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Brooklyn, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2011

Brooklyn, New York, United States
Established on Jan, 2011
Band Electronic Indie




"Syvia Throws Record Release Party at Cameo Gallery"

Cameo Gallery, a dark and cozy space in Williamsburg played host last Sunday night to the record release party for Brooklyn-based electro pop/rock Syvia’s debut album FWD. In what seemed like an appropriate cry for a band celebrating a new beginning, lead singer Ruth Mirsky sang, “Who wants to be alone? No, I don’t want to be alone,” on Unloveable. Judging from the enthusiasm of the crowd, she was neither alone nor unloveable.

Syvia is a study in contrasts. Mirsky often sings from inside the music—there is an insistence in her voice, and a soft lyricism, that exist along the sounds of gritty guitars, synthesizers, and marching band drumming. On slow numbers the singer’s voice lay above and rested on the sounds.

In reconfiguring older styles of music, Syvia also plays a game with the past, and plays on our memories to create something new. As they played Sunday night I was reminded of what it is like not just to go see a concert, but to watch art in the process of being made.

Syvia’s music can take us to a past place, even as it propels us forward. “Forward, forward, forward and on we go,” Mirsky sang Sunday night on the new album’s title track.

Brooklyn-based Cthulhu Fantasy started things off Sunday night with a primal, awakening combination of Daniel Bouley’s pounding drums and Eddie O.’s space synths.

You can listen to Syvia’s debut album FWD on Soundcloud, Bandcamp, iTunes and Amazon.

Article by: Hanan Ohayon - Pancakes & Whiskey

"This is... Syvia"

Get ready to wrap your ears around some of the finest powerful guitar sounds that’ll be invading your mind this week. Syvia are an incredibly talented band making some of the finest rock/electropop sounds of the 21st century. Having released their fantastic debut album last month, you certainly need to start making sure you’ve got space in your schedule to listen to their ace tunes every single day. I fired them over a few questions to help you get an idea of what they’re all about;

Please introduce yourselves, who are you and what do you do?

Ruth – founder, lead singer, and songwriter of Syvia.

When did you first take an interest in music? Who was your first great inspiration?

As far back as I can remember I’ve loved singing and felt very moved by it. My first great inspiration was Mahalia Jackson – my dad was a big fan and used to play her records and encourage me to try and imitate her.

How would you describe your sound? Who would you liken yourself too? (Modesty not required)

It’s a fine balance between gritty and pretty, passionate and brooding. It’s that push and pull of opposites that makes it interesting for us to play and write. I don’t know whom I would compare us to really. Honestly, we just try and make music we enjoy. I’ve heard people compare us to Metric, Blondie, The YYYs and My Bloody Valentine – all are very humbling comparisons – but we don’t sit down and try to write a song mimicking any other band.

What would be ‘living the dream’ for you?

Being able to live from writing, playing, and performing with people I admire without having to take on a million part-time jobs to support myself; answering the question, “What do you do for a living?” with “I’m a musician.”

I love the feistiness of your sound, what drives you to make such hard-hitting music?

I think it comes down to us having a ton of fun just playing together, being very close friends, and trusting each other’s musicianship to just let loose and experiment.

Have you ever found it harder to break through to people in the music industry due to you being female?

I don’t know if “break through” is the term I would use. I think there is still a way to go before there is an level playing field in the music industry for women and men – all you have to do is go to a rehearsal space or a studio in NYC and you immediately see that being a woman puts you in the minority. The important thing is to find people who don’t care what gender you are, but respect your ideas and musicality as an equal and refuse to exert energy on and with people who do not.

Has music always been your greatest love? If not, what else really excites you?

Yes, always.

Who is making the music that brings the biggest smile to your face?

I think there are a lot of Scandinavian bands that are getting it right these days – Susanne Sundfør is one of them.

When did you first start singing on stage? How have you crafted your voice since then?

Probably around third grade – I joined the chorus at school and so that was the first time I was “on stage,” but as a kid I spent many dinner parties entertaining my parents’ guests.

Where should we be looking to find new artists?

Norway, Sweden, Iceland… There’s some great music coming from the North.

What are you hoping to achieve with your music?

I just want to make music that has the ability to move a stranger and that people want to listen to and connect with somehow.

Why do you think we care so much about music?

Music touches people on a very subconscious level – you can love a song, it can bring you to tears or joyous dancing, and you don’t need to understand the meter or the scale or the lyrics. It’s all about the feeling it conjures and the space it takes you to in that moment. It’s the cheapest and easiest form of a vacation from the world.

What can we expect to hear from you in 2015? Where can we see you live?

