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Systema Solar

Cartagena, Colombia | Established. Jan 01, 2006 | INDIE

Cartagena, Colombia | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2006
Band Latin Alternative


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"Seven Best Moments of LAMC"

Mixing cumbia, champeta and other Afro-Caribbean traditions with modern hip-hop and tropical bass is more than enough for the Colombian combo to get the crowd going. Systema Solar is not Bomba Estéreo though, and they don’t have the sexy bombshell of Li Saumet fronting them. What they do have that Bomba Estéreo doesn’t, however, is a turntablist who can seriously kill it on the ones-and-twos, as well as some fabulous, custom-made matching outfits. - MTV Iggy

"LAMC Preview: Systema Solar"

By now, you’ve probably gathered that I have an affinity for bands that bring the party to the stage. Translating the energy from their recordings to their live show and visa versa. This next band is no exception.

Meet Systema Solar, ambassadors of the vivacious lands that make up Colombia’s Caribbean coast, and heirs to a musical region so rich in folkloric music that it seamlessly gets recycled and re-worked into new modern fusions.

Their records are an amalgamate of Afro-Caribbean and Colombian folk, stirred in with hip-hop, and electronic beats that make you crave to see them live.

They emerged out of the Piko movement in Colombia, which closely resembled the renowned Jamaican Sound Systems, and they’ve taken their concept from rickety cart, sound systems and exported their block party vibes to international festivals all over Europe and Latin America.

I was fortunate enough to see Systema perform tracks off their first album back in 2010 at SXSW. And it was evident then that this was a band that had emerged from the underground and conquered all in its path with its raw and true approach of originality.

Throughout the years, Systema Solar have expanded to become more than just music. They operate as an audio visual collective that engages all the senses of attendees through their shows. They classify the experience as Berbenautika, which to put it in simple terms means that through their music they create an imaginary state of bliss in where they are the cosmonauts traveling and spreading thumping Caribbean parties.

It sounds a bit far fetched, but the band feels almost obligated to pay tribute the cosmos and Solar System for bringing all 7 members of this collective together from all walks of life in Colombia.

In July they bring their unique sights and sounds to the US, and I cannot wait to get lost in their funky, Caribbean revelry. - KCRW

"Top 5 LAMC 2015 Moments"

On the opening day for LAMC @ Central Park, the most enthusiastic cries were for Systema Solar. Their repertoire skips between house, techno, and hip-hop while incorporating cumbia, porro, and champeta styles into their live performances. This self-described “musical-visual collective” has a primal and indigenous foundation. - KCRW

"It’s A Fisherman’s Party In Systema Solar’s “Yo Voy Ganao” Video"

Damn, who could’ve ever guessed that a song dedicated to fishermen could be so fun? Such is the case with Systema Solar’s latest single/video, “Yo Voy Ganao,” off their second album, La Revancha Del Burro. The video originally debuted in Colombia last November and has finally made its official debut stateside courtesy of Criteria Entertainment.

The group took a trip out to the pueblo of Tapanga and, in typical Systema Solar style, invited the local community to be part of the shoot. Fishing has long played an important role for the people of Tapanga though it has recently been overshadowed by the town’s newfound popularity as a tourist destination. - Remezcla

"EXCLUSIVA: Estrenamos el video de "Yo voy ganao" de Systema Solar"

EXCLUSIVA: Estrenamos el video de "Yo voy ganao" de Systema Solar
Siguiendo en línea con su agenda de activismo alegre y rebeldía rechinante (su entrega pasada, "La Rana", buscó activar una campaña pro-reciclaje), el nuevo video de la gigante verbenáutika es un homenaje a la pesca tradicional, actualmente amenazada por la industria turística en la región Caribe de Colombia.

"Es una de las raíces fundamentales de nuestra cultura", cuenta Índigo, maestro de ceremonias del Systema.

Grabado en la base de operaciones de la banda, la costa de Taganga, a 10 minutos de Santa Marta y muy cerca de la Sierra Nevada, el video cuenta con la aparición estelar de los miembros del grupo, la comunidad de pescadores del pueblo, niños y mujeres de la comunidad, indígenas ancestrales de la zona y hasta un cameo especial de ChocQuibTown, que por pura coincidencia andaba de paseo por allá.

Ah... y también hay pescados gigantes voladores.

El video es una co-producción entre Systema Solar, La Asociación de Chinchorreros de Taganga y la productora Panoramika. La secuencia, en la que no faltan los picós, el baile, el mar y la pura psicodelia tropical, rinde tributo a la cultura caribe con un mensaje optimista de "sabor y huepajé".

