Annapolis, Maryland, USA

Roots, Rock, Bluesy Country - this alt-country/alt-rock band is focused on original music, driving rhythms and powerhouse vocals


Szefin - Annapolis and Easton, Maryland

Bart Merrick and Ally G. have been playing music for years - mostly as a part of other folks' bands... After winning the Carroll County Fiddle Competition vocal and bass competition last year through their joint effort, they decided to embark on their own original venture.

Bart has played every genre of music - from Kiss covers and rock-n-roll to Old-Time String Music, Dixieland, and Jazz... A sought after bass player - electric and stand up - by many different bands, Bart is stepping out for the first time with his original songs and music - and taking the driver's seat with the guitar playing. Bart is a fan of so many different types of artists ranging from the Carpenters, Bruce Springsteen, U2, Utah Phillips, Drive By Truckers, CCR, and the list goes on. He brings his love of southern rock styling and creative country inspired instrumentation (fiddles, banjos, accordians, etc) to the table. He's got an ear for what could make a song sound great. The acoustic demo tracks on this epk are just the groundwork for more driving instrumentation to come under Bart's direction.

Ally has been singing with various groups for years - but this is her first project where she has really brought her original songs to the forefront. From high school rock bands and singing around DC in college electric blues bands - she headed off in a more acoustic direction once she started to learn how to play guitar. Traveling to bluegrass festivals and music camps across the country, she developed a real love for the alt-country scene and the music. Back in the mid-atlantic area, she started playing and singing with various groups - including bluegrass, acoustic, and playing with other established musicians - doing anything from jazz sets to country/rock. Also wide-ranging in musical interests - White Stripes, Del McCoury and all types of bluegrass, Hank Williams, Lucinda Williams, the Sundays, Neko Case, Emmylou Harris and much more..



Written By: Ally G-H

Another red light
Another road sign
Blacktop keeps rolling on

We are
Stuck in a silent car
And it won’t hurt anyone
If you let me get out and run

((And)I don’t care where
Let me breathe a little fresh air
So mama, don’t turn down that road
Cause I don’t want to go home

On my face are the signs
I need to have me a good time
And a some space to be free
To get a little bit of dirt on me

Sitting here
Hoping for the fog to clear
Imagine the world out there
And the earth warmed by the orange sun

We want
All the shiny things we see
But at the end of the day
Close my eyes -the shine just fades away


I know you’re trying
Just to breathe sometimes
You can’t control things
The world’s not what it used to be

So let’s go and find
Our own little place in the sun
The world won’t fall apart
If we take some time to get our dirt on


Boulevard of the Broken

Written By: Ally G-H

A blue moon rises on this street again
And the shadows recall nights
Of when the hours and minutes
Burned inside my mind

Run, run, before you lose control
There was a time when I felt whole
But now there’s just a hint of the girl I left behind

I often wander down long and slow
On the boulevard of the broken
People numb by pain and time
And their judgment breathes unspoken

And when the sadness pours like the rain
The silence there holds me like a friend
And when the moon is blue you’ll find me where
Memories go to be forgotten

People see what they want to see
Do they ever really let you
Be the person that you are when you’re undone

I try not to care about the things
I don’t want to share
The wounds may heal in your mind
But the pain may still be right behind



People see what they want to see
Do they ever really let you
Be the person that you are when you’re undone


Keep Your Sunshine

Written By: Bart and Ally (Szefin)

Keep your sunshine Ally G-H

Here we go again you’re trying to change me
And all the things that make me be - I see
You pouring on the colors –it’s how you want me now
But you can’t remember what I’m all about
And I’m drowning
In all of your sunshine

All of your reds and yellows, oranges and golds
Get back, get back, get back, I said get back
I like my world just fine painted all black

You can try to light my days, I will fight you off in every way
And I can’t see me swimming around here no more, no more
In all of your sunshine

It doesn’t matter my disappearing list of friends
I don’t want to live thinking about consequence
I don’t want to be somebody’s project
I know, I know it may be hard to swallow that
But I am drowning
In all of your sunshine


You can take the day – I’ll take the night time
We can share the clock – there’s enough to go around
And you can paint the world that surrounds you
You can leave me here to do what I do
So I won’t drown here
In all of your sunshine


The Street Light on Greenbury Road

Written By: Bart and Ally (Szefin)

The Street Light on Greenbury Road Ally Gontang-Highfield

Standing on the corner – while the world around me changes
So many lives, and dreams, and hopes and faces
They all pass me by
Fast or slowly on the road they call life

Here on Greenbury road – it’s like any other street
All the same stories happen – where love and pain often meet
The young are trying to grow up – the old are trying to stay young
I just watch and stand silent in this place I call home

Where the trees above me reach up and brush the sky
The kids zip past on wheels – they are learning how to fly
I shine my light down on life as it rolls on by
I watch them come and go -here on Greenbury Road

In the morning, the kids run to the bus at my corner
They wear shorts in the winter and heavy boots in the summer
They don’t care what their parents have to say
They will take any kind of stand in their own little way

Afternoon saunters in and my favorite couple walks on down
Holding hands and talking after 50 some years now
They were here years before I came along
And when they are no longer here, their memory will linger on


It’s 3 am and the road has gone dark
Except for the 3rd house on the left
A solitary light glows downstairs -another on the floor above
How many times can two people fall in and out of love?
I watch him drive away again in the night
Long before the kids wake and the sunrises
In the morning, they walk down to the corner all alone
At the end of the day – it’s a slow walk home


Here on Greenbury road – it’s like any other street
All the same stories happen – where love and pain often meet
The young are trying to grow up – the old are trying to stay young
And I just watch and stand silent in this place I call home


Set List

Can do 2 sets - 45 minutes to an hour - or one longer set.

Can play as a duo or can also add drums/bass.