Halifax, Nova Scotia, CAN

Halifax electronic music producer/radio dj, SYSTMS! I love music and spend all my time working on this project. Would do anything for an opportunity to play at Evolve XIII this year! Even with the worst timeslot no one else wanted, I would rock it better than anyone else and for free! :)


My name is Jacob, I am a 19 year old music producer in Halifax, Canada. I have always been a musician. I have been a drummer and vocalist for over 10 years, as well as learning keyboard and guitar. Played with countless musical groups from Rock, metal, funk, to percussion with a full jazz/swing enssemble.
But then 4 years ago I first heard the unforgettable sounds of dubstep music, and a whole new world of electronic music genres opened up to me.
After about a year of dabbling in some basic production, I finally forked over some real money for quality production gear and a fell Dj setup.
I am a radio host on CKDU 88.1fm in Halifax, with my show: WOBBLE RADIO (est. July 2010) and spend a lot of time everyweek preparing for my weekly mix show, as well as coordinating occational special guest dj mixes.
Well trying to promote as much local music as possible on my show, I have also been keenly working on producing my own songs.
I have played shows alongside some of Halifax' biggest Dj names, like KDZ, Buck Banger, the Garburator, DocBrown,ProjectCHEECH and Jonbob to name a few.

Making progress in 2012,playing some international shows over the last year at BASSCAMP festival in France(March '12), opening for Logistics, High Rankin, and Bare Noize. At ClubSound in Hamburg, Germany (Oct '11). And at "SWAGGA" -Amsterdams weekly dubstep night, in the Neatherlands(Nov '11).

With a slew of show booked for this summer around the maritimes, the download success of his recent free EP, and some forcomming releases on LazerSquid Records out of Dartmouth, Nova-Scotia, and BassBias Records from Halifax, this music project is looking up towards big things. Not bad for any 19 year old.


(Dec. 2011) - Altitude Attitude - AOPmusic (Haute-Savoy, France)

(March 2012) - The SYSTMS EP - WobbleRecords (Halifax)

(June 2012) - 3 Poisons EP

Set List

A tasteful medley of bass heavy beats, often switching up tempos between genres. Song choice devellops throughout the mix, playing off crowd reaction. Trying to incorperate my own produced songs and other local producers' tunes as often as possible.