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The Scott SZERYK Band is a blues/funk/rock power trio tour de force with unmatched versatility, ranging from funky style grooves to all out ice pick in the forehead progressive rock with a dash of humor. And of course guitar playing that will astonish all.


With a music career spanning nearly two decades, Scott Szeryk is one of today's most innovative and dynamic guitar players, known for his technical mastery of the guitar with solos that cut right through to the core of the listener. Szeryk is also the leader of the rock powerhouse, SZERYK. Scott Szeryk’s highly anticipated new album, Guitar Manifesto, was released worldwide on January 18, 2012.

Born in Bridgeport, Connecticut, Szeryk first picked up a guitar at the age of nine. His guitar virtuosity was evident from an early age: he was studying classical guitar before the age of ten and by sixteen, he was already playing professionally with the band Black Ice. In 1989, he moved to Los Angeles to further his studies at the world-renowned Guitar Institute of Technology. After graduation, he started his own Music School “Pro Guitar Instruction” which has since become a well regarded and thriving guitar teaching institution, with 150 students passing through its doors each week. In 1992 he released his first instrumental guitar album “Shades of Freedom” which landed him a feature in Mike Varney’s spotlight column of the Oct. 1992 issue of Guitar Player Magazine. In 2007, SZERYK released his first solo album under his own label Guitarzan Productions. In 2007, Szeryk began playing the National Anthems at major sporting venues such as the Rogers Center (Toronto Blue Jays), the John Labatt Center (OHL hockey) and the Air Canada Center (Toronto Maple Leafs and Toronto Rock), with audiences between 10 000 to over 40 000.

In many ways, Guitar Manifesto is the quintessential Szeryk album, featuring an eclectic range of musical styles including blues, rockabilly, funk, jazz fusion and rock. The versatility that is so strongly showcased on Guitar Manifesto reflects Szeryk's career as a musician known for his versatility and all embracing mix of musical combinations. “My strength is versatility - from country, blues, R&B, Rock, metal, classical, jazz -and also stems from my experience as a music producer, engineer, studio session player, and even hired gun for live performances," says Szeryk., whose diverse range of influences include Beethoven, John Coltrane, Frank Zappa, Scott Henderson, Frank Gambale, Alan Holdsworth, Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix and Jeff Beck. Guitar Manifesto not only features Szeryk's trademark technical ability but also shows another side of Szeryk as a musician, with the emphasis of this album being on song writing and musical arrangement, with catchy hooks and strong melodies that are sure to appeal to any listener. “Guitar Manifesto is the album that I've been painstakingly and relentlessly working on for a long time; it is a personal manifesto about what music means to me in relation to where I'm at in my life,” Szeryk says.

When listening to Szeryk's playing, whether a recording or a live performance, it is obvious that it is a pure unadulterated love for the guitar that drives this uber talented musician. Szeryk says that his love of the guitar is something that is constantly expanding, just as his musical sound is ever-evolving. “My obsessive passion for the guitar is something that grows more and more each day.” It is this incredible passion that has propelled his unparalleled work ethic throughout his career. Despite all of his musical success and many endeavours, this multi-talented musician still practices guitar for sometimes as long as 10 to 12 hours a day. "I take pride in my tremendous work ethic. I am constantly expanding as a guitarist, musician and as a person," says Szeryk. This passionate devotion to his instrument is also obvious in his studio teaching students, with Scott being well known as an instructor who brings the same enthusiasm and energy to his teaching that he does to the stage. "Somewhere out there someone is practising and when you meet that person in head-to-head competition they will win," is a quote of Szeryk's that has inspired countless students over the years.

With The Guitar Manifesto, Szeryk is looking forward to touring the world and sharing his passion for music. "Music speaks to my spirit," says Szeryk. "When I am performing live, I am making a connection with my soul. I share this infinite energy with my audience, as I become one with my guitar."


Scott Szeryk

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Guitar Manifesto-Scott Szeryk (website, iTunes)
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Shades of Freedom-Scott Szeryk

Set List

All original material, some covers

Bringing the heat
Celtic Rainbow
Venus Rain
Sands of Sahara
Jungle Stalker
Rockabilly Rampage
Black Squirrel Funk
River Dog Blues
Blue Sweat