Tacet Effect

Tacet Effect


Rock Music. Intellectually Layered sound. Melodic operatic vocals, layered over classically influenced piano lines, layered over Rock guitar, bass, drums.


Tacet Effect is a five piece alternative rock band based in Melbourne. Powerful moving vocals front the band that would not be expressed so soulfully without the haunting, hypnotic piano and guitar lines. The body of the sound derive from the skilled control of the bass and solid rhythms of the drums, which work together for an electrifying layered sound.
Tacet Effect began their journey in 2002 when they performed their first gig in a local band competition and finished first, competing against over 80 bands. Taking this as a sign they went on to refine their sound and stage performance.
Three years later Tacet Effect has released their 3rd EP with another on the way. They have extensive stage experience at such venues as: The Corner Hotel (supporting Gus and Frank), The Mercury Lounge (EP Launch), The Espy (Supporting The Fray), The Evelyn (supporting The Rush Effect), The Hi-Fi bar as well as many other well-known band venues.
Accomplishments consist of participating in Triple M's Launching Pad series at 'The Mercury Lounge' in September 2003 and back again for 'the best of' in December 2003. In 2004 Tacet Effect came second runner up over 100 local bands, in the 'Australian Rock Band Challenge'.
In early 2005 the band embarked on a tour to Hong Kong. Where they spent time writing and producing for their current EP and played to a full house at the nightclub Amnesia, which has hosted such bands as 'Regurgitator'.
Tacet Effect have created a dynamic, innovative sound and a stage show that is captivating to their audiences.



Written By: Tacet Effect

Had enough of pretending
I've got a pain in my gut
Gonna get naked alone
Find some comfort leave me at home
Feel low slowed down, asleep in myself
I've got a blister on my cheek from chewing away all the tears

Chorus: Your fucken with my psyche, Im aching to have you again, these ties should have severed
Im aching

Wake up with relief,
Im alone in my room,
i rub the mound above my eye thats been thumping from all of the years
Ive self loathed, lost sight, beat up on myself,
Now the sound of peace seeps in after hard time Ive put in


Road Song

Written By: Tacet Effect

Just another road song, travelling on and on and on.

The ground flickers by as we travel along, white lines travelling on and on.
Mind wanders off and then back again, sun beats thru the window and back again, on..

Watching the land go by.

Just another road song, travelling on and on and on.

My shoulders are burning Im warm to the core, Im looking out west Im humming along.
Flashes of old conversations and times gone by
Im sipping my beer as the drive drifts along.

Watching the land go by.

Driving out, driving out.

Mind wanders off and then back again,
Sun beats through the window and back again.
Watching the world go by,
Watching the world go by
Watching the world go by
On, On.


Two self titled Ep's
Current Radio Play on Local Radio station
Joy Fm 94.9

Set List

Our sets are generally 30-45 minute sets.
We change the songs and order according to venue and mood.
1) The Game
2) Black Atmosphere
3) Road Song
4) He
5) Good and Bad
6) Already Know
7)What you owe
9) Blind Faith
10) All I can Be