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Some awesome folks from New York talk to Douglas Smart, frontman of TACOMA REDD.
http://www.barshotstv.com/clips.html - TACOMA REDD


Tacoma Redd @ Crowbar 10pm

Oh, Tacoma Redd. Fronted by veteran of the scene Doug Smart and long-time cohorts Dean Glover on drums, Chris Bell on bass and Bryan Richards on guitar (carrying on the legacy left by the late Ron "Dabz" Boudreau-McLellan), Tacoma Redd brings a sense of grandiosity to “punk”. Describing themselves as a 100% Power-pop band, they have rid themselves of the shackles of the genre, infusing classic, prog, and even elements of metal (do I hear double kick?) to their sound. Taking the stage like they owned it (and judging by the crowds reaction, perhaps they did), Tacoma Redd ripped through a high-energy set, with Smart looking like a possessed ninja (of rock), leaving no doubt that though theirs is a lighter fare, they can bring the hammer like a Norse god. One is reminded of classic rock bands like Thin Lizzy and Cheap Trick, melded with the showmanship and grandeur of Queen, with vocal lines Coheed & Cambria would be jealous of. The musical tightness of the band is offset by the friendly onstage banter of their front man, making the crowd truly feel like they’re among friends, while maintaining their stature, purveyors of rock.

Given the musical history of the men involved, most were in at least one heavy rock/punk band prior to Tacoma Redd, one would expect a certain amount of detractors questioning the validity of their music, all I can say to them is “what is more punk rock than playing what you want, how you want? Isn’t that the whole fuckin’ point?” Tacoma Redd are a breath of fresh air to a surprisingly restrictive genre (given the original intentions), as unafraid to cite melodic pop punk bands (such as Jimmy Eat World) as an influence, as classic rock and/or punk bands. Catch them touring Southern Ontario or online at www.tacomaredd.com or elsewhere on our site.
- Jeremy Shum - Written by Jeremy Shum

"Spill Magzine Reviews TACOMA REDD at CMW"

Tacoma Redd Raises the Crow Bar

Here’s a band with two gears – neutral and 5th gear, without much use for neutral. 100% power pop describes them perfectly. They come at you full throttle and you wonder how they will keep this up then they do. Front man, Doug Smart engages a crowd like no other – dancing, pointing, wide eyed and when the constraints of a stage were too much for him, Doug join the audience, mic in hand. Kind of like a zoo with no fences, Tacoma Redd makes you part of the show.
Talking to Chris Bell (bass), Bryan Richards (guitar) Dean Glover (drums) and Doug afterwards they talked with glee about working with producer Moe Berg on their CD. “Simplicity was the theme of the day” recalls Chris, “Keep it simple and be true to the song.” “Moe gets us.” Doug piped in. “We shopped around a lot for a producer but about two sentences into talking to Moe we all thought, ‘Wow, this guy gets it.’”
If you missed them, Tacoma Redd isn’t going drift into the shadows. Catch up with them at www.myspace.com/tacomaredd and check out an upcoming show. Bring your ID, but leave the Prozac at home. There guys will get your synopses firing.

Joe Chisholm
www.indiecan.com - Written by Joe Chilsholm

"Eye Weekly's Review of A Momentary Misfortune"

A Momentary Misfortune Independent

Sporting impassioned, adenoidal wails, blistering metal guitar wizardry and simplistic, emotive lyrics ("I miss you so badly / I need you so madly"), Toronto power-pop quartet Tacoma Redd sound like Jimmy Eat World doing Andrew Lloyd Webber. If that's not your style, you might wish the group's debut EP would just disappear between the seats of your '86 Camaro along with that cassette copy of Monster Ballads. But there's definitely something hip about Tacoma Redd's heart-on-sleeve squareness. The band's melodies and harmonies are unabashedly big and unbelievably infectious as they soar above anthemic rock chords and thundering drum kicks. And singer Doug Smart's whammy-bar voice is powerful enough to move mountains, split seas or, at the very least, get you singing along.

