Syx Slim

Syx Slim

 Bedford, Ohio, USA
BandHip Hop

Syx Slim is cutting edge Hip Hop, an Underground approach to lyricism BUT beats that could be more favorable to the Mainstream audience. Therefore, providing a happy medium to a wide range of audience in the Hip Hop/Rap community.


The desire of most residents of the gritty city of Cleveland, Ohio, is for greatness to be witnessed from the city’s sports teams or from its local creative talent. Such desire to exhibit greatness is not lost with Syx Slim, a rising Cleveland-born and raised hip-hop artist. His bold desire to ascend to the ranks of elite hip-hop lyricists has been fueled by his unrelenting drive to rise above the bleak prospects that continually loom amidst Cleveland’s struggling music scene.

Slim’s love of music and film also helped expand his creative sensibilities. He loved listening to the music of Stevie Wonder, Billy Joel, Michael Jackson, Earth Wind and Fire, Hall & Oates, and Prince. “I couldn’t grasp everything they were trying to say (as a child), but I liked the way the songs sounded,” Slim says. In addition, his love of films and theatrical works such as The Wiz, Grease, Fame, Face-Off, and the groundbreaking hip-hop films, Beat Street, and Breakin’ (1&2 ) stimulated his blossoming creative flair. His love and interpolation of varied artistry enhanced his understanding of storytelling and scripting compelling literary visions—elements that would help Slim in his impending pursuit of rap greatness.

From recording his first mixtape to building intense lyrical compositions—Syx Slim is determined to blaze his own trail, while avoiding the snares and pitfalls that befall many other artists. Slim goals were inspired by an artist philosophy adopted by his cousin: You are one part artist, one part fan, and two parts student. Working at the craft is essential. No town, radio station, video network, or stage is too big or too small. Creative improvement is not a hope, it is an achievable expectation.

The year 2006 marked a big transition for Slim. He experienced great artistic growth, as during his time, he penned new song concepts at a furious rate, filling notebooks with lyrics. “I didn’t even know whether what I wrote was going to be on an album,” Slim says.

Now more mature and more founded in his artistic direction, Syx Slim now possesses indomitable drive and purpose; however it was not a short and inevitable process for him. His creative growth led to an epiphany, “As far as music goes, I never pursued becoming an artist—music came to me, like fate. I didn’t even start with a stage name,” Slim recollects. As his recording experience has progressed, Slim has begun to seek a happy medium of hip-hop, as he asserts, “I want to be a lyricist that the mainstream respects as a songwriter and a creative composer. It’s about making music that’s timeless.”



Written By: Syx Slim

Time to go to Flight School come to my academy
catch me in a Killer Fit just another casualty
as i'm moving through the sky satellites be tracking me
you know that i'm Super Fly this that Anti-Gravity
haters looking from the ground damn i know they mad at me
but i'm never coming down cuz this that Anti-Gravity
YEP Anti-gravity WHAT Anti-Gravity
YEP Anti-Gravity WHAT Anti-Gravity


Money Maker 2004 (single)
The Extravaganza 2006 (mixtape)
The Syx Slim EP 2009 (EP)
Hear It Is 2010 (LP)
5 Mics 2010 (single)
Anti-Gravity 2011 (single)
Keep It Cleve 2011 (single)