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Syster Fritz


Syster Fritz is a brilliantly colorful and vivid Swedish world music group. Reaches out to your heart with songs about life - dreams and practicalities, extraordinary or bland,– SF interested in the mystery of existence, the human condition, with a touch of humor. Each concert is improvised but the songs kept together in a sort of narrative. 3 dynamic and expressive female multi-instrumentalists backed by a groovy bass. Flutes made of bamboo, steel, silver, rosewood or electric tubing. Violins a


syster fritz
Syster Fritz is a brilliantly colorful and vivid Swedish world music group. The group was formed in 2004 and has since then produced two CDs and played more than 150 gigs in Sweden and abroad. On tour, a selection of Syster Fritz’ more than 40 original titles are performed live in concerts in which the audience gets so much more than just a listening experience. Syster Fritz reaches out to your heart with songs about life as it is - dreams and practicalities, extraordinary or bland,– the joy of a bicycle ride with your baby on the bar, the exalted sensory awareness during a walk in an environment you can’t see, or the agony of friendship ended by death or disease. The title of the latest album, Existenso, underlines Syster Fritz’ interest in the mystery of existence, always discussing what it is to be a human being, but every so often with a touch of humor. Each concert is improvised by the musicians, keeping the songs together in a sort of narrative.

The music has its roots in traditional music from Sweden with influences from the Balkan, West Africa, India, and the Middle East, as well as jazz and blues, but always in a modern and original context.

Syster Fritz is also a veritable multi-orchestra: four musicians that all sing in breathtaking harmonies while they play a multitude of instruments. Flutes made of bamboo, steel, silver, rosewood or electric tubing. Violins and viols of all sizes – from fiddle to double bass. Djembe and Darbouka, Ganga. Piano or Melodica. All packed into a dynamic quartet. Syster Fritz is equally comfortable performing unplugged in a small church as playing totally amplified on a big festival stage. The group has recently returned from a three week tour in Burma with 20 gigs in schools, rural villages and downtown Yangon. Currently, the group is working on a new album inspired by experiences from the tour.

Syster Fritz gigs 2008 - 2013


The Dag Hammarskiöld In Memoriam Day - Jan 2013, Syster Fritz presented an extraordinary audiovisual show around aspects of freedom and courage, inspired by Dag Hammarskiöld and experiences in Burma.
Swedish National TV Daily Morning Show - 2 Jan 2013 Syster Fritz was intervued and showed film tracks from the Burma Tour.
The New Year Peace Mass - Syster Fritz played in the beautiful Sofia Cathedral in downtown Stockholm. Churchgoers were mesmerised by the show
The Burma Tour in collaboration with the Myanmar performance group Art Travellers december 2012. 3 week tour supported by the Swedish Government Music Platform. 20 gigs at orphanages, schools, monasteries, a leprosy village and in downtown Yangon. Syster Fritz together with Art Travellers (actress, classic dancer, and clown) reached out enchanted more than 4000 Burmese children and youths, monks and music lovers.
Fredagsmys i Tierp – oktober 2012. SF played for 100 Tierp locals of all ages
Culture and Care Uppsala – Three gigs in September 2012. Syster Fritz charisma and message won the hearts even of hardliner inmates closed psychiatry wards.
Stallet World Music Venue, Stockholm – April 2012. An enthusiastic audience greeted Syster Fritz at this concert which was recorded live by the National Swedish Radio P2
Kulturoasen – SF filled up Kulturoasen Tant Gröns Kafé in Uppsala in April 2012
Theology Festival 2012– SF customised a gala program together with vocalists Anna-Karin Oldeberg and Martin Svensson
URKULT  - the biggest annual Swedish World Music Festival at Nämforsen in Ångermanland, 2009, 2011
After two concerts (Syster Fritz is one of the very few groups that were asked to play a second gig in 2011) Syster Fritz received extraordinary reviews: ”my strongest live music experience ever...”, ”A complete performance that left me defenseless from the first moment to
after the last note had been played. A superb program to the last detail with an
intense presence (and ENERGY), variation, fantastic communication with the
audience ...".Bill McChesney, Groupa
Mannaminne - The quaint culture centre in Höga kusten 2011
UKK - Uppsala Concert Hall. Sacral Music Symposium September 2010
Linköpings Folk Musik Festival 2010
Länsmusiken i Kalmar län, g gig tour including school gigs October 2010
Dieselverkstaden, Nacka – Lilith Eves Female Music Concert 2010
Ekocaféet, Uppsala – several concerts at this venue 2008, 2009 och 2010
Bistro Hijazz, Uppsala – Several concerts at this venue with ethno profileetno, 2006, 2008, 2011, 2012
Katalin Östra station, Uppsala –  POPINION - A gala concert for Heroes 2009
Sörmlands musik och teater - County tour of 6 gigs in 2009
Pub 19, Uppsala – Cozy club in Uppsala. October 2010, May 2009
Musik i Västmanland –Spring tour in a northern Swedish county 2009
Mosebacke, Stockholm – CD-release April 2008
Musik vid Siljan – på Scen Spejaren, Leksand, July 2008?Parksnäckan, Uppsala –  juni och augusti 2008
Rackstadmuseet, Arvika – sommarturné 2008
Heidruns café, Värmland – litet centrum för stor litteratu


Existenso - CD with 14 original songs released in 2010
Fritno - CD with 14 original songs released in 2008
Both albums are available on I-tunes. All songs may streamed on Spotify