Puro budismo champetúo.

"Porque vamos ganaos si respetamos nuestro entorno disfrutando lo que nos da la vida, sin pretensiones", concluye Walter.

Sigan al Systema por aquí y denle like por acá. - VICE

"Systema Solar"

“Systema Solar” (ONErpm)

By Fernando Gonzalez

Post-modernism might be a cool, interesting artistic choice in wealthy cultures, but in Latin America recycling, repurposing, mixing and matching, and generally ignoring stylistic rules is both a way of life and a necessity.

Systema Solar, a Colombian collective that freely mixes hip-hop, rap, and techno with Afro-Colombian grooves, traditional instruments and Colombia’s own ideas about sound systems, is Latin American ersatz post-modernism at its best – razor sharp, and fun.

Formed in late 2006 for a performance at the opening ceremony of the biennial of contemporary art of Medellin in 2007, the group includes MC John Primera, vocalist Indigo, producer Pellegrino (called the group’s “sonic architect”), DJ Daniboom, VJ Pata de perro (Dogleg) and DJ Corpas. They call their approach “Berbenáutika,” a made-up definition that alludes to two young traditions on the Caribbean coast of Colombia: the pikós, or Colombian sound systems, which also feature singing, rapping and live playing; and the verbenas, or street parties in Cartagena and Barraquilla.

The music is an irresistible mix of traditional rhythms such as the cumbia, porro, bullerengue, fandango, champeta (roughly a modern, Colombian reworking of Congolese soukous) and other modern Afro-Pop styles with hip hop, techno, rap and scratching. Add some live VJ, pointed (and often funny) lyrics, and you have, well, a true, moveable verbena.

From the infectious “Bienvenidos” ( no visa? no money? come dance with us ) and the techno-cumbia “Mi kolombia” (a pointed and funny take on the indignities of getting a visa to travel North), to the brilliant “El Majagual” (featuring the traditional gaita, a sort of folk oboe) and “Quién Es El Patron?” (a darkly ironic commentary on the drug culture), this is party music with smarts, purpose and a sense of humor.

To inventory and analyze all the parts would only miss the point of the whole. Well beyond the talk about modernity, tradition and meaningful messages, a big part of Systema Solar´s appeal is its vitality, energy and sense of fun. With a nod to noted philosopher and funkmaster Bootsy Collins, the message here is simple: Free your ass and your mind will follow. -

"SXSW: Day 3 | Friday, March 19, 2010: Can Colombia go three-for-three in dominating Latin Alt. music?"

First Bomba Estéreo, then Choc Quib Town and now Systema Solar? Their completely independent album made it to many 2009 top-10 lists...
3/25/2010 | por Words: Mario Iván Oña | Images: María Madrigal -

"Systema Solar"

“The folk roots are deep here, but this is thoroughly contemporary music whose power to censure inequality and injustice, to instruct and inspire, to shake the rafters, is equal to any of its militant New World cousins.” - Michael Stone - RootsWorld

"Systema Solar We say: Colombian block party champs rock your sound system"

“The publicity notes call this Afro-Caribbean and Afro-Latin, but in the end this is the most original party music I've heard in a while. “
Tim Leffel - Perceptive Travel
- Perceptive Travel

"Chuck Campbell: Tuned In: Mark Salling, Systema Solar, Unknown Component"

“The festive band often goes far afield into a disarmingly eccentric realm. For example, on the political “Mi Kolombia,” the cadence feels like a breathing organism, inhaling and exhaling in a woozy haze as a cartoonish vocal leads a peculiar call-and-response.”
Chuck Campbell

"Tom Schnabel’s Top 10 List"

Tom Schnabel’s 10 list – In the top 10 best albums of 2009 according to Tom Schanbel, DJ from radio KCRW in Los Angeles. -


"Their 2009 debut was feted as one of the best Colombian albums of the year. Systema Solar fuse traditional Afro-Colombian rhythms with piko (sound-system culture) hip hop and breakbeat. With turntablism and live video at the heart of their performances, Systema Solar spin invention and electric energy into cumbia, bullerengue, porro and champeta. They have built a huge following through student radio networks in Colombia, and have won several industry awards. A force to be reckoned with in the new generation of innovative Colombian music makers.
Watch the video for Bienvenidos and look out for Systema Solar on tour in Europe Summer 2010." Jody Giller -

"Systema Solar, le soleil Colombien débarque à Paris !"

