"The Dillinger Escape Plan haven’t sounded this alive for like a decade and leave it to these four Texans to rip the scene a new one"


After 3 years, nearly 250 shows, and several national tours Syrens has firmly cemented themselves as a major player in the hardcore community. Drawing comparisons to everyone from The Locust to Trap Them to The Deftones, Syrens has captivated audiences all over the country with their intense and experimental style of hardcore.

Syrens has toured and played with:

Norma Jean
Oh, Sleeper
Sky Eats Airplane
The Chariot
All That Remains
Winds Of Plague
God Forbid
Mortal Treason
The Showdown
Becoming the Archetype
Full Blown Chaos
Through the Eyes of the Dead
The Number Twelve Looks Like You
Stretch Armstrong
Impending Doom
The Bled
Ed Gein
A Plea for Purging
Born of Osiris
Dance Gavin Dance
Pierce The Veil
He Is Legend
Knights of the Abyss
My Children My Bride
Destroyer Destroyer
The Handshake Murders
Wrench in the Works
Take it Back
A Girl A Gun A Ghost
A Kiss For Jersey
The Wedding
It Prevails
The Network
Look What I Did
The Fold
My America Is Watching Tigers Die
and more...


Flesh and Honey

Written By: Terrance Delaney

How I Pity You. Monsters have smiles too, but ignorance is bliss.
With your suburban life hiding your souless eyes. Home made ossuaries and lime scented floor boards. As they claw and they scream and they beg for mercy, wave hello to the friendly neighborhoods best kept secret. He waits watching for your timely demise. Worthless victimes of your blindness give in. Flesh and honey.

The People Vs Motherwolf

Written By: Terrance Delaney

Mother's cubs have become her prey. Faithless and numb they won't go quietly. Money is her god. Selling art at a price. Take off your mask you shameless glutton. Babylon the great is destroyed. Oh how far the mighty have fallen. Isn't she beautiful? The great whore. The mother of earths abominations.
She's killing rock and roll.


Written By: Terrance Delaney

Fascination with killing innocence. To defile beauty. To butcher the young. Does this make you a man? Are you not satisfied? I would give anything to feel alive. I haven't seen the sun in so long. I haven't felt your warmth. Transform my body, alter my conscience, teach me to forgive. Have I become a monster or have we all become what we fear the most? I'm tired of living in circles. I'm tired of living with this hate. Forgive me.

Equality 7-2521

Written By: Terrance Delaney

The saint of pyre is starring into my eyes as the blaze coast him as if it were a sheet of peace. He notices my facination and smiles. The image that gave new life. Prometheus. I will not give into collectivism. I will fight for change. When all have become slaves one must clash for freedom. Am I that man? When free thinking has become a crime there is no hope for this world. Therefore I must become the light within the darkness. The brightest star. Light bringer.

May Armageddon Reign in These Hands

Written By: Terrance Delaney

Father, savior, merciful one. Come from the heavens. Receive your children. The sky opens wide. Fear fills up their sinful minds. The end is here. We are the soundtrack. As I sit and look to the heavens. Fire from the sky. The faces of fallen angels are burning my eyes. Fire rains from the sky. The eiffel tower is burning. The eiffel tower is ablaze. Hold on to my hand, baby lets dance. The end is here. We are the soundtrack.

Poison Begat Poison

Written By: Terrance Delaney

Cleanse my heart of this crimson curse. He was my heart, this is my heart. How is it up there on your high horse as you stare into my thoat and witness my already stone cold heart. Backstabbers, deceivers from your pulpit of lies. Like the sheep to slaughter they come and they die. He's more than a statistic to me. I feel the winds of change for its gone on for far too long. You must be stopped. You're not a man, more like a reptile how you slither and squirm on your back. He's more to me than you'll ever know. He's more than a memory. Why did you walk away? He had so much to live for? Why did you turn your back? Look what you've done. Now the needle is too far gone. He's never coming back . He's never coming home. What have I done?


July 23, 2007 - The Apocalyptic Musical

April 7, 2009 - Syrens "S/T" EP - Cavity Records