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Toronto, Ontario, Canada | SELF

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | SELF
Band Metal Alternative


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"e.V.'s Underground"

Quote: "You are the best thing to have come out of Oakville in some time. Ontario's own Amy Lee! "

(Mar 05, 2009) - CKCU-FM 93.1

"Caity vs. Mikki"

On my usual cruise through the depths of MySpace music, I happened upon a profile for a female artist named Mikki, I'm one of those curiosity clickers when it comes to myspace profiles, I click and the band gets thirty seconds to impress me (I'm super ADHD that way) before I bounce. If the band manages to impress me I stick around, cruise the site and see what's up. When I clicked on Mikki's profile the song "The Exiled and Her Opera House" started to play. It took all of 12 seconds to impress me.

Naturally I wanted to talk to her, I shot her a message on MySpace and was shocked when she told me that she had just turned 14 years old. Impossible... this girl has the vocal powerhouse and lungs of a 30+ trained singer! Needless to say, I was floored. This is a girl that is going somewhere, to be so young and already so talented, I have no doubts that we'll be seeing more of her in the years to come.

“I guess one disadvantage is that I'm too underage to play in bars!”

For our readers who don’t know who you are, could you please introduce yourself and tell us what you do?

Well, I'm Mikki or also known as the band VIVEYNNE on myspace. I'm the writer to all my songs and lyrics which normally tend to be created when I'm sitting at my piano (or eating suger). I sing and play the piano on all of my tracks.

You are an extremely young artist, have you found the community to be difficult to break into?

Well certainly a lot of different people have tried to take advantage of me because of my young age but normally listeners are impressed because of how young I am. So I view it as an asset not a liability. I guess one disadvantage is that too I'm underage to play in bars!

What inspires your lyrics? Is there one lyric that means the most to you?

My lyrics are inspired by whatever happens in my life, just things that made me stop and think or things that made me sad. One song titled 'The Blood To Bleed' (not yet on myspace) has lyrics I think hold the most depth because they're about someone else and not myself.

What message are you trying to get out with your music?

My message! I have a tendency to want people to know more about me - even if I don't know them - a lot of times I feel like I'm hiding and need to get it out. It feels good to shout some things to the world.

What is your goal in the music industry?

I've always had a dream of becoming a well known music artist because it is literally my passion in life to work in the arts. I'm not sure what will happen in the future but I do wish to share my gift to whoever is willing to listen.

What other artists influence your sound?

Evanescence, Emilie Autumn, Tarja, and more darker classical music. Those are just some that came to my head first.

If you could play with any band in the history of music who would it be and why?

I would have to choose Evanescence because I love their music and everything Amy stands for.

What has been the best moment for you as an artists so far?

The best moment so far was the first song I recorded in a professional studio. It was great to hear what my songs could turn into. (even if it was just the barebones)

What has been the most challenging moment?

Like I said, I have been taken advantage of and was robbed of a thousand dollars at one point. However I try to view this in a positive light because it did inspire another one of my songs.

What can we expect to see from you in the future? Any plans?

I'm currently in the studio recording and recording and RECORDING! It's more work then I expected but I'm planning on getting an EP out there around Christmas or New Years.

The Sound Faction is comprised of five girls who are random at best, we try to leave each interview with five random questions, so if you're up for it, here they are:

If you could have lunch with any fictional character, who would it be and why?

I'd say Edward Cullen from Twilight. I'm actually in love with vampires and would want to meet one to ask a few questions.

What is your biggest guilty pleasure?

Sugar. I'm honestly addicted to the stuff.

If you were a scented candle, what would you smell like?

I'd smell like a morning after a rainstorm.

What girls fashion trend confuses you?

I'm actually not that far into fashion (in other words I'm oblivious to it) I wear what I want to wear. What confuses me is why people try to slave after fashion.

If you could be the champion of anything, what would it be?

I'd be king of the world. Period. :)

Thanks so much to Mikki for taking time to share her talent and to talk to us! Check out her myspace page HERE and get ready to be impressed!

© 2008
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"CD Review 8/10 (June 1, 2009)"

views M-Z

(Independent Release) Reviewed 2nd June 2009

Viveynne is an awesome band from Canada fronted by the lovely Mikaila (Mikki), and the cd (ep) on offer here features 8 tracks that run in at around 27 minutes in total. This is the perfect way to showcase this young girl's vocals, and believe you me, awesome vocals we have here too. The record gets underway with 'Blood To Bleed' that starts slowly with Mikki's soaring vocals instantly making an impression, and the band then joins in giving the song a bit of uummph!! Next up we have the awesome title track, a haunting song that vocally reminds me of Amy Lee (as do other songs on this release), and an excellent song it is too. This little epic continues with the more upbeat 'This Phobia' and I am speechless at the quality of the music on offer. Other highlights for me are 'Goodbye Good Morning' and 'Come Crawling', but having said this, all the music is of an extremely high quality. I just want to say something here and maybe Mikki is fed up with the reference. But she is only 14 years old, writes all the material herself and plays piano and synths, and her band sound a tight unit. This is an act that I am sure has the ability to take on the heavyweights on mainland Europe where this type of sound is more or less the mainstream. Record labels, check out and then start your orderly queues here - enough said! 8/10 (Reviewed by Dave) - Ravenheart Music, David Smith

