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"Sound Check Ska-punk and surf rock"

Friday, July 18, 2003

The first time I saw Ten 13 Concept, the group was on a bill with my band at Durty Nelly's. I had never heard of them. I think I asked somebody what they were about and was told they were a ska-punk band. I remember thinking, "Oh, another one."

When they took the stage, I realized they were the same dudes who had been sitting right up front cheering (along with their beautiful girlfriends) when my band was playing earlier that night.

So, I got a fresh beer, sat down and gave them a good listen.

Right away, I detected obvious influences - Less Than Jake, Madness and 311, to name a few. But there was something more to it. Through Ten 13 Concept definitely fits under the ska-core umbrella, there's a strong surf-rock element to the sound. It's a nice touch, one that separates the group from all the LTJ clones.

And the thing is, they really have a lot of fun up there. They're all great players, too, who - like all fun-loving groups - each have catchy band nicknames.

There's Collin "Coach" Austin on trumpet, Jon "Super Jew" Epstein on bass, Matt "Kopi" on drums and back-up vocals, Joe "Joe Lo" Loffredo on guitar and lead vocals, and Mike "Meags" Loffredo on trumpet, trombone and back-up vocals.

You can catch Ten 13 Concept tonight at Eddie C's.

The group formed in the summer of 2002 and takes its name from an apartment some of its members had in Orlando - apartment No. 1013.

The band actually has two bases of operations: Gainesville and Orlando. Austin and Mike Loffredo are University of Florida seniors, while Epstein, Koechlin and Joe Loffredo are seniors at the University of Central Florida.

Austin said the band is always setting new goals for itself and the notion of doing this for a living gelled during a memorable gig in Ocala this year.

"We won Battle of the Bands and played for a packed house with Unsung Zeros and Hey Nice Guy," Austin said. "This was the moment when we realized we wanted to make this our career. It was a great night for us. We sold out of merchandise and signed T-shirts and demo CDs all night. That was pretty much the turning point for the band.

And having at least one foot in Gainesville has many advantages, Austin said.

"The music scene here is the best we've heard of and the best we have played in," he said. "We've been to some awesome shows as fans, and this music scene has the best talent by far coming out of it; just look at gainesvillebands.com. The variety of music here is all-encompassing, and you can catch any type of act, depending on your tastes in music."

The band's enthusiam is evident on stage. Since that first night at Nelly's, I've seen Ten 13 Concept a few times, and I really dig them.

Also on this bill is Milka, which is also quite a good band. Eddie C's is at 1315 S. Main St. See you there.

Well, I'm outta space, outta time. See you next week. Oh, and rock on! - Gainesville Sun

"The Top 10 Local Bands You Should Be Listening To"

10 Local Bands You Should Catch
INsite Mag
April 12, 2006

They've been a Gainesville ska staple for years now. They've been commissioned to write a song for an independent film. They've performed at Gator Growl. And last summer, they won Ernie Ball's Battle of the Bands and got the opportunity to play alongside bands such as My Chemical Romance and The Offspring at the Vans Warped Tour.

With the release of their second full-length album, Thanks for Last Night, it seems as if its only a matter of time before the band is plucked away from Gainesville to go on to bigger things. Although switches in the bands' lineup throughout the years have changed the look of Ten 13 Concept, the quality of their performances has always stayed top notch. No doubt about it, these guys are entertainers. Thanks to their high-energy shows and notorious downtime banter, the band has collected some of the most loyal fans in the scene.
May, 2005

Self-identified as "ska-core surf rock," the guys of Ten 13 Concept have been making their rounds in the Gainesville scene. Although officially stationed in Orlando, Ten 13 Concept remains a strong presence in the Gainesville scene. With twin brothers (lead singer Joe "Joe Lo" Loffredo and trumpet/trombone player Mike Loffredo) driving the music, enough energy to make the whole audience want to push their way to the front and skank for hours, and loyal fans, T13C has made an impression on local ska fans. - INsite Magazine