We just released our debut full-length album FWD, which we wrote this past year and are very excited about. The album stays true to the energy of our live show, and we are looking forward to releasing more new music soon. We just had our album release show on March 15 at Cameo Gallery in Brooklyn, and our next show is at Pianos on April 29.

Anything you’d like to add?

Thank you for having us on We Close Tonight!

Find out more about Syvia here.

Ciaran Steward - We Close Tonight

"Live Review: Syvia Record Release Show at Cameo Gallery"

LIVE REVIEW: Syvia Record Release Show at Cameo Gallery
March 17, 2015

The winds were violent Sunday night in Williamsburg. It felt like no matter what you were wearing it was too little. The wind cut right through your clothing. Aside from bars that I passed on my way to Cameo Gallery, not many people were out at 8PM. Catching my breath inside the warm front restaurant, Jify’s, I made my way toward the pulsing back room where the opener, Cthulhu Fantasy, were just finishing up. Their carnal rhythms backing melodic electronic music was energetic and they seemed to wake up the crowd from Sunday fog brain, preparing us for the headliners, Syvia.

The band took almost no time setting up, looking polished and ready to start. Ruth smiled sweetly holding her mic and bracing her right hand on the Moog in front of her. From the moment they started, though, that sweetness melted into a fierce, driving force in a heartbeat. It was clear at the onset that this band of friends have perfected their dynamics in their live performance. The beats are bold and in-your-face, playing with tempo changes here and there, offering a refreshing take on electropop. The guitar and synths play off of one another, adding dark melodic elements while strumming double-time in infectious ’80s tones. Kim Wilde “Kids in America” era came to mind, but the band in front of me wasn’t just about having fun. There is just as much love as there is justice and meaning sought in their lyrics. And there are sweeping shadows of pain and loss moving in their midst.

In “Invincible”, Syvia explore that kind of love-seeking nostalgia that teenagers feel for the first time. The song is slow, sensual and honest, easily a favorite for fans; it is infectious with the right amount of groove that’s impossible not to dance to. “On the Dance Floor” hit us with even more loud and powerful dynamics. From Ruth’s bold vocals to the driving kick drum, Syvia had the entire floor in their hands, eyes closed, bouncing alone or dancing in pairs.

Their last song (before a begged encore) was “Two Homes”, a single that’s been steadily garnering followers on Soundcloud and via excited blog posts. It’s a great single for so many reasons, but the lyrics are gripping and reach to the heart of this listener, full of accurate depictions of loss and loneliness that are equally represented in the instrumentation. I love its cavernous sound, how the familiar reverb of ancient favorites are married here with momentous crescendos. It closes with a crashing release and something about it, maybe the staggering tempos that seem to fall apart so jarringly, feels cathartic. A perfect ending.

Syvia released their debut album FWD on Tuesday, February 24th, and you can purchase it right here. - We Owe You Nothing

"Syvia's New Video for Two Homes is Gauzy Perfection [PREMIERE]"


AUGUST 29, 2014

We’re all for solid, gauzy guitar riffs, which is why we immediately fell in love when we heard Syvia’s track “Two Homes”. With a mixture of shoegaze, electro and some old-fashioned rock swagger, the track ebbs and flows spectacularly, as it takes you along in it’s wonderful wash of noise. It’s dark without being dour — perfect for blasting in your earphones. The video for the track takes that easy flow to visual heights. From scanning by hand several hundred shots taken from a nine hour shoot, it’s like watching a hazy performance video that meshes absolutely flawlessly with the blown out sound. Check out the video above and be sure to catch Syvia when they play Saturday at Radio Bushwick. - The Wild Honey Pie

"Green Label Sound Open Call Finalist"

Syvia is Finalist in 2015 Green Label Sound Open Call Contest - Green Label Sound/SoundCloud

"Interview - Syvia"

9 March, 2015

Hi guys, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

It has been wonderful working on our debut full-length album FWD this past year, and we can’t wait to share it with our fans.

Can you tell us more about the story behind your latest track ¨Two Homes¨?

The lead singer Ruth Mirsky wrote “Two Homes” while visiting her family north of the Arctic Circle in Tromsø, Norway. It describes one’s heart being suspended between two different places, and how sometimes that state of suspension between two loves is exactly where one feels the most at ease.

The single comes off your upcoming new album FWD – what´s the story behind the title?

The album title derives from the final track “Fwd Fwd,” and we thought it was an appropriate name for the album because the songs deliberate on the procession and perspective of time. It’s about the passage of time, but how that movement into the future also changes how we see the past.

How was the recording and writing process?

