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Album: The Beatmatix
Radio airplay: Fresh, Hot and Everything



Artist: T
Album Title: Beatmatix
Record Label: Twelve O One

Many a new music act comes out promising all sorts of great things with their new releases. But a few are as authentic and convincing like T on his debut album, “The Beatmatix”. Even the first single, “Fresh”, from this blazing hot hip-hop name serves to confirm that he is bringing something different to the industry and taking it to new and greater heights.

This has to be one of the most exciting musical projects to come out in recent years. It’s a full package that impresses from the songwriting to production, arrangement and delivery. T says that he didn't do his album to be a come-and-go project that will never be remembered. "This is more like a vintage collection. It’s a true reflection of what a music album should be like," he says.

With so much new talent around, it is the professionalism, quality and energy of the album that sets T apart. “We worked much harder on the project and I gave 150% for it to sound the way it does.” Just like he describes himself in the intro, he HAS STAYED true to his roots. “I am Zulu, KZN…that’s who I am. That’s me.” And when it came to the mastering of the album, it was sent to Nathan James in New York who has worked with the likes of (Mary J Blige, Rod Stewart). It’s not that we don’t respect the South African sound; we just felt he did a better job than the original product we got. I mean, the album was recorded and mixed at Jazzworx. That came out great, but the mastering was not on point. We wanted an album that’s gonna conquer the world and everything had to be right.”

Like a real practitioner, he has made sure that the music video side matches the music; working with some of the best local talent to bring the best visuals. The same applies to the stage act that is to die for. “When I get on stage I perform,” he warns. “It can be anywhere, anytime, and I promise that anybody around would pay attention. You gonna listen.”

This has been a long time coming for this talented young and proud Zulu lad. Born and bred in KwaMashu, Durban, South Africa, T left for New York when he was around 9-10 years old. He fell in love with hip-hop when he first heard L.L Cool J’s “I Need Love”. “I just loved the way it was done, and the music was amazing,” he reveals. From then on he started writing songs in IsiZulu and experimented with Zulu rap. “I didn’t know English back then,” he says. “A few years later he was spitting some of the greatest lines and working with his brother, Beatmatix.

He got into studio with Beatmatix and the inspired siblings did seven songs in a day. His brother passed away a week after. That left T broken. “You have to understand that we did everything together, and the next thing he was gone,” says T with a sad look on his face. Again, T quit the music game for some time. “It was in my dreams that my brother told me to get back to my music,” confesses T. “I’m Zulu and I believe in these things. So, here I am. ”

Having been through such a hectic musical history, T is adamant that he wasn’t just gonna get into bed with the major record companies. “I wanted to own my own shit, have creative control and basically change things, hence the new album being released under the independent Twelve O One Records. T says that they went the extra mile on the album, so as to have a situation where international can see them as equals – “that we are and be treated as such.”

T says he decided to name the album “Beatmatix” because this project was his brother’s inspiration. “He produced all the songs in the album, except the first single Fresh (remix). In a way I felt he was a force that had to be honored….A legend,” says T. T says by the time his brother died, he left behind hundreds of beats. Beatmatix had also produced songs on all of the late Lebo Mathosa’s solo albums and recorded with TK as well.

According to T, the music is about elegance. “It’s about making all those dreams that we worked for all these years to come true,” he says with a smile. This album has songs about Love & break ups (Everything), and anything that will make u move (Bounce).

For those who don’t know T, they might think he is trying hard to come across as controversial. In fact, T says that’s the way Beatmatix used to be and the album took a cue from that. “He was more of person who presented who he was and wanted to be allowed to be. The product is more like “this is who I am, don’t try and make me be what I’m not. It’s more like even if you don’t like what you are hearing, it’s still gonna push buttons and causes you to react,” he guarantees.

Trust T as he warns, “I don’t play games and you are gonna hear me”. Don’t believe him? Have a listen to “The Beatmatix” and you shall be hooked! That’s a promise!