- T.Redd

"Indie Can Reviews T.Redd's CD Release Party"

Good fortune, Misfortune and a Toronto Tuesday to Remember
Review: Joe Chisholm

Tuesday July 25, 2006 belonged to Tacoma Redd and their "Momentary Misfortune" CD release party. That said, there was a lot of great Rock 'n' Roll to report on. Most Toronto nights on the town find me wanting to be two places at once. On this occasion I would have spent the whole night at both Kathedral and The Horseshoe Tavern. Being as I could not, here's the best recap I can offer.
This night was a long time coming for Doug Smart (vox), Bryan Richards (guitar) C.Bell (bass) and Dean Glover (drums) and they are truly deserving of all kudos coming their way (which, btw, are coming in like a storm at www.myspace.com/tacomaredd). As the adage goes, “You have to pay your dues, if you want to sing the blues” – seems the same applies to rock, punk or “power pop” as they have dubbed themselves. Part of their long road was well articulated in a Toronto Sun article … or hunt around for clues on their “myspace” if you want to know what motivated the words behind “Letting Go” and other poignant tunes on this CD. I enjoy well crafted songs. I love vibrant performances. You can see why I am drawn to following this band’s progress with interest. And this show was one to remember. You aren’t entitled to a good crowd on a Tuesday night, or a crowd that’s into it. But this was a well prepared and much anticipated event. The packed house was about ½ and ½ - loyal supporters and new believers.

As rumoured (here at IndieCan for one), Moe Berg who produced the Momentary Misfortune CD, came on stage to perform a few tunes. As he was announced, the crowd frenzied and Moe acknowledged the crowd with a bicep pumping pose. Still, more Clark Kent than Superman, but the crowd dug it. In his mild-mannered Berg-ism, Moe did his best to keep the night focused on the band and sit back and hold the rhythm down for the four who once were clients and now are friends. Also taking the stage was the electric violin playing, employer of C.Bell, who’s name, if I wasn’t a hack writer, I would have written down and given you the attention you deserved. Both men added to the show. T. Redd was full-throttle fun and I am so glad I made the show.

- T.Redd

"Tangible Sounds Reviews A Momentary Misfortune"

Tacoma Redd
A Momentary Misfortune

Constantly playing in one city scene makes it easy for a band to fall into the trap of sounding like everyone surrounding them. Luckily, Tacoma Redd not only doesn’t sound like any one band, they don’t sound like any. On their Moe Berg produced EP, the band creates a power pop/rock sound that while showcases various influences, it also gives them a sound they can call their own.

Song like “Letting Go” showcase guitarist Bryan Richards’ ripping solos well and vocalist Doug Smart uses his unique voice to his advantage, showing the honesty in his lyrics.

While a lot of bands keep thing depressing, A Momentary Misfortune is, for the most part, positive and energetic. I’ll be interesting to see what the band does next.
- T.Redd

"T.Redd on Chartattack.com"

http://www.chartattack.com/damn/2006/07/3120.cfm - TACOMA REDD

"T.Redd on PUNKTV.CA"

http://www.punktv.ca/?c=105&a=1404 - TACOMA REDD


Debut 6 song EP "A Momentary Misfortune", produced by Moe Berg (of The Pursuit of Happiness), OUT NOW!!!


Feeling a bit camera shy


Tacoma Redd - A Momentary Misfortune
Powerpop/rock band Tacoma Redd are about to make themselves known with its debut EP A Momentary Misfortune, produced by Moe Berg (The Pursuit of Happiness). Already known for their hard-hitting live shows, the band set out to produce an album that captured the same energy. The result is an EP showcasing six of the bands best songs with catchy melodies and a pop sensibility.

Tacoma Redd whose influences include Foo Fighters, Jimmy Eat World, Doughboys, Husker Du and AFI features charismatic frontman Doug Smart , guitarist Bryan Richards , bassist Chris Bell and drummer Dean Glover . Although formed in late 2003, it was 2005 where things started to happen for Tacoma Redd. Last year saw the band secure management; hook up with Berg for its first recording and landing on the same shows as Billy Idol, City & Colour, Dashboard Confesional, Bif Naked, The Illuminati and Robin Black