"First Music Video a Wrap"

With a major local fan base and big shows such as Warped Tour and Gator Growl under its belt, the only thing Gainesville-base band Ten 13 Concept hadn't done yet was make a music video.
This past weekend, band members Joe Loffredo, Mike Loffredo, Jon Epstein, Chris Torres and Richie Moyle took care of that.
On Saturday and Sunday, the pop-punk band known as T13C, with the help of Abyssmal Entertainment President Steven Shea, made its firt music video since the band formed back in 2001.
Fliers were passed out inviting fans to be extras in the music video, singer and trombonist Mike Loffredo said.
Fans came from all over the state, he said, including Naples, Orlando, Tallahassee, Jacksonville, Tampa and Ft. Lauderdale.
The concept for the music video is the progression of the band, Mike Loffredo said. It starts with the band playing house parties, then small concerts, and finally larger concerts, where they are now.
One of the first parts of the music video was filmed locally at Common Grounds, and the second part was shot in Orlando, where three of the band members are originally from. They shot footage at a house with a pool party, complete with grilling and a Slip 'n' Slide.
"It was cool," Mike Loffredo said. "It was a completely different vibe-it was a house party, and it was completely natural."
Making a music video is a learning experience, he said.
"It's a completely different feeling when doing a music video," he said.
They shot three hours of footage altogether - for a song only three minutes long.
"We have a lot of editing to do," Mike Loffredo said.
The music video is going to be on their Web site and Myspace page, said singer Joe Loffredo. They are also going to be sending it to MTV2 and Fuse.
These aspiration aren't too ambitious, considering T13C was runner-up in the MTV Orlando Battle of the Bands and a semi-finalist in NBC's show "America's Got Talent" last year. They're also booked for this year's Dance Marathon.
There is no release date for the video right now, but T13C is playing a show in Orlando on Oct. 27 and they want to premiere the music video then.
"I'm excited to go through it," Mike Loffredo said. "We're going on to bigger and better." - The Alligator

"Thriving punk band makes Coral Springs tour stop April 18"

When T13C started jamming in their apartment at the University of Central Florida almost seven years ago, they never thought they'd get to this level. Not even in their wildest dreams did they think that they would compete in the semi-final round of NBC's America's Got Talent or sell 3,000 records in only three weeks on Warped Tour 2007.

Now, the band decided to return to South Florida during their national tour and will rock out right here in Coral Springs. On Friday, April 18 at 6pm, T13C will entertain people of all ages at the Sportsplex Special Event Field.

Drummer Richie Moyle of Fort Lauderdale and lead guitarist and vocalist Chris Torres from Pembroke Pines are ecstatic to be playing so close to home.

"We're anxious to see what the scene is like down there," Synthesizer and trombone player Mike Loffredo said.

Although their music is soaring and they hope to make it big in the music industry, T13C serves as a great role model to teens.

"We all know and understand that education is important and between the five of us, we hold five college degrees and a master's degree from in-state universities," Loffredo added. Due to this commitment toward education, they believe it es extremely worthwhile to extend their talents and time to play at and for Florida schools for free.

Melanie Lyon, a Coral Springs High School senior and class president, decided to take up T13C on their offer to play in town. The band's pop punk style grabbed Lyon's attention and she took the lead in making this concert a reality.

"Coral Springs doesn't have many teen events like this, and I think it's a good opportunity to bring everyone together," Lyon said.

Presale tickets are $7 at the Coral Springs Gymnasium, and will be $10 at the door the day of the concert. Gates open at 6pm, followed by Robots and Butterflies. T13C will being at 8pm. Please refrain from bringing coolers, food, and beverages. Refreshments will be available for purchase inside the gate. There is a $2 parking fee. The concert will take place rain or shine.

