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-The Formula-
Synurgy “syn•er•gy” - The interaction of two or more agents or forces so that their combined effect is greater than the sum of their individual effects
Synurgy is comprised of three individuals: Monoleat, Flare, Riivah. Each of persons cares their own anointing, skill, and dreams. Monoleat is the energy that brings the direction, Flare is the energy that propels us in the direction, Riivah is the energy that brings vision to the direction while being propelled. When combined:
Monoleat + Flare + Riiver = Synurgy.

-The Formation-
~“I will never forget the first time I beat my brother in a freestyle battle.”
Monoleat began composing music and free styling at the age of 13 years old while under the guidance of his older brother. His musical influences were Cannibus, DMX, ONYX, and Rahkim. After giving his life to Christ his music took on a new form. He would perform at local churches. He then got involved in his high school Bible club where he met two other individuals.
~"It all seems like a big accident without faith..."
With the many talents hidden and some still that need to be unearthed, Flare always had a passion for unity and for a vision displayed in the form of a living example, rather than just words. Being heavily involved in church from the age of 12, the ability to effectively speak publicly and comfortably was nurtured in a church environment. His major musical influences were Cross Movement, Pigeon John, Kj52, SoulJahz, and Thousand Foot Krutch. The means to create something new was always his passion, while allowing God and spiritually influences to work through him. These influence brought him to a leadership position in his high school bible club
~“I think the hardest part about joining a group is underestimating your own capabilities...”
Riivah's life evolved in church, and to be honest it was like "survival of the fittest". Riivah began singing in the local youth group, but never thought she was as good as her other family members. On her arrival to high school she stopped singing and began to write. With pen in hand, her poetry began to evolve as she received inspiration from other artists. From Lauren Hill, Kirk Franklin, to Nas and Jill Scott. After finding true meaning and depth of what life is she began to go to bible club, to find others who understood her.

~One day after Bible club, while waiting for the bus, Flare started beat-boxing. Monoleat started free styling and Riivah started singing. The harmonious sound began to draw the attention of other students. Right there they said…”Lets start a group” – Synurgy was formed on 09-18-2000 at a high school located in South Florida.

-The Music-
Our musical genre has no definition, nevertheless our intentions encompass merging several types of music and eliminating the distinct line of genre based segregation. Synurgy sees the power and influence music has on people and their life decisions, Christians and non-Christians alike. We aim to use our music to empathize with people, bridging the gap between God and man; to make God real to man and build a path so that God can reach man. We want listeners to see positivity and God’s impact on life just like the moon lights the night sky. That is the essence of Synurgy’s music.