The album took shape very seamlessly and naturally. Ruth purposely wanted to shift away from the studio-driven electropop of the previous EP and create a sound that was true to the live show and captured the organic energy that we have onstage as a band. “Two Homes” was the quickest track we wrote, and actually we ended up recording the single at Rubber Tracks in Brooklyn just a month after it was written.

The writing process almost always begins with Ruth composing a song on her own and then we play around with it as a band in rehearsal. Nothing is set in stone—lyrics can change, melodies can shift—nothing is off the table in terms of where it can go from there, because what is most important to us is getting the song to feel and sound right.

Where did you find the inspiration for the songs and lyrics?

The best music is always the kind that moves you—both as a songwriter and as a listener. Ruth is the lyricist, and she tends to write from personal experiences. Emotion is always at the core of her songs—trying to convey that emotion to the listener in an honest and authentic way is the challenge.

Will you be hitting the road this year?

There has been some talk of playing abroad—we will have to wait and see what happens, but we are open to whatever adventures are presented to us!

What else is happening next in Syvia´s world?

We are already in the process of writing new songs and planning videos to follow up FWD, so the work continues! - Vents Magazine

"Brooklyn Vegan: The Benjees, Syvia, Air for Ants"

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Sat. 01/10 | 8:00PM @ Pianos (Showroom) (map)
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TBA: 11pm


SYVIA: 9pm

AIR FOR ANTS: 8pm - Brooklyn Vegan

"Syvia’s Ruthy Mirsky Dishes On Singing With the Drums, New Song ‘Two Homes’ + More Read More: Syvia's Ruthy Mirsky Dishes On Singing With the Drums, New Song 'Two Homes' + More"

Like many artists, Ruthy Mirsky has had a hand in a number of projects. Over the course of her career, the Norwegian-American been a backup singer for the Drums and a member of What What Where, so it’s not too surprising she’s open to change even within her own band, Syvia.
In 2011, Syvia released the EP ‘Unloveable’ in 2011, a Scandinavian-style indie-pop record Mirsky cut with producer and multi-instrumentalist Simone Ghetti. For the follow-up, Mirsky was looking for a grittier sound — something with more of a rock edge — so she teamed up with guitarist Frank Banisi, bass and synth player Sheldon Chow and drummer Richard Moyle, Jr. The revamped Syvia now have an album in the works and recently came out with ‘Two Homes,’ which you can now download for free on their SoundCloud. had the chance to chat with Mirsky about the story behind the band name, her favorite Scandinavian acts and the first time she “officially” called herself a singer.
What’s your first musical memory?
I remember my father was always singing these old folk tunes like ‘The Bowery’ from a 19th century musical and songs from Gilbert & Sullivan productions when I was a kid, so I remember that very clearly. Although since we actually did live on the Bowery, I always thought he had just made the song up to entertain me and my brother. He also loved gospel and blues music and encouraged me to listen and learn from singers like Mahalia Jackson, so I would put gospel CDs and records on and sing along whenever I could.
What’s the story behind the band name?
Syvia is my middle name. It’s Yiddish for “doe,” and it was inherited from my grandmother. It just seemed to make sense considering how personal my music tends to be.
You were a backup singer for the Drums. What was that experience like?
It was a bit surreal. We went from playing a residency at the Annex (now defunct) on the Lower East Side [in Manhattan] to being flown to London and Iceland. It was the first time I could genuinely write my occupation down as ‘singer’ on official forms, and each time I was able to do that, it was thrilling. Playing all these shows and festivals was great, and when it was over, I realized that all I wanted to do was to create more of my own music.
You were also in another band, What What Where. How did doing that and being in the Drums shape how you went about Syvia?
What What Where was the first band that I was really ever in, so it was my introduction to the sometimes exasperating task of being in a band and handling different personalities, egos, methods of writing. But it was also wonderful to write with partners and feed off of each other’s musical energy and creativity. I learned a lot about booking shows, self-releasing music and had my first taste of playing for a huge crowd. The Drums were a bit different, since I wasn’t making any decisions for the band — I was more of a passive onlooker, which was great in its own right, because I could see all the joys and pitfalls of what was going on when a band makes it to the next level of gigging and is riding a wave of success.
Both bands taught me a lot about what I did and did not want to do with my next project, and Syvia’s inception is really owed to my old bandmate from What What Where, John Majer, who encouraged me to make it a reality and to keep writing and recording songs.
Since then, Syvia has gone through different phases, as I play with sounds and the writing process and grow as a musician. I feel lucky to have had the chance to hone in on exactly what kind of live band I want after having those two very different previous experiences. With Frank, Sheldon and Rich, it’s now become a sort of crazy family of friends, which is exactly what I wanted — not just the satisfaction of making good music, but also that the process of writing and playing should be fun and communal and channel some of the same energy that a traditional band would have before everything could become so perfect and polished. I wanted Syvia to have that organic element to it, rather than simply being a studio project.
What’s the song ‘Two Homes’ about?
‘Two Homes’ is a song about the complication of a heart suspended between two different places. Sometimes, that state of suspension between two loves is exactly where one wants to be.
You were featured in a couple of TV shows last year. What was your reaction when you found out about those placements?
Frankly, I was totally shocked. I have always been proud of my music, but I wasn’t sure if the wider world would ever feel the same way. When the songs got picked up, I definitely felt a sense of validation, especially because many people I knew, who hadn’t really listened to the songs, actually sat down and listened to them finally — my parents included. But I understand; sometimes it takes that to make people hear what you are doing through the clamor of all the other music available.
What TV show would you love to have one of your songs in?
If I had to choose, it would probably be one of the dark Scandinavian or British crime dramas. I love ‘Forbrydelsen,’ which is the original Danish version of ‘The Killing,’ so that would be one if they ever did another season.
Scandinavia is known for producing great pop music. Who are some of your favorite artists from that area?
The Knife, Robyn, Björk, Sigur Rós, Röyksopp, Lykke Li, Susanne Sundfør
What’s up next for Syvia?
We are working on an album and our first music video for Syvia’s newly released single ‘Two Homes,’ both of which should be done early next year.

