Track 5

Track 5


Track5 are an independent Australian urban/pop group. T5 are taking their music internationally due to interest from Record Companies.T5 have initiated creative ideas to fund the trip which has created a stir in the media. ‘It is their clear differences that make them proudly unique’


Three singers called TRACK 5 may sound a bit different, but that is just the beginning of the clash of the unexpected that is TRACK 5.

Paul, Krish and Adz have been working hard as a group for the past 4 years to make their dreams become a reality. They have by no means undershot what they are trying to achieve, and their debut single ‘Crazy’ and follow up single ‘Everything Ends’ is a testament to that journey.

What has come out of the group is a fresh sound that has been described as a mix of classic infectious melodies blended with biting lyrics and hard urban grooves that give an unmistakable urban edge unlike anything else going around. While this might begin to describe their music, it is the seamless blend of their vocals with songs that punch that is the real surprise. Track 5 is a band that blends stylistic opposites; Krishool provides the chocolaty smooth bass lines and the R'n'B feel. Paul provides the 'rock snarl' element somewhere in the middle and Adam rounds the trio off with smooth, soaring vocals and a seemingly endless range.

They attribute their originality to their diverse cultural backgrounds, allowing them to explore their musical talents for numerous years prior to forming in 2001. Krishool will credit his abilities from a young boy in the Australian boys choir and draws his flavour from his birth country of Ghana in West Africa and various R’n’B influences. While Paul’s experience of growing up in country Victoria singing in church choirs and having years of training in classical piano will bring to light his valuable technical and vocal abilities. Adam’s strong sense of performance and attention to detail was nurtured from an environment in circus and musical theatre at a young age, and his diverse influence of music endorsed by his suburban city living.

Although the descriptions of these three boys are implausibly extreme, it is the very essence of their backgrounds that makes them so unique in their song writing and performance abilities. Witnessing a live show will affirm their stories, with each of them naturally in their element ingeniously carving their style into the public spectrum.

They have been uncompromising in their efforts to produce music that is uniquely their own and TRACK 5 have been combining their talents with producers Paul Carmody and Steaurt DeHoedt of Depac Music for the last year to create their fresh new sound. Their independent label, Spin Music, gives them the platform they need to realise their dream. If ‘Crazy’ & ‘Everything Ends’ is any indication of what’s to come you can only anticipate what their debut album, ‘Pure Motion’, will offer to the world of music.

-Track 5 will be attending Popkomm 2005 in Berlin and following up with a promotional tour in London.


Album: Nov 2005
Pure Motion

Crazy: July 2004
Everything Ends: June 2005
(see website for details of airplay and progress)

EP's for gigs:
Not the 'A' Sides: April 2005
Not the One: September 2002

Set List

Track 5 primarily perform original music:

Acoustic Sets:
Originals: 2 x 45 min

Backing Tracks:
Originals: 45 min set

Song List:
Serious Guy
Wanna Talk
Now You're her Man
All Over Now
Not The One
Everything Ends
Faded Memory
Last Day
Spread Your Wings
Pure Motion
No More of This
Hang Tight
(Constantly Updated)