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This band has not uploaded any videos




"Tomorrow's hope presented on the keyboard" - Min-Yong Ahn


"A distinguished change and delicate atmospheric sound in this existing New Age music. New Age performance through a jazz like expression"
- Gyu-Yong Choi


"Travel through a dreamy journey with entwisted tone" - Kyoung Pak

"The Gramophone(Korea)"

"Original expression of a dreamer" - So-Youn Nam


S Young¡¯s debut piece, ¡°Walking in Dream¡±, is considered to be a New Age record. Despite his formal education in Jazz and instead of disputing whether it is a Jazz or a New Age record, it would be right to saythat it is a pure inner freedom of expression through the keyboard of a piano. With the dialogue between the repetitive left cords and his personal humming, it draws a perfect picture piano performance. His beyond amateur paintings can be seen not only in the album jacket but also can be encountered within the album. His inner longing to communicate with the public can be felt from every recording and performance. The emphasis on a lyrical characteristic can be common in New Age piano performance. However, as in his bright paintings, the colorful repetitive cords and melody accent on the rhythm naturally and place the listeners in focus on the pianistperformance solely. The pieces¡°Nomadic Snow¡±, ¡°Walking in Dream¡±and¡°Memory¡± not only display beautifully interwoven unwavering performance, but his warm humming individually creates a picturesque image. In¡°Peace be with You¡±, ¡°Walking in Dream¡±, ¡°Clamor¡±,¡°Dream¡±. And ¡°Special Reverie¡±, all the timbre of 12 keys are utilized as shown in the illusionary atmosphere in the paintings. Lastly, his impromptu performance in ¡°To a Dream¡±, the existing newness in a world of beautiful dream in his original belief of music is articulated


Feeling a bit camera shy


Upon receiving BA in Business Management, pianist S Young could not ignore the longing for music and in 1996, he set out abroad to study at Berklee College of Music in the United States. As he finished his studies in 2000 at Berklee, he became active as a pianist in the
areas of New York City and Boston for approximately three years. As expected, he had gathered various experiences until his return to Korea in 2002. But while doing so, he found what it means to have the understanding of how to grasp endurance and open-mindedness in the creation of his originality for his true characteristic and newly discovered identity.