Syracuse Me

Syracuse Me


We are a happy hardcore/pop punk band from a small island in Canada. Combining catchy riffs with hardcore breakdowns and a ton of energy we have no plans on being stopped.


Coming from a small community such as Charlottetown, PEI; Syracuse Me knows all about fighting for what you believe in. Coming together in May of 2006, they have continuously proved their committment to their music.

No strangers to the road, Syracuse Me have been touring the maritime provinces consistently for the last 2 years, aside from a month long tour to Ontario, Quebec, and New England. They have played with such acts as: Protest The Hero, Comeback Kid, Ten Second Epic, Faber Drive, Marianna's Trench, Crush Luther, Shotgun Rules, Sydney, Dead and Divine, among many others


Syracuse Me - Self Titled 2006
1. Party At West Quaco
2. Well...We Can't Stay Here (radio airplay)
3. Apz Is A Life Ruiner
4. Two Egg McMuffins And I'm Done
5. Dude, Dude...Does Chris Hate Me?

Syracuse Me - Self Titled Demo 2007
1. Dude, Dude...Does Chris Hate Me?
2. I'm Changing My Name To Jacob
3. A Bullet Sounds The Same In Every Language

Set List

1. All The Way With Stephanie Kaye
2. Money Or Music
3. Dude, Dude...Does Chris Hate Me?
4. The Boozemobile VS. The Pumpkin Round 3
5. I'm Changing My Name To Jacob (Laser Beams)
6. Rock, Paper, Meloche
7. Never Say Never, Dude
8. I've Never Been To Dude Manor (But I Hear It's Right Good)