T.R.A.N.E. Spitta

T.R.A.N.E. Spitta

 Nashville, Tennessee, USA
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Revolutionary Hip Hop Band.


If there was a better way to describe T.R.A.N.E. the acronym might not stand for "The Revolutionary Artist Named Ethan." A true revolutionary at heart, TRANE uses his musical platform to influence progressive and free thought and true creativity. Ethan DaSilva was born in Brooklyn, New York to Robin and Bertram whom were immigrants to the country. His parents hail from Linden, Guyana, a country on the northern coast of South America. His Caribbean background has cultivated his artistry into a conscious styled, free form hip hop artist.
Though his background is rooted in the Caribbean, TRANE has made strides to break down barriers in other cultures. Having a live Jazz band play behind him called "The FUTURE," has made a huge uproar in some of the local Nashville punk rock and alternative scenes. Nashville, TN has been home to TRANE Spitta since the year 1998. The movement has grown since moving to Atlanta, GA in 2013 and Houston, TX in 2015.
TRANE Spitta has toured the majority of the U.S. and collaborated with artists internationally. After founding his own record label, Rap Evolution Records, TRANE has made bounds and leaps in the direction of professional musicians and has established his name in the music industry.


"R.W.A.B." (Rapping With A Brain) - (c) 2010  Available on Datpiff.com
prod. by David Justiniano

"Suh'n Fa Ya Headphones" - (c) 2012 Available on Bandcamp.com and more
prod. by Jon Rice, Mattic Lee, and Devon "Bassman" Lewis

"Prophet's Profits" [single] - (c) 2015 Available on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play & more
prod. by Black Metaphor

Rap Evolution Records (LLC)

"Lost in T.R.A.N.E.slation" [album] - (c) 2016 Available on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play & more
prod. by DopeNorTeria (DNT)

Rap Evolution Records (LLC)/DopeNorTeria Records (LLC)

"Lay Low" [single] - (c) 2018 Available on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play & more
prod. by Trent Waters (TWBeats)

Rap Evolution Records (LLC)

Set List

T.R.A.N.E. Spitta's setlist is a performance of his latest album "Lost In T.R.A.N.E.slation":

All Songs produced by DopeNorTeria (DNT):
(skit) T.R.A.N.E.'s Station
Why He Trappin'
(skit) Lost in T.R.A.N.E.slation
IDK ft Eli Lefty
(skit) T.R.A.N.E. in Class

Bonus songs include:
Humble & Thankful
Prophet's Profits
Just Us