit, particularly in the club/trance/techno styling of mixes by Hyperceptiohm, Vibe Tribe, and Basseq. Other mixes go down a more exploratory route, the most noteworthy of which is the Frozen, Not Stirred version by The 11 O'Clock Band. Performed live at the Emerald Room (or perhaps it was mixed to sound like a live performance?), the song is completely transformed into a jazzy lounge track that certainly removes any preconceptions of what Celldweller normally sound like. The same could be said of the funky bass lines of No I'm Not's Chicken Dance mix, or even Gooroo's Live in London mix with its tribal beats. Abomb also makes for an interesting mix with its electrified hip-hop cadences and organs befitting a classic horror film. Of course, the industrial elements are the ones that truly dominate the set, from the marching beats of DJ Lee's Synthetic mix to the thrashing guitars of Brent Young's Mercy for the Young mix to the impressive vocoder effects in the Solid mix by Synthetic Killing Unit.

So many tracks, so many artists, so many styles presented; suffice to say, Celldweller's Take It & Break It Vol. 2 is a fine collection of what the modern music scene has to offer. While the excessive length would be off-putting to the casual listener, this set is more for the diehard Celldweller fan, while also being a perfect sampler for up-and-coming DJs to mix their set lists up with something new. Given that a number of the remixers are now a part of the FIXT production roster, such as Audesi, Deprogrammed, and Sebastian R. Komor, the set also offers us a taste of what the label has to offer in the way of forward-thinking electronic music; for that alone, Take It & Break It Vol. 2 - Frozen Remixes is a great addition to any electro-head's CD collection.

Track list:

Disc 1
01. Celldweller - Frozen
02. Growling Machines - Growling Machines Remix
03. DJ Lee - Icehouse Mix
04. Brent Young - As Ember Mix
05. Copy Paste Repeat - CPR Remix
06. Skeel - Mass Panic Mix
07. Delta-S - Fade to Grey Mix
08. Red Devil - Updamassive Mix
09. Sebastian R. Komor - Filtered Overdrive Mix
10. DJ RIB - DJ RIB Remix
11. Audesi - Audesi Remix
12. Deprogrammed - Degreez Below Zero Mix
13. Vibe Tribe - Vibe Tribe Remix

Disc 2
01. DJ Lee - Synthetic Mix
02. Delta-S - Anomaly Mix
03. Brent Young - Mercy for the Young Mix
04. Deprogrammed - Degreez of Separation Mix
05. RTPN - RTPN Mix
06. Gooroo - Zero Kelvin Mix
07. Kearley - Kearley Mix
08. Hyperceptiohm - Hyperfrozen Remix
09. Tin Omen - CFC Mix
10. The Magic Puppet - Quantum State of Shit Mix
11. The 11 O'Clock Band - Frozen, Not Stirred (Live at the Emerald Room)
12. Abomb - Abomb Remix
13. Anguidara - Anguish Mix
14. Restless - Nail in the Coffin Mix

Disc 3
01. DJ Lee - Frozen in Time Mix
02. Basseq - Arctic Mix
03. Ayria - Ayria Remix
04. Gooroo - Dominator Radio Edit
05. Moji - Moji Remix
06. 50 Eddies - Black Orch Mix
07. Synthetic Killing Unit - Solid Mix
08. Salvation - Tmine Mix
09. No I'm Not - Chicken Dance Mix
10. Subunit - Subunit Remix
11. 3FO5Q - Icebreaker Remix
12. Gooroo - Live in London Mix
13. Tricil - Peachtree Industrial Remix
14. Xavier - Xavier's Electro Mix
15. Project Zero - Melted Mix
16. Shadow - Encased Remix
- ReGen Magazine

Geof says:

Best mix I've heard!

G says:

I love this re-mix; by far one of my favorites. I can't listen to it enough! When does the next competition start...I NEED to hear more!

DANO says:

This stuff sounds great cant wait to get a CD

Spivak says:

Sounds awesome, man! I like the part where you reversed the vocals. Nice touch.

Janux says:

This one is great too!. Nice work Rich! Ill see you in round 2? ;)Like I continue to tell everyone. I LOVE the versions with a nice beat and groove to it. -Trav

Quadrix says:

Sick stuff!

