syte and the sound

syte and the sound

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Refreshing eclectic mix of genres, often labelled as ‘Post hip-hop’ or 'Nu Trip-Hop',seamlessly combining traditional band instrumentation with the modern creative freedom of samples and synthesizers complimented by conscious and powerful rap lyricism and haunting and impassioned singing.


Syte and the Sound formed in early 2009 through old and new friendship; Syte (mc vocal), Omari Neo Soul (keys) and Smart Caj (bass) all went to primary school together, when they moved in together they saw it as an oportunity to form a band. They combined this old friendship with new friends made through music, Borrie (drums) who Syte had jammed in a previous and Ewan Hoozami (MPC, turntable & guitar) who had Dj'd with Syte and also shared a common goal to create new exciting and progressive band hip-hop. Then Ivy Cairo's (Singing Vocals) joined the band after adding them as a friend on myspace and from hearing her voice, she was a unmissable choice.


Debut and only release to date ‘The Introduction’ offers insight into Syte and the Sound’s wide-ranging repertoire; giving within the three tracks great examples ranging from the soulful and conscious to the rocky & energetic. 'The Introduction' is available to download from and on CD exclusively at live performances; all performances are listed on

Set List

Sets are between 30minutes to 60minutes long, offering a wide repertoire from slower Trip-Hop to upbeat hip-hop and Rock - Tailored to the audience.