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Nassau, New Providence, Bahamas
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"TaD Release First Album in 5 Years!"

TaDa - best known for her hit Footprints in the Sand and her rendition of Better in The Bahamas - will officially release Element, her new album, on December 9, 2013. Her first album in five years, it is a combination of urban and pop genres. Two singles have already been released to local radio stations. Weekend is a pop/dance feel good tune while Bum Bum has a hip hop/Caribbean sound with samples from Bam Bam written by F. Hibbert of Toots and The Maytals, which was popularized by Sister Nancy. The album was posted on iTunes for Pre-Order on November 11th.
A multitalented singer/songwriter, TaDa wrote (or co-wrote) each of the twelve songs on Element featuring music composers from The Bahamas, USA, and Canada.TaDa, no stranger to the music scene, has appeared on Tempo, BET, and in SOURCE magazine. She has headlined the Miss Teen USA pageant and performed at the Kanye West Foundation in Los Angeles. TaDa is well known for her jingle commercials which are arguably the most popular and recognizable in The Bahamas. She has represented The Bahamas as a delegate at the WOMEX music conference in Denmark and as a participant in the CARICOM Cultural Committee meeting in Suriname.

As always, TaDa fans can expect a wide variety of styles and genres on the new album. Element showcases the singer/songwriter’s vocal ability in rap, reggae, pop, dance, and hip hop. An album featuring such a wide range of music from one artist is a rare commodity and the talent required to successfully deliver such a package is undeniable. Element is the culmination of a personal journey for TaDa. She had decided not to release any more albums a few years ago. Her plan was to focus on music licensing and step away from the frontline of the music industry. Following the unexpected passing of her aunt, she had a change of heart. She is certain that her aunt, ever supportive and her number one fan from the very beginning, would have wanted her to continue to release music commercially as an artist. As a result, the first song - a tribute to her Aunt Bonnie - was written and recorded. Combined with eleven other songs, Live Loudly makes Element a posthumous gift to a beloved aunt, and music lovers all over the world are privileged to enjoy it in her honour.

Element is available on iTunes, Amazon, GooglePlay, and CD Baby. Download cards are available for pre-order in bulk through www.getmusicpro.com. - The Bahamas Weekly

"TaDa - I'm That Gril"

2009 is set to be a red letter year for Bahamian recording artist, TaDa, with the launch of her new CD album: ‘I’m That Girl’, continuing work with
music consultancy in the local film industry and a new radio show called
‘Artovation with TaDa’ on Star 106.5 FM.
Her CD launch at Club Uptown on December 23, was a huge success, with many different local artists also featured on the bill. It was a packed house, with a great vibe on the evening. Leevan ‘Superman’ Sands made an appearance, and More 94 FM powered the event – with a cutting edge cross-promotion, airing the first two hours of the launch live on air. TaDa describes ‘I’m That Girl’, her new album as a coming of age, a maturing of confidence in who she is and what she is all about as an artist.
The Eleutheran chatted with TaDa about her upcoming activities in ’09 and she shared first with us the pleasure she’s had in working with the film industry, “The music consultancy and the placements in ‘Rain’, produced by Maria Govan, were really great – I got a massive response from that and a lot of press - Also, from the Versace event and others at the Bahamas International Film Festival, they ended up asking me to sing the national anthem at the opening Versace party, impromptu. That kept the momentum going for me in trying to get further placements in films and music supervision and consultancy.
I’ll be working soon with Kareem Mortimer on music placements in his new feature which he recently completed the first cut. I look forward to doing some more work with Fred Ferguson also, perhaps more local tourism as supposed to just the international ads.”
She also expressed excitement about a new initiative in Bahamian arts, which she is a part of called ‘Artovation’, “I will also be doing a weekly radio show called ‘Artovation with TaDa’ at Star 106.5 FM. Artovation is really a movement, an arts organization that exists to help bring awareness and support to alternative art forms, from various disciplines, whether it’s music or visual arts, photography, fashion design – whatever the case may be, we just want to let Bahamians know that we have young people out there doing different sorts of things, alternative sorts of things, as supposed to just the Bahamian landscapes and rake n’ scrape. We would like other Bahamians to recognize
that there is merit to this work and to appreciate it, just like how other
Caribbean countries have pride in their art and their work and their culture – we’d like to foster that mentality amongst Bahamians. We’re putting out campaigns and getting our faces known.”
According to TaDa, Artovation is more than just an idea, but a call to action, “Dr. Nicolette Bethel, Director of Culture, approached us recently, and talked about doing a day of absence for all cultural entertainers to not work for a day – and do a lot of press, media and interviews, around the fact that if we didn’t have our work on the radio, performers in the hotels and entertainers active – how that would affect the economy and the public at large, because just generally any arts, cultural and entertainment industry in the Bahamas is taken for granted and no-one considers it a serious career field. So the tentative date for that is February 11th. We are now rallying all the different sectors together, planning merchandising, getting radio station support, print media and tabloid to communicate what we are doing.”
She continued, “A lot of Bahamians talk about it, but we don’t call to
action to effect change. Other regional countries have a world stage which starts at home, with full local support and they have a fierce pride for their own. They gravitate to their own artists, in spite of what the style or genre may be, and this supports a strong local industry which trickles into global exposure of what they do and who they are. When you have Bahamians coming up saying that they want to be an actor, singer, model or dancer you still have parents or peers saying, well who do you think you are? This mentality exists, where we shun people who say they want to be in arts and entertainment, we don’t embrace it; we don’t have any resources to even help develop it.”
“Artovation is also about not getting caught up in definitions. However you define it, if you are a Bahamian, singing afro world music, doing kickboxing or a snowboarder (some of the last things you’d think of as Bahamian) and doing well in your field – it doesn’t matter. You are going to bring exposure to our country simply because of the fact of where you are from. So this is what I’m trying to say, let’s let the fact of where we are from, supersede what we are doing. If it’s something of quality and of international standards, then let’s embrace it, let’s support it. We are about creating an awareness; a sense of self pride amongst Bahamians and bringing about a renaissance of Bahamian arts.”