T13C's new EP, We've Created a Monster, will debut on April 17 and will be available for purchase along with shirts and other merchandise at the event. Tickets are limited, so don't miss your chance to see this band live.

Punk Globe said T13C is "both refreshing and outstanding... they seem destined for huge success."

To see and hear a glimpse of what T13C is all about, visit their MySpace page at Myspace.com/t13c.

The Coral Springs Sportsplex is located just east of the Sawgrass Expressway between Sameple Road and Royal Palm Boulevard. For more information, call 954-345-2209.
- Coral Springs

"Conceptually Speaking; Ten 13 Concept"

The 13 Concept lists their close friends, fan bases in cities such as Gainesville, Jacksonville and Orlando, and David Hasselhoff among people who enjoy their music.

Last May, three days before they were to perform at the Florida Music Festival, a scout from NBC contacted the band about auditioning for an upcoming television show. Six days after their performance at FMF they found themselves in Miami auditioning for a show called America's Got Talent that they knew nothing about.

"FMF was huge. It was our second year in a row participating, so we were thinking 'promote, promote, promote,'" said 25-year old vocalist and guitarist Joe Loffredo. "Then NBC contacts us and we were like 'yeah right, we're not mainstream.' We were ready for FMF, so we were debating over the NBC show."

"After the debate was over, and our minds were set on the audition, we were completely focused on learning better ways of marketing our music and networking at the festival. Since AGT was such a novelty we didn't worry about it. We focused on what really mattered: the music, the live show, and promoting and networking at the festival."

After making it past the audition in Miami, the band was flown to Los Angeles for another audition to determine whether they were really worth being on television. After receiving unanimous approval for that audition, they got through the quarter-final round which was shows as a short clip on "America's Got Talent" where the decision to let them advance was up to judges Brandy, David Hasselhoff, and Piers Morgan. After yet another aution they advanced to the semi-finals where they played a brand new song, "From The Stereo," but the ride ended there.

As a result of their appearances on America's Got Talent, the quintet did an east-coast summer tour, a winter tour through several states including California and Texas, and received sponsorships from Sam Ash Megastore and Getzen Brass Manufacturing Company.

Ten 13 Concept are a unique pop-punk band that includes a trombone and a synthesizer--two instruments that are rarely seen in one band at the same time. They refer to their sound as "pop-punk/emotronic," and with their on stage energy, rap medley and constant interaction with the audience during their performance, a Ten 13 Concept show is a memorable one. In addition to that, they are constantly promoting and utilizing whatever resources available to them to get their music to new listeners, which has earned them an ever-frowing national fan base.

"We are limited being a do-it-yourself band," said Joe. "it costs money to promote and takes time. Sometimes we have to say, "it's better to go to a show and meet kids than sit at home and MySpace," and sometimes vice versa. Either way, it costs money to make demo CD's and give them out for free to create a buzz, but that's what we're into now. our sound is changeing and we want Florida to know it."

Joe said that the next thing to expect from Ten 13 Concept is their third album. They plan to release the yet untitiled album in mid-May, featuring the song they wrote for America's Got Talent.

"We've been writing for the new album for a while. On tour we stayed in Oakland for a few days at the studio and we were able to put some thoughts down on record," joe said. "We wanted to see what it would sound like, give us time to debelop a few songs. Now were'e listening to those tracks and elaborating, finding what we like and what we don't like. We are going back into the studio to finish the album. From Miami to Oakland we've been to quite a few studios. However, this record we are going to cut in Orlando, FL.

You can check out Ten 13 Concept the next time they come through town. Either way, it's a show you won't want to miss.

"We're not trying to change the world, we sing about things that affect our lives, real life experiences, we connect with fans on a do-it-yourself level, at the end of every show we can honestly say we gave you everything we have," Joe said. "Take it or leave it, we are Ten 13 Concept."