Read More: Syvia's Ruthy Mirsky Dishes On Singing With the Drums, New Song 'Two Homes' + More | - Diffuser.FM

"The L Magazine - Syvia Album Release Show"

Syvia (Album Release Show) w/ Cthulhu Fantasy
March 15 @ 6:00 pm

93 N6TH ST. BK

SUN, MAR 15th

Syvia (Album Release Show)
w/ Cthulhu Fantasy


Syvia was started in 2010 by the Norwegian-American Ruth Mirsky after touring as a backup singer with The Drums. She is joined by Frank Banisi (guitar), Sheldon Chow (bass/synth) and Richard Moyle Jr. (drums).

Syvia blurs the lines between electronica, pop, and rock–pairing gritty rock riffs with lush electronic synths and memorable hooks.

In 2013, Syvia has played Northside and MEANY festivals and performs regularly around NYC. In November 2011 Syvia has opened for bands like Savoir Adore, FM Belfast, Gemini Club, and Millionyoung and played Pulp Lab/Paper Trail Records/The Sky Report’s showcase for CMJ 2011, and Drop the Lime at’s official showcase for the 2010 CMJ Music Festival.

Cthulhu Fantasy

21+, Doors 7:00PM


FOLLOW US! - The L Magazine

"The Wild Honey Pie: Top Indie Show of the Week"

Top Indie Show Picks of the Week in NYC - The Wild Honey Pie

"Syvia Announces Debut Album 'FWD', Release LIVE Video for 'Two Homes'"

Syvia Announces Debut Album ‘FWD’, Release LIVE Video for “Two Homes”
Posted by Ruben on Feb 10, 2015 in Alternative, Artist, Electronic, Music, Pop, Rock
Syvia Announces Debut Album ‘FWD’, Release LIVE Video for “Two Homes”

Brooklyn based electropop-rock group Syvia will be releasing their debut album FWD on Feb. 24th.

FWD features Syvia’s previously released singles “Soon” and “Two Homes,” which we’ve had the pleasure of premiering :D. In anticipation of their debut, the quartet have released a LIVE video for “Two Home.”

The video for “Two Homes” premiered on The Wild Honey Pie, and received rave reviews from sites such as The Wild Honey Pie, Artist Direct, GroundSounds, and Entertainment Rocks. We love Syvia, they have a bright future in music. Get ready to fall in love with them. - Entertainment Rocks

"Set List: Live Music on the LES"

Saturday – Syvia

Syvia is alternative electronic rock/pop that evokes a world beyond this one, where the Northern lights meet the steel skyscrapers of NYC. If you like The Yeah Yeah Yeahs or Little Dragon, you’ll love this synth-filled show in the Showroom at Pianos.