Si vous prenez un peu de musique traditionnelle Caribéene, que vous y ajoutez un peu de hip hop, un peu de beatbox, de breakbeat, quelques doses de musique électronique bien tonique, des percussions afros et un univers visuel complètement déjanté, vous arriverez, semble t-il, à un résultat peu probable en théorie. Dans la vraie vie ce mélange musical existe, et fonctionne plutôt bien, combinant tradition et modernité dans un dialogue, le son du Systema solar va mettre du soleil dans tes oreilles et te faire danser tout l’été. StreetGeneration a rencontré ce collectif bariolé avant que ses membres enfilent leurs costumes de cosmonautes solaires pour enflammer une Maroquinerie pleine à craquer.

Propos recueillis par Sarah Benabbou. -

"Systema Solar, big social band"

Systema Solar revendique la culture des pikos, ces sound-systems déglingués à la jamaïcaine qui font danser la côte caraïbe colombienne.

Avec des samples d’accordéons du terroir et d’antiques mambos, le collectif distille un excitant cocktail où rap et dub sont alcoolisés de rasades de cumbia et de porro. Chômage, obsession du visa pour quitter le pays ou bricolage informatique fournissent la matière brute des textes pleins d’ironie. Sur scène, cette centrifugeuse de rythmes et de sons prend des couleurs bariolées grâce à la présence d’un VJ. Systema Solar est le meilleur exemple de la créativité de la scène colombienne actuelle dont on n’a pas fini de parler.

CD Systema Solar (Chusma/La Baleine).

Concert le 3 mars à Paris (la Maroquinerie, 23, rue Boyer, 75020) puis en tournée jusqu’au 12 mars : Boulogne-sur-Mer, Guyancourt, Blois, Nevers, Le Havre, Beauvais et Ajaccio. -


Year Title Label & country type
2009 Sytema solar Intermundos / colombia Cd
2009 Bienvenidos "J'adore Vol2" compilation / France cd
2009 Bienvenidos World Sound magazine compilation / France cd
2010 Systema Solar Chusma Records / Germany cd
2010 "Ya veras" Cumbia Bestial compilation
Chusma records / Germany CD / Vinyl
2010 Systema Solar EP Onerpm / USA Digital
2010 Systema solar Onerpm / USA Digital
2010 Quien es el patron Galletas Calientes / France Vinyl

Systema Solar licenses the song “ Sin Oficio” for a McDonald's advertisement that will be shown on latin TV in the USA and Mexico.
The song “ Ya Veras” is licensed for the soundtrack of the colombian movie “ El Arriero” and Cumbia bestial compilation, Chusma Germany.
A special edit of the song “ El majagual” is licensed to the movie “ La lluvia y la Sangre” which premiered at this years Venice Film Festival. Majagual also in compilation Afritanga Chusma Germany.
The song "Bienvenidos" is licensed in the compilation "J'adore Vol2" and in the sample compilation for the magazine "World Sound" in Europe. Also in Nike / The fader magazine football cup podcasts.
Te song "Quien es el patron", Main theme of the world wide acclaimed tv series "El cartel"

“ Bienvenidos” produced by Intermundos and Pimenton Rojo during May 2009 will premiere in Barranquilla during October 2009.
“ Malpalpitando” directed by Rafael Martinez and Pata de Perro was filmed in 16 mm during the month of june and wll premiere in Cartagena in January 2011.
“Mi kolombia” produced by Cumbia Poder y Porro, the first version released on youtube during August:
“ Firewire” produced by Systema Solar featuring Batori and released on youtube during August:



Systema Solar is a musical-visual collective from the Caribbean coast of Colombia. Its members, originating from a diversity of territorial and sonorous latitudes have found in the afro Caribbean vibrations a sea of possibilities to  renovate the strength and spirit of Colombian music. The objective of the collective  is to create audio-visual performances with their own style which they denominate the “berbenautika”. 

Influenced by the spirit of the Colombian piko culture (sound systems style performances), the members of the group come together to create, adapt and reinvent different music through improvisation, emphasizing the cult of joy and dance. They recycle the afro Caribbean and folkloric music of Colombia such as cumbia, bullerengue, porro and champeta and fusion these through electronic tools  with contemporary rhythms and cultural styles such as hip hop, house, techno, breakbeat, breakdance, turntablism and live video performance. Systema Solar was created at the end of 2006  for a performance at the opening ceremony of the biennial of contemporary art of Medellin MDE07, since then, the group has presented itself all over Colombia and produced its first record in 2009 titled Systema Solar.