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System and Station


What's not possible, however, is you being able to resist the hook-laden guitar rock that System and Station lays down; they're not afraid to be catchy while they rock, and their expertly honed songs frequently achieve an unpretentious but inspiring grandeur.


System and Station have been crafting smart, angular indie-pop for a decade now. While most bands have a tough time reaching the 10-year mark without growing stale or going through the motions, S&S are busy writing albums that consistently move forward into a melodic and tighter whole without sacrificing the serrated edge of their live shows.

Their new EP, ‘I’m Here To Kill’, features guest appearances by Scott Hampton (Bear Proof, Acetalyne), Douglas Jenkins (The Portland Cello Project)m and Elizabeth Venable (Sad Horse), who sings the lead on the haunting track “I’m Here To Kill”.

This short-playing EP is lyrically based on the true story of a woman living in the Pacific Northwest, her struggle with abusive relationships and the loss of her child at the hands of her then husband. S&S leader Ryan Heise, explains, “The title I’m Here To Kill comes from her stories of revenge. Waking up next to her husband, watching him sleep and thinking “I love you but I’m going to kill you”.

Larry Crane, of famed Portland Studio Jackpot!, recorded and produced ‘I’m Here To Kill’.

System and Station formed as a 3-piece in Boise, ID in 1998. Since their inception, and through moves to Madison and back to the west coast (Portland, OR has been home for the last 8 years) singer-songwriters and mainstay, Ryan Heise, has guided them through 4 full-length records, and 4 EP’s. Along the way they’ve gone on 19 national tours, owned two very loyal Ford E350 Club Wagons, and have had approximately 12 breakdowns (some in -20 degree weather, some strictly mental).

They torched approximately 4 computer monitors in San Antonio, have seen 1 man dressed as a nun physically defile another person in New York, and have been jumped by 1 crackhead and 2 hookers in Knoxville, TN. They crashed at the house of the producer of The Oprah Winfrey Show (along w/Caustic Resin) without him being aware of it. They’ve had 1 fight with a gang of dj’s in Las Vegas, have been in 1 Texas jail cell, and have been pickpocketed by a gypsy in New Orleans.

System and Station have played with everyone from Marky Ramone to Shiner, from Alex Chilton to Built To Spill, from Jeremy Enigk to Canyon, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Meat Puppets, The Life and Times, and oh yeah…Sloppy Seconds. They’ve met some of most inspiring and amazing people on planet earth who have taken them in without a second thought, and that is their favorite part of all of this.


System and Station
'I'm Here To Kill' - EP - Oct 27, 2009

'A Nation of Actors' - 2008
'Here Is Now' - 2006
'In The Twilight' - 2005
'If You Find Me, Let Me Know' - EP - 2003
'Pictures Found In Paragraphs' - 2000
'Prospects of Living Daily' - EP - 1999

Set List

10-songs, 45mins. no covers