"5-star CD Review (May 3, 2009)"

Mikaila (Mikki) Straatsma is the lead vocalist for the brand new rock band from Canada called Viveynne. In their own style, but drawing on the sounds of Nightwish, Evanescence and After Forever, the band's debut eight track CD entitled Becoming Jane Doe (ReverbNation (USA) IR40566, 2009) follows on the heels of the gorgeous single "Lest We Forget," a free download for fans.

Aged only fourteen, Mikki wrote the single for World Vision as a donation and raised the most funds in Canada for the 30-Hour Famine special with this song and also secured a spot on Much Music. Watch the Viveynne's website for details that will permit downloads in exchange for further donations. The Viveynne EP Becoming Jane Doe is released in North America on 12 May 2009. Preorder the EP today from the group's website.

In addition to writing all words and music for this EP release, Mikki is also credited with lead and backing vocals, piano and synthesizer. The band backing her is comprised of Chuck Kollatos (lead and bass guitar, additional synthesizer and drums on "It's Been Dark"), John Lama (rhythm guitar) and Randy Solski (drums and percussion except on "It's Been Dark," and bass on "The Exiled and Her Opera House"). Beth Willson provides additional backing vocals on "Blood to Blood" and the EP's title track. Our editorial staff will add complete label and catalog information when our review copy of the EP arrives at our headquarters. The EP will be available at iTunes, HMV and from release day.

Mikki has already garnered attention for her superb vocal work from rock bands worldwide and has been selected for the 2010 Beto Vazquez Infinity (feature) album. BVI's discovery demonstrates the artist's already tremendous maturity since Beto has worked with many well established rock Discoveries vocalists, including Marcela Bovio, Tarja Turunen, Candice Night, Floor Janson, Manda Ophius, to name just a few. Mikki has already made a large impact and established a fan base with her MySpace demos. Mikki was discovered by Beto himself who was impressed with her extraordinary vocal control and power far mature than her years.

The EP opening track "Blood to Bleed" sets the stage for the power that will develop as the EP plays its length. Mikki's original compositions feature operatic metal-edged rock fused with both classical and gothic themes, blending melodic composition with ethereal soprano vocal and piano styles. Although Viveynne's sound differs substantially from Mermaid Kiss (feature), Mikki's voice can be most closely compared to Evelyn Downing and therefore Kate Bush. Note that the original recordings by Mermaid Kiss' singer, Evelyn Downing, were made when the vocalist was similarly aged to Mikki. Viveynne's music is universally powerful, and fully laced with metallic edges. However, the arrangements by Chuck Kollatos and John Lama still, as with Evanescence (review) feature Mikki's emotionally wreched singing throughout every track.

Viveynne's tracks are generally short, running between 3:00 and 4:00. Instead of running the length of the typical operatic metal piece, Viveynne has chosen to keep the songs in this radio friendly format. Allusions to Evanescence, especially Amy Lee's vocal work, are perhaps most strongly illustrated in the album's title track. The backing harmonies are incredible. While many of the tracks include stunning instrumental bridges and ripping guitar solos, the recording has not overdone it, leaving lots of room for expansion in the band's live performances, scheduled to begin in late May.

Most of the material on the EP is heavily arranged and dominated by the power of electric guitars, yet Mikki can equally deliver a tender ballad as clearly illustrated in both the sensitively delivered lead and backing vocals in the beginning of "Goodbye Good Morning" and throughout the bonus track "Sounds Of Starlight."

We found Mikki's control outstanding and her vocal work superb, soaring well above the powerful guitar- and keyboard-based rock arrangements. Although produced with a more accessible arrangement than the metal-tinged songs on the EP, the artist's 'charity track' "Lest We Forget" makes an excellent bookend for the Viveynne listening experience. It perhaps demonstrates the singer's vocal and emotive range better than any of the EP's tracks. Don't miss it! Like Ambeon's young Astrid VanderVeen (feature), Mikki has a superb voice.