-Kellie Conboy - Axis Mag; Orlando, FL

"Simon Says: Judging a Warped Tour battle of the bands"

Wednesday, August 3, 2005

"Ska-punk band Ten 13 Concept, including trumpeter Mike Lamb and backup vocalist Mike Loffredo, cranked up the energy and won a spot on the Warped Tour."

A talented punk-rock act started the night off strong, but my vote nevertheless went to a later act, the ska-punk Ten 13 Concept. This band took the night in the first unanimous decision by the judges. I also gave out my first 10 in any category, in this case for crowd interaction. Ten 13 Concept got the crowd clapping along, singing in a call-and-response section of a song and skanking in the front rows. The band's energy, as deomnstrated by the simultaneous pogoing, was not to be denied.
Just two days later, that energy, coupled with grade-A stage presence and crowd interaction, catapulted Ten 13 Concept above the other finalists to victory. So if you're that hardy sort of Warped Tour festivalgoer who shows up early and stays for the whole event, Ten 13 Concept will start you off right. - City Link

"Ten 13 Concept -- Truth or Dare"

"...I dare anyone to come to a show and not nod their head to what we're doing and not jump and not clap your hands," said Mike. "We pride ourselves on the fact that we go crazy. We don't hold anything back. We stop everything just short of breaking shit and hurting people. We encourage everyone to go as crazy as possible; just don't run into a chick while you're doing it!"

"I don't think you can come to a Ten 13 Concept show and not have fun, unless you go there and don't want to have fun," adds Joe.

"Or unless you're a hater!" finishes Chris, not realizing how white he sounds.

Before you take on their challenge, here's the truth:

Ten 13 Concept originally started out in Orlando in Apartment 1013 back in 2001...With everyone spread out over North/Central Florida, the band considers both Gainesville and Orlando home.

In their four short years that they ahve been together, Ten 13 Concept have already released a full length album, and been featured on a number of compilation albums. "Originally when we started it, I just waned to see if we could do it. It wasn't anything serious at first. At our first show, we made like $600, and i was like "are you shittin' me? From the living room to $600 in one night?" remembers Joe.

Since the, they have shared the state with MU330, The Toasters, Unsung Zeroes, and Hot Water Music, to name a few. Tey have played the Warped Tour, Gator Growl, charity events, high schools and festivals.

Despite the craziness that goes on right before they play, this pop-ska band takes their music very seriously and is in it for the long haul. "You know those bands that have interviews and they're like "yeah, we got a couple of indies looking at us, blah, blah, blah," but we actually do. I'm not one of those guys that's just saying that. It's kinda exciting, but it's not exactly what we want right now as a far as what they're putting on the table," said Mike. "We're holding out for a little bit better."

What makes them think they can get better? Their new album, which is set to release early January titled, "Thanks for Last Night," (which includes a DVD) may be their golden ticket. This ska gem, which captures the energy of their live shows, is loaded with songs themed with tragedy and muerder, to crushes and girls..."

While Ten 13 Concept does not mind being called a ska band, they tend to shy away from that label. "It's not that we don't like being called that, but labeling is touh, becuase then you have the people who only like ska, and then they think you're a ska band and go to a ska show, and then they're like, "hey, this isn't ska. it's something different," said Super Jew. We're just trying to do something different that people haven't done before, because that's what's interesting..." - Campus Talk, by Dara Seidler

"Festival draws bands, businesses"

By Brett Roegiers

Orlando - Musicians, industry representative and fans flooded the streets and clubs of downtosn Orlando this past weekend for the fifrth annual Florida Music Festival.

More than 1,200 artists from across the country applied to perform at the festival. Submissions were narrowed down to roughly 250, and eight Gainesville bands made the cut.

Ten 13 Concept, the six-piece pop-ska band that opened last year's Gator Growl, played the Florida Music Festival for the second year in a row.

"Last year we learned that you have to be really proactive and promote your band to these people," said Joe Loffredo, one of the group's guitarists and vocalists. "It's the one time during the year that they come to you."

