Tacks, the Boy Disaster

Tacks, the Boy Disaster


Colorful, adventurous indie pop that's sure to charm. Effortless melodies, meticulous arrangements, and a joyful experimental streak.


With a sound too expansive to be labeled purely as indie rock, Tacks, the Boy Disaster offers thoughtful and imaginative lyricism, solid musical hooks and rich instrumentation reminiscent of late-60’s/early-70’s pop. Yet the band, whose moniker is derived from a minor character in a forgotten children’s book, has managed to reconcile their brilliant pop sensibility and familiarity with their taste for the unexpected.

After only eight months together, Evan Jacobs (vocals/keys), a founding member of Midlake who also moonlights with the Polyphonic Spree, and the rest of the band - Jason Friedrich (drums), Nathan Stein (guitar), and Alán Uribe (bass/vocals) – recorded Oh, Beatrice in Jacobs’ house with equipment they borrowed from friends. Released in July '06, Oh, Beatrice received glorious reviews from local press and became an immediate buzz in the blogoshpere.

The Austin Chronicle called Oh, Beatrice, “a mixture of ecstasy and mania”, and the band quickly gained an ardent regional following as word-of-mouth spread about their extraordinary live shows with Texas favorites Sound TEAM, Peter and the Wolf, and Voxtrot. The band’s single “Frozen Feet” was added to regular rotation on Austin’s KROX in the Fall of ‘06 and The Daily Texan put Oh, Beatrice first on their “Top 10 Albums from ATX” list.

Tacks, the Boy Disaster will set out on tour this Spring with Midlake and later play at SXSW. In the months following the tour, the band has plans to record their full-length debut album and anticipates a Fall 2007 release.


"Oh, Beatrice" EP (self-released)