Tablets is a band of ecclectic songsters, offering a fusion of Rock, Christian and World music, with sweet acoustic guitar licks. Offering harmonies reminiscent of Les Nubians and crisp vocal leads that reshape the very essence of the words sung, the lyrics are edgy and inspirational.


The commonality of our experiences and lives binds us to one another and led to our union. Each member brings a unique perspective and offers each their passion for music and life. Every song offers a periscope into our lives, charm and dreams, drawing from the deep wells of afro-soul rhythms of Haiti, the velvet of jazz and the effervescence of World music. With Les Nubians, Wycleff, John Legend, Lenny Kravitz and Enya serving as some inspiration, the lyrics teem with daring truth and frankness. With its debut release of Simplicity in 2008, Tablets is poised to establish a good fan base. Offering swells of harmonies that are strikingly simple; each song stands on its own.


Simplicity (2008): Dry Eyes, Toujours, Hope for Love, Won't Give Up

Set List

Hope For Love, Remember, Toujours, Saturday, Shinin' Rain