This year the band tried to get their promotional DVD into the right hands. After Friday's high-energy show, two booking agents expressed interest in working with them on the spot. - The Independant Florida Alligator, University of Florida

"Ska band makes TV appearance"

Thursday, July 13, 2006
By Jennifer Pfaff

Ten 13 Concept competes for a chance to win $1 Million.

They've got guitars. They've got fans. They've got trumpets, trobmones, pink Converse sneakers and a mohawk or two.

Apparently, America thinks they've also got talent.

After performing on NBC's "America's Got Talent" at the end of June, local pop-ska band Ten 13 Concept, which features six musicians from the Gainesville and Orlando areas, will return to Los Angeles to compete in the semifinals of the show for $1 million.

"It's just a great experience every time we go out there, so we're looking forward to it again," said Joe Loffredo, the band's rhythm guitarist and lead vocalist.

The band will fly to California on Wednesday to perform for the second time on the summer seies show, produced by "American Idol's" Simon Cowell, that allows people from all over the United States to vie for $1 million in a talent competition.

Acts range from singing, dancing and playing musical instruments to sword swallowing, performing magic acts and even stripping.

The show's judges, actor David Hasselhoff, singer Brandy Norwood and former newspaper editor Piers Morgan, critique each performance and determine whether a contestant remains in the running for the money. TV viewers vote online at NBC's website for their favorite acts to decide the overall winner, who leaves with the $1 million at the end of the season.

Ten 13 Concept was invited to audition for "America's Got Talent" after recognition from Orlando's Florida Music Festival on May 19.

A few weeks later, the band was flown to California for six days and competed on the show against other acts, all from the East Coast, performing a shortened, two-minute version of their song, "Three Weeks."

"Who would have thought a small-town band could represent Gainesville? The entire East Coast?" Loffredo said.

The episode of "America's Got Talent" featuring Ten 13 Concept aired on June 28th, but NBC only played a brief clip of the band's performance, along with those of other acts, at the end of the show in order to limit the episode to one hour.

Immediately after the episode ended, the network displayed full-length video clips on it's website throughout the next day of performances from the show including ones like Ten 13 Concept that weren't aired in their entirety.

"That was three seconds of opportunity," Loffredo said.

Ten 13 Concept recently became sponsored by musical instrument retailer Sam Ash Music, which helps support the band members with tours and performances. However, the self-managed band books it's own tours and relies heavily on it's free profile on myspace.com for networking.

"it's tought because we're not a big name," said Chris Torres. "We want to spread our music."

Should Ten 13 Concept make it past this semifinals round, the band will compete in the finals episode, expected to air sometime in August.

If they win the entire contest, the band members agree to use the money to further their career as a band.

"We were born performers," Loffredo said. "That's what we're born to do. That's all we want to do."

Loffredo's brother and fellow band member, Mike, said he was excited for the opportunity to perform and to show the nation who Ten 13 Concept is.

"We all play from our hearts, but we were playing for everybody in this hometown right here, he said. "Things are falling into place right now."

Ten 13 Concept will appear on NBC's "America's Got Talent" again later this month. - The Independent Florida Alligator - University of Florida

"Local band may be on NBC show"

Ten 13 Concept has a chance to win $1 million on the NBC show "America's Got Talent."

by Douglas Carman

Tonight on NBC's primetime reality talent show "America's Got Talent," viewers may be treated to a taste of Gainesville's ska punk scene.

And then they may not.

The band Ten 13 Concept, whose members include three Gainesville residents, recorded its performance for NBC's "America's Got Talent" on July 19 and is vying for one of the 10 slots to be aired starting tonight at 8. But only some of the acts made the cut for tonight's show and it's not clear whether Ten 13 Concept is among those who'll be part of tonight's show.

T13C, as band members call themselves, has found itself at the mercy of David hasselhoff, Brandy, and Piers Morgan as band members pit themselves against contortionists, musicians, dancers, jugglers, and other wildly different acts. The competitors are performing for a claim to the $1 million prize, and additional bonuses, depending on the winner.

For T13C, that bonus could be a possible record deal.

Unwilling to reveal what may unfold in this reality TV show and violate the gag rule within their contracts with NBC, the performers from "America's Got Talent" are tight-lipped, declining comment on the recordings or on the details of the show.

Still, the show is a baby step for Ten 13 Concept in it's attempt at national stardom, said Gainesville resident Joe Loffredo, guitarist and one of the vocalists for the band. Loffredo, his brother Mike Loffredo and Jon Epstein are the three from Gainesville in the band.

On the path leading to their current act might make tonight's episode of "america's Got Talent," Ten 13 Concept has performend frequently in local Gainesville and Orlando forums, then eventually toured the state. In 2005 they performed in Orlando's Earthday Birthday and playin in the Vans Warped Tour.

"It's been such a good year and we've been very optimistic," Loffredo said. "There are 200 bands just in Gainesville and you can't even count on two hands how many get out of state.

On Saturday, Ten 13 Concept will launch it's first tour outside Florida, performing up the East Coast to the New York City area.
April 9, 2005

Ten 13 Concept gives members of the audience something to rock with Friday evening during a live performance at the "Rock N' Style Jam" at Santa Fe Community College. - The Gainesville Sun


Make a Scene Volume One (2001)
Songs from the Well (2003)
Ska Core Surf Rock LP (2003)
The Skandal Compilation (2004)
Rock + Relief (2005)
Hurricane Katrina Benefit (2005)
Thanks for Last Night CD/DVD (FEB 2006)
T13C EP (MAY 2007)
We've Created a Monster EP (APRIL 2008)



While attending college, twin brothers Joe and Mike Loffredo decided to change their lives forever. At that time they started, T13C! (formerly Ten 13 Concept, named after an apartment where the concept began). As a result of their talent and a will to succeed, their band would undergo line-up changes, yet landing them countless accomplishments; including most recently 10,000 record sales and a two EP record deal to True/False Records (2007-2008).

To date T13C! has sold over 10,000 records, acquired online distribution and a store front with District Lines, acquired sponsorships with six major vendors, wrote the title track and appeared in an indie film (Hoodoo for Voodoo, Orlando, FL), performed on the VAN'S Warped (2005-2008), released three EPs and performed at major festivals to include: Gator Growl (University of Florida), Earthday Birthday (Orlando, FL), Rock Relief (Hurricane Katrina benifit), Dance Marathon (UF Philanthropy), The Florida Music Festival (four years in a row), Semi-finalists MTV Battle of the Bands (University of Central Florida), and competed in the semi final round of the hit summer reality TV series America's Got Talent (Season 1).

The band has completed 3 National Tours as well as two summer stints on Warped Tour and over 20 mini-tours of their homestate. They have played with Sugarcult, Cartel, Forever the Sickest Kids, Hellogoodbye, Mayday Parade, There for Tomorrow, The Summer Obsession, Hot Water Music, Between the Trees, The Matches, Farewell, Wheatus, MC Chris, MC Lars, Whole Wheat Bread, Halifax, Kris Roe (Ataris), Glasseater and countless others.

Their current release was mixed by Pete Thornton (Paramore, The Academy Is, Between the Trees) in The Fort Studio (Orlando, FL).

T13C! just finished their "Really Really Eco Friendly Save the World One Day at a Time Tour" sponsored by CRex (a Carbon Reduction Exchange Company). Therefore, all of their emissions and energy consumption not only used by the band but also by the venues was offset locally in Gainesville, Florida by the sponsor!!

T13C! took 4 months off during the summer of 2009 to write and record their new EP with James Paul Wisner (Dashboard Confessional, Paramore, There for Tomorrow, Underoath), due out December 2009.