Leusden, Utrecht, NLD

TACONIEUWENHUIZENGROUP plays original compositions in world/jazz/funk style "From the world-music turns of 'COME & GO" to the reptilian bass of FREE Men1,taconieuwenhuizengroup break down stylistic boundaries and simply roam where the groove takes them.jazzcorner-may 2011


Bassplayer Taco Nieuwenhuizen is influenced by legends like:
JACO PASTORIUS,VICTOR BAILEY,JIMMY HASLIP and many other great musicians and their bands.

As band we try to play with open mind ,listen well and take our musical time when needed.
On October 19th 2011 we got the oppurtunity to play before the concert of legend guitarist Scott Henderson in Holland.
A lot of people enjoyed that concert and we got big attention of the public and sold a lot of cd's.On the website you can see and hear some excerpts of that concert and also you find some clips on youtube.
enjoy and we hope to see you in the near future!



Set List

all songs from the cd
+new additional material