BabyKilling SwedishHairBall says:

a dark and creepy caucophany of insanity that makes babies kick through their mother's stomaches and start fighting eachother

train says:

fantastic. better than the monster.



drunkguy says:

whoa. by far my fav! didnt like the lyric order, but other than that it rules! 10/10

sadchild says:

awesome remix. i have 11 favorites instead of 10 now!

Jimmy Jams says:

Very dark. Good work building the tension.

Elliott says:

Great remix, its good, scary good.

M. Lange says:

Rich you have a brite future, we need to work together on your next project! Keep up the great work. ML

seanerz says:

rich curtis is da bomb baby! Keep up that sick industrial wizardry kiiid!

drd says:

Wicked cool, like to hear more.

christina says:

good good jam.

680w says:

fantastic! nice job muffin.

poohpainter says:

Hey Rich. Finally got to hear it. I think I was the last one at work to listen :( Sounds killer. Nice work!!!

Forgottyn says:

I just love this. Period. This remix rules. The only thing that dissapointed me was the guitars. Not that they are done bad, but because your synths were so strong you didn't need them.

Ruby says:

This is awesome

offthemark says:

cool sound

robotclot says:

this intro kills robots on high!!! distortion on everything needs to be a rule

Bigtwenty says:

This the best remix by far leaving the original in the dust! I cannot stop listening to anything by SKU! that guy is totally amazing and this remix is a perfect example! I'm letting everyone know about this! 10.0!!!

Q says:

Dude, this mix ruins half of the others, period. Sounds like pure audio blasphemy! Plus, the intro f***in' rules! You're just lucky I didn't make one myself! j/k 9.9/10

EviL_EthicS aka NINREMIXES.COM says:

I goT yOuR EmAiL AnD sTUmBLed iN tO CHEcK thiS oUT. RighT On! souNDs WIckED! eXCELLenT BReaK doWN ANd CLimAX. TAlk to yOU SOoN..... EVIL ETHICs aka AarOn

GCDrumGuy says:

def sounds like it belongs in a zombie movie. way cool intro! Nice work.

sadchild says:

cold, heartless, intense, twisted, awesome. i feel like HAL 9000 just opened the airlock doors and i'm running to the emergency shelter. or i'm being chased by squidees in the matrix. perfect soundtrack for a sci-fi movie! 9/10

Donna says:

You are amazing! Out of this world!

mstrblstr93 says:

it's my 5th time listening, and still awesome!! can't wait for the new CD. if this doesn't win i'll be pissed! j/k. :) nice job dude!

synergistics says:

dark and intense. it rips! just what i'd expect from a great SKU remix. gritty yet crisp. 10 out of 10.

Avnas says:

Yes, definitely fun on the headphones. Balanced and rythmic. 10 out of 10

GCDrumGuy says:

def sounds like it belongs in a zombie movie. way cool intro! Nice work.

Glockman says:

Nice hard rock rhythm, should make the finals... 10/10

Mike says:

You have the sexytime. this gives me a chubby.

DelusionalOne says:

This mix kicks ass. Can't stop listening to it.Very well done.

iubit says:

This mix rules! I could listen to it over and over again. By far one of the best! Definitely makes you want to kick ass!

DJ Lascivious says:


narai kanai says:

this mix gets me so pumped I wanna kick someones head off like a chuck norris and not even care:) seriously though: guitars, excecution, everything, nasty. 10/10

Pappas..... says:

You are Great!! I like that sound a lot it's pretty hypnotizing! 100% in my book! :)

jake says:

Rich you are the man!! Just what i'd expect from you! mp3 quality suxx though... :)

Travis says:

SICK! I loved the stereo synth. Everyone is right, awesome in the phones!! Very dynamic. 10/10

GooRoo says:

Sounds like an elephant sat on it. I like songs that use more of the musical scale :)

Janux says:

They are right about that power sound. Nice. The next song I work on (when ever that might be) Im going to be doing a monotone voice like that. Ive been wanting to do it forever.. just never have. Anyways, good job. -Travis

ABOMB says:

This one IS great in headphones! It reminds me of something you would hear in the matrix. Very well done.

tinnitus says:

great, absolutely great, that shit is fantastic, i want way more.

adverbial says:


maddskeelz says:

Very Stabbing Westward! Killer guitar tone! No I'm Not is on the money. Everyone should listen to this with phones on! I love your Defrag sounding beginning. This is a sic, powerful mix that defies the original. Good freakin job! I only wish it was longer.

PD17 says:

That robotic voice kicks total ass! great power, nice and heavy :D

no i'm not says:

KMFDM style! kinda... Good energy, and that synth in the beginning (and the rest of the mix as well) was so much fun on the headphones! Good work. -

Awall says:

Wow, this mix is very similar to mine. I can tell you have more experience than me in the mixing department. Great work here. I am blown away by wow great these sound environments are, not to mention the these are a superior product. Cool stuff. Keep it up synthetic Killing Unit!

beagleman_454 says:

This is the ONE!! I have listened to about 15 yawners and this is the first one that got my toes tapping and air drums flying!! Nice work Synthetic Killing Unit, you deserve to win this contest.

mkimber says:

Wow, this is the coolest really rocks..should absolutely win!

MLange says:

I Love this MIX!!! I have heard many on here and this one really stands above the rest. Listen for all the subtle nuances, very cool, this is number one in my book. ML

traxxis says:

this sounds like a driving scene in a action movie. really cool.

ajax says:

this totally rocks and deserves to win. ajax

ABP says:

this is the balls. the intro is SICK! this is obviously a winning remix. amazing!

Kaleigh says:

I love this mix to death :)

Nutsy Waterbelly says:

After some not so fun mixes (not immediately surrounding this one, but they were around) these last few are a nice change of pace. This is especially welcome. I love the funky, crunchy, computer sounding vox in the middle. vox box! w00t. Great job!

MuchoBloodo says:

Hey, great job, loved the subtle piano notes towards the end!

Jasper says:

hot track! like it a lot!

AV8tor says:

Whoa, this is great for high speed chases, or skydiving. I thought the ending was cool.

sadchild says:

hot damn! i'm glad i finally got around to listening to this one. this mix has everything! great beats, cool fx, it just rocks from a-z. be warned if they put this mix on the next remix CD i might get pulled over for speeding a bunch of times. this is a leadfoot track for sure! great idea, perfect execution, not too long, keeps me interested. i'm going to listen to it again now.

Spivak says:

Dude, I dig this mix a lot. the intro adds a real nice contrast to the rest of it and it's got enough width and depth to keep the listener interested through the whole track! well done!

Anguidara says:

Awesome mix - intro throws you off from the rest of the track- so anyone that just peeps the intro stick with it. Awesome original synth work added in as well as the drums are very smooth. I love those types of kicks. Hawt

Mortalus says:

Yeah, this definitely has the making of a wonderful video game track. Very, very slick mix!

Commanderdonut says:

I can see this being the next number one song used in video game montages. amazing song plenty of great climaxes. hopefully I'll hear this on ESPN in 2008!

D.L. Puga says:

you know, this has a very Graeme Norgate vibe to it. Which I love. It wouldn't sound out of place in a Time Splitters game, & that's pretty awesome!

Ruby says:

This is awesome.

Matt says:

This is SKU staying real to the game, take note mofos.

battlecock says:

if this track was a robot, it would be 150 feet tall and kick everyones ass. definitely a winner.

TWEAK says:

It sounds huge. the auditory great wall of china. great mixing and flow.

Dyne says:

There's about 15 tracks I'd love in the top 5. This is #1. Un-freaking-real.

Tyler says:

Amazing...simply amazing. The editing seemed flawless...props man

Matty B says:

Wow! Massive low-end, and a darker feel, way cool. High in the top 5 for sure.


Kick ass!

K.Doh says:

It has a lot of the feeling of the originals, but it picks up towards the end.

GGB33 says:

This is killer it is hands down one of the best mixes I've herd by far.

G- says:

This song absolutely rocks! One of the best mixes by far.

Ver5e says:

wow, this is amazing! nice work

Darwin604 says:

I love the intro to this one. -


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that we have discovered every technology, every patent, and every plan of safety. As humans we believe that we are in control.

We are wrong.

Every day, thousands of people are killed directly by machines. Machines such as robots that seem to have lives all thier own. Cars, computers, and many other electronic devices we depend on fail at the worst possible time, every time, consistently, only to be considered a defect, or bad luck, but some of us know that it's much deeper than that. Have you ever thought that these random failures might be a hint? A hint that signifies a larger picture, a digital revolution, or possibly even a digital war?
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Synthetic Killing Unit:
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Admit it. You need to be honest with yourselves.
Sometimes you can't control what you create.
Sometimes robotics won't do what they're told.
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