Listen: Hideout

Pianos // January 10th // 9pm // $10 - The Lo-Down NY

"Earbits Radio"

Selected as a featured artist in newsletter on January 25, 2013 -

"Music Submissions roundup: Grassfight, Syvia, Anjelia"

Syvia is a collaboration between lead singer/songwriter Ruthy Mirsky and multi-instrumentalist/producer Simone Ghetti, Syvia is an electronic NYC outfit that crafts ethereal electronic pop and does it well. Their songs shine in particular in the melody and harmony departments, with Ruthy's voice adding the right amount of character to the mix. See them live at Cake Shop on November 23. - The Deli Magazine

"Syvia aime Unloveable"

Il y a très longtemps, nous avions parlé de "Never See", un titre fabriqué de toute pièce au-dessus du cercle polaire : depuis ce moment, The Clean Shaven Grins semble avoir disparu mais Syvia est toujours là : ce duo est le fruit de la collaboration entre Ruthy (Mirsky), compositrice et chanteuse, originaire en partie de Norvège, et Simone (Ghetti), multi-instrumentaliste et producteur. On n'a jamais trop entendu parlé d'eux à part sur le vitaminé "Fighter" et "Never See". Cependant, cela change aujourd'hui puisque Syvia a sorti un EP vraiment prometteur pour la suite, Unloveable.

C'est simple, à travers ces 6 titres, le duo nous fait part de son expérience : la rencontre entre les balbutiements d'une musique électronique bien scandinave et l'essence de le musique indie-pop. Bien que racontant les banalités de la vie quotidienne, les titres déploient, sous leur mélodie dépouillée de tout battement superflu, des ambiances familières et en même temps étrangères. C'est là que l'EP est une réussite : il nous enferme dans une bulle sans que l'on s'en rende forcément compte. Il n'y a qu'à écouter le titre "Unloveable" pour s'en convaincre :
Un autre grand moment de cet EP (en écoute sur le site officiel de Syvia) est sans conteste "Hideout" (malgré l'omniprésence de la guitare) que je vous laisse découvrir : - Electro and Pop Blog

"Syvia featured on Pulp Lab 2011's Innertube Artists CD"

Our InnerTube CD is being pressed as we post this. We couldn’t be more excited to feature some of this summer’s best independent acts. The CD includes a selection of tracks from The Luyas, Findlay Brown, NewVillager, Helado Negro, Syvia, Blondes, Wolfram, Mixel Pixel, Small Black, and Tranquility Bass. We’re also looking forward to hearing our DJ, Little Star Dweller, spin these tracks and more at our upcoming rooftop event in NYC. - Pulp Lab

"Audioporn Central loves Syvia"

Norway’s Breaking Olympic Records is impressed by the recent works of GigMaven’s Syvia. “Last summer we were fortunate enough to stumble across what probably is one of the best singles we have heard in our life.” The song was a collaboration between Syvia and Clean Shaven Grins. It’s called Never See. A dreamy groovy thinggy for sure. -


Still working on that hot first release.



Syvia was started in 2010 by Ruth Mirsky after touring as a backup singer with The Drums. Syvia is an electropop/rock band based in Brooklyn that pairs gritty guitar riffs with a dark nordic spirit--it's the Northern lights meeting the steel skyscrapers of NYC. The Wild Honey Pie describes Syvia's sound as "gauzy perfection." Syvia's album FWD was called a "stunning full-length debut" by Audiofemme.

In 2015 Syvia's single "Two Homes" was selected as a finalist in Mountain Dew's Green Label Sound Open Call contest out of 6,000 applicants, and the song will be released on the label's upcoming EP of finalists. In 2014 Syvia played the Brooklyn Night Bazaar opening for Savoir Adore and Tropic of Pisces. Syvia has performed at Northside Festival multiple times, and both official and unofficial CMJ showcases, opening for The Kickdrums in 2014 (24West showcase) at Arlene's Grocery, at Canal Room and Bar Matchless opening for Drop the Lime (for Gigmaven showcase) and Millionyoung (Pulp Lab/Paper Trail Records/The Sky Report showcase), respectively. Other venues include: Webster Hall Studio opening for FM Belfast, The Bell House opening for Gemini Club, MEANY festival, headlining Brooklyn Based's Gowanus Immersion afterparty at Littlefield, Cameo Gallery, The Bitter End, Pianos, Black Bear Bar, Bar Matchless, Arlene's Grocery, The Grand Victory, Trash Bar, The Gutter, Brooklyn Fire Proof, Fat Cat, The Delancey, Ella Lounge.

Syvia released their debut full-length album FWD in 2015. Their single "Two Homes" was selected as a Green Label Sound Open Call finalist and featured in Brooklyn Brewery's video recap of their 2013 Brooklyn, Sweden Music Festival. Syvia's song "Hideout" was featured on an episode of "The Vampire Diaries" and "Snow Falling Sleeping" aired on the premiere of ABC's "666 Park Avenue."

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