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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Void Album Review"

"We are very lucky to say we have this electronic/rock/funk band performing at our magazine release party for this issue. If your a huge Void fan, hopefully you will be reading this in time to prepare yourself with your best dancing shoes and perfecting your sultry bum waggle. If your reading this after the party, you'll know how phenomenal this trio is. With seductive slightly jazz vocals slithering over intricate guitar riffs and original beats. The Fuzz will definitely grab your attention for the night. Listen to them before the party to get you in the head-bobbing and hip-pumping mood, or listen after the party to remind you of the fantastic, dizzying night you are having trouble piecing together. www.facebook.com/thefuzzaudio or www.thefuzzaudio.com" - Emmie Michalakis, Void Music Writer

"Here Comes The Fuzz"

What was the last thing the drummer said before being fired from the band? “Heyguys, I wrote a song.” A bit of a washed-up joke, perhaps, but this old classic is getting truer by the day. The introduction of electronic music threatens to send the live drummer the route of the vinyl LP—more of a novelty than a necessity. The days of long-haired, whiskey-drinking, tatted-to-the-teeth drummers are dwindling. We’ve been thrust into a new era where the beat is kept by a guy in dark rimmed glasses and skinny jeans hitting buttons on a laptop. The Fuzz is a three-piece electronic/funk band out of Jax Beach, and though they don’t have a drummer, they’re much more than an on-stage laptop. They frequent beach venues like Freebird Live and the Lemon Bar but are actively reaching out to new areas as well. With a versatile sound that manages to blend electronic music with organic stringed instruments, the Fuzz is able to produce a multi-genre musical cocktail for bar-goers and music lov - Austin Sherrill, EU Jaksonville Magazine


Idle Hands are the Devil's Workplace (2011)

SXRO (2013)



This is, T3AM- a high-energy electronic, funk and dance band from Jacksonville Beach, Fl. Created in 2011 as, The FUZZ, they have played numerous shows across Florida and have shared the stage with national touring acts such as Up Until Now and Higher Learning. In May 2013, they participated in Purple Hatter's Ball music festival and share the bill with acts such as Lettuce, Emancipator, The New Mastersounds, Greenhouse Lounge, and Sir Charles. With the release of their new album, SXRO, also came a name change for the band- T3AM. You can check out the Album on their website, T3AMMUSIC.com. While you're there, check for upcoming tour dates and head out to a show!