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• El Cielo se abre (1996) San Blanco Producciones, Bogotá, Colombia. Agrupación: Los Muñecos de Rebeca. Productor: Jorge Arias Blanco.

• Aquí están los ladrones (1998) Momia Negra Records, Bogotá, Colombia. Agrupación: Compota. Producción: Felipe Szarruk.
• “Everything Hurts” (2000) Momia Negra Records. Bogotá, Colombia/ Malmo, Suecia) Agrupación: dClub, producción en Colombia: Sergio Conti. Producción Suecia: The Basement Studios.

• Dulce Violencia (2001) Audio Mágico, San Salvador, El Salvador. Productor: Oscar Mejìa.

• Don`t Worry… be Hippie (2004) Neon Music. San Salvador, El Salvador. Producción: Roberto Salamanca.

• El Mágico Jardín donde jugaban las lesbianas flores azules (2006) Momia Negra Music. El Salvador, San Salvador. Producción: Roberto Salamanca.

• TRINIDAD (2011) Momia Negra Records, Bogota, Colombia. Lanzamiento Diciembre 2010. ISound Estudios. Producción Iván Vásquez.

• Little Big Hits 1996 – 2012. Antología de 20 canciones de los diferentes álbumes.

• Rock Independiente Arriba (2012) Compilado de A.M.I.C, Asociación de Músicos Independientes de Colombia. Disco Autogestionado por 16 bandas de Rock Colombiano.

• Margarita y Fausto Opera Rock (lanzamiento programado para Marzo 2013)



Felipe Szarruk throughout his life and work has walked several artistic movements, working in various fields such as music, cinema, theater, writing and social communication.

Born in Bogota (Colombia), direct descendant of Palestinian immigrants, two nationalities: Colombian and Salvadorian, Szarruk has been a cultural manager, an artist and a consummate traveler.

He studied music, film, drama and media. He is the creator and manager of important cultural and artistic projects in Latin America. He has never had a permanent residence, which has led him to live and travel the world and his career has been in constant creative activity since a young age.

His passion for music and especially “Rock music” has paid off with the recording of eight studio albums and the creation of the first Colombian Rock Opera "Margarita y Fausto".

Some of their songs have been "sneak" into the mainstream as "Cara Bonita" (2002) which was number one on charts and number 11 of the “year 111”, and "Niña" (2003) No. 3 on charts, number 30 in the “year 111”, "Entrevista con la muerte" (2004), dedicated to his brother, which was number 11 and number 70 in the best of the year charts.
His album TRINIDAD (2010) made in collaboration with several prominent Colombian artists, produced by Ivan Vasquez and mastered at C1, was successful in the national circuit, straining every song and video released in mainstrean lists of alternatives and several Latin American countries. Szarruk's music has fans across the globe and has been considered by several media as one of the best live performers.

The first Colombian Rock Opera "Margarita y Fausto” was premiered in Bogotá in 2006, followed by two theater seasons at “La Mama”, “La Libelula Dorada” and the participation in VIA (International arts Window) at the Bogotá Theater Festival the same year.

It was this same passion for music what led him to be a radio Dj at major stations like Radio Cool 89.3 and Radio Femenina 102.5 El Salvador, both as a broadcaster and content creator. Audiovisual producer and creator of one of the most important alternative movements in Latin America: Subterránica.

Szarruk has been a contributor to various media and government organizations in El Salvador and Colombia, has participated in workshops, counseling and cultural management.

Subterránica began as a small idea in a radio station; it consisted in giving a space of 10 minutes at those rock and pop bands that had never left the garage. Eventually the program grew to become number one in its time slot for more than four years in a row and remained in first place in line until late 2011 when the program was renamed “Sivar Rock” and still stands.

Thereafter born The Subterránica Music Awards and the On line station in Colombia wish became the first virtual radio station of Colombia to be founded in the country on May 5, 2005 when online radio only were a veneer on the future of music.

Subterránica is considered one of the major promotion and support movements in Colombia and Latin America.

In other fields, Szarruk has played and host in several TV shows like "Revelados" produced by the International Organization for Migration and Citurna for Channel 13. He produced and directed a short film in cinema called "The Monologue of a Psycho" based on the book of the same name, which he wrote along with others like "butter", "Calcination of my body, my soul boiling", among others.

Szarruk and Subterránica have won national and international awards, has been part of the development program of the IEO cultural enterprises and the District of Bogotá and conducted cultural enterprises Cluster for years.

Szarruk is the developer of two movements: "Artistic Engineering" which was created with his friend Cesar Gomez (Industrial Engineering) tries to combine all artistic movements with industrial processes, and the "Evolution Consents" researching for the continuity of the human being.

The career of this artist has been intense, his complete works is immense, Szarruk suffered a heart attack at age 35 on May 10, 2010 and this forced him to radically change his lifestyle and pace. However, after a recovery finished recording his TRINIDAD, founded his new editorial project, the only newspaper specializing in local rock music, “PERIODIROCK Subterranica”

In 2012 after “Trinidad” was one of the most remarkable records in the national scene and make a tour of more than 150 local concerts, Felipe Szarruk has launched its anthology called "Little Big Hits 1996-2012", a unpretentious collection that consists of 20 tracks from different albums and it can be downloaded for free on the Internet or in digital card, also simultaneously launched in the album "The Electric Dr Matto Tour" an introspective electronic experiment.

With his new role as chairman of the board of the association of independent musicians from Colombia AMIC, is willing to work for the cultural movement and have already rele