Viveynne's debut EP Becoming Jane Doe is a marvelous entry for the lead vocalist and her supporting musicians. In addition to Mikki's forthcoming release with Beto Vasquez Infinity, we are sure to hear much more from this rapidly emerging vocalist. Stop back for the purchasing link to when it is available.
- Musical Discoveries, Russell Elliott

"CD Review 8.5/10 (May 26, 2009)"

Viveynne - "Becoming Jane Doe" EP (2009)

Review By Tony Cannella

Canada's Viveynne are a project that features 14-year old Mikaila "Mikki" Straatsma on vocals and piano. Yes, that's right I said she is just 14-years old, although you wouldn't know it by listening to the songs on the debut release titled "Becoming Jane Doe". In addition to adding her lead vocals and contributing piano and synthesizer, Mikki wrote all of the music and lyrics on the EP. She has also received many awards and accolades for her music, which you can see on her My Space site.

"Blood To Bleed" sets the mood perfectly and is a powerful opener. Immediately Mikki's soaring, operatic vocals grab the listeners attention and then the rest of the musicians join in and the song really takes shape. The vocals are well out in front in the mix, but they don't overshadow anything. The voice and the music go hand-in-hand and compliment each other very well. In fact, the musicians on this CD are very good and an integral part to the overall sound and feel of the songs. The next song, "Becoming Jane Doe" begins with a melancholic piano intro, and gets heavier around the first chorus. This is perhaps the highlight for me. This song is just so haunting, that it's impossible not to love. Next is "This Phobia" and this track keeps things running smoothly. "Goodbye Good Morning" is just a beautiful straight-up ballad and another definite highlight. This song also features a very cool guitar solo. The song is very dramatic, orchestral and pretty. "It's Been Dark" speeds things up a bit and moves along at a nice pace. The final three songs "The Exiled And Her Opera House", "Come Crawling" and "Sounds of Starlight" definitely conclude things on a high and leaves the listener wanting more. Vocally, Mikki reminds me a bit of Amy Lee of Evanescence, but she also has her own thing going, she definitely packs a lot of power and passion in her delivery. All of the songs are in the 3-minute range and are very well written. The whole CD is very well produced, but not over-produced.

It would be easy to dismiss this release and say "She's good for a 14-year old", but her age is irrelevant. The fact is, she's good for any age. Just listen to the 8-songs and 27-minutes worth of music that is contained on "Becoming Jane Doe" and judge them on their own merits and come to the realization that this is one heck of a CD. A thoroughly enjoyable listening experience.

Rating : 8.5/10 - Femme Metal WebZine, Tony Cannella


VIVEYNNE "Becoming Jane Doe" EP of 8 tracks.
Indie release May 11, 2009.

Produced, Recorded, and Mixed by Chuck Kollatos, 7th Sign Recording Studio, Brantford, Canada

Additional Mixing and Assistance by Randy Solski, RS Sounds and Production, Brantford, Canada

Mastered by Andy Krehm, Silverbirch Productions, Toronto, Canada

All Words and Music by Mikaila (Mikki) Straatsma (SOCAN)
Arrangements by Chuck Kollatos and John Lama



The band VIVEYNNE features female-fronted powerful vocals - rock fused with classical and gothic themes, blending melodic composition and ethereal vocal and piano style. Influences of Nightwish, Evanescence and Within Temptation are discerned, yet with modern progressive flavour and tinge of metal.

The band's most defining element is their 14-year-old lead singer and songwriter, Mikki.

Forming the band VIVEYNNE, Mikki released her first recording as an EP "Becoming Jane Doe" on May 11, 2009 with producer Chuck Kollatos of 7th Sign Recording Studio in Brantford, Canada.

"Becoming Jane Doe was almost like an experiment for me. i wrote all these songs over a year ago when i was 13, and wrote the melody for Blood to Bleed back when I was 12. I am extremely happy to see them recorded and on an EP. When i wrote these songs i was still struggling to find my sound and who i wanted to become as a musician. The album reflects this - but in a positive way. This EP, for me, is the start of a journey that will continue throughout my life. It portrays someone entering a new world as a nameless person who's willing to continue and discover different ground. This EP is special to me because it really reflects the first step on a road i'm sure to walk down."

Mikki has already garnered attention for her superb vocal work from rock bands worldwide and has been selected for the 2010 Beto Vazquez Infinity 10th anniversary album. BVI's discovery demonstrates the artist's already tremendous maturity since Beto has worked with many well established rock vocalists, including Marcela Bovio, Tarja Turunen, Candice Night, Floor Janson, Manda Ophius, to name just a few.

Looking ahead, fans can expect a full length CD by the end of 2009 which is already more than half written. Mikki's style and writing is becoming better defined going into her next album with performance and recording experience under her belt. Fans can expect a heavier sound in instrumentation and solid production on VIVEYNNE's first full length album.

Mikki's music is inspired by "anything insanely beautiful, or hauntingly dark".

YouTube clip of CD Release concert: