Old and nu skool breakbeats, consisting of edgy rhythms, electro-textures, and pulsating synth soundscapes. Creating a hi-tech audio listening experience that makes bodies moves and mind wander. Whether live on stage or recorded on disc, definately an artist not be missed.


Synthetix was formed in 1999 by Shea Steinbacher, a 15 year musician with both formal training and real world experience in several forms and styles of music including, jazz, dance, classical, rock, electronic. Born in Ipswich, England. Shea formed Synthetix, through the knowledge and pursuit of technology driven music. Driven by a desire to feed an audience energy, Shea turned to electronic music in 1993 through the promotion and production of raves and concerts around the United States.

Deciding he would rather be the one on stage, instead of behind it, he began to produce songs for himself and others in 1995. Initially testing the proverbial waters with industrial and ebm. Not feeling satisfied enough, Shea turned to the much more energy based, dance genres. After regathering both equipment and songs, began playing in the summer of 1999 at several festivals and raves. Since then Synthetix has performed with some of the more noted act in the field, and occasionally teaming up with fellow musicians and dj's to enhance the overall experience. Primed on the live aspect of the business, Synthetix is definately an act to catch live to witness and process all the energy this one of kind performer gives and receives from the audience


1999 "Algorythm" Anti Matter Records
2000 " Hi-Tec E.P." Anti Matter Records
2001 "Geo-Synchronous Orbit" AMR
2004 "You Are Not Ready For This" AMR

Set List

Live sets usually last on average 60 minutes. Consisting of 10 to 12 songs. Alot of improv and experimentation occur during sets, which is rare for electronic acts.
Live electronic percussion, stage antics, and array of intelligent lighting add to performance.