Find TaDA online at www.myspace.com/tadalive
Her CDs are available @ The Jukebox, Log - The Eleutheran

"TaDa - She Is That Girl (cover feature story)"

Sporting a pair of flip-flops, an Adidas track jacket and everyday pair of jeans and slicked back hair, TaDa gracefully enters the patio at Starbucks. She may seem like your everyday person getting their daily fix, but she is a multi-talented mega-successful singer and songwriter... She is THAT GIRL. (Click virtual magazine link for complete article) - e-Life242

"'TaDa' calls on Bahamians to support local artists"

Freeport, Grand Bahama - (The Freeport News) Bahamian recording artist Terneille Burrows stopped by the Rotary Club of Lucaya meeting yesterday to promote Bahamian artists and appeal for local support in creating an art and entertainment industry that the nation can be proud of.

Burrows treated the Rotarians to samples of her work, from popular jingles to original songs.

The singer, who has opened concerts for international artists such as Bow Wow and Carl Thomas, stated that Bahamians are equally as talented as international performers and deserve the same respect.

"I guess a lot of times with Bahamians, for whatever reason, familiarity breeds contempt. So with a population of just over 300,000 people sometimes you say, 'aww they just a artist' or 'aww I don't want to pay them to perform anywhere because I know them from growing up and I could get a deal.' This is a new decade and we need to have new thinking. Before we can do that, we need to recognize there is a lot of internal housekeeping that we need to do as a people as a nation before the arts, culture and entertainment can really take its rightful place as the next possible major national export industry."

Alluding to the Ministry of Tourism advertisement in which she sang the "It's Better In the Bahamas" jingle, Burrows encouraged Rotarians to truly make it better in The Bahamas for the benefit of the country and local artists alike.

"I believe that the talents of our people are pretty much the biggest natural resource that we have and we keep talking about how we don't have much export. We're always an import country and things of that nature. I feel like we're overlooking the possibilities of arts as an industry."

In support of this statement, Burrows cited CD sales, music video sales, song downloads, live performances and touring as possible benefits of supporting Bahamian artists and their craft.

The Nassau resident, who promoted Bahamian artists and entertainers through her weekly radio show 'Artovation with TaDa" on Star 106.5FM, expressed disappointment over the lack of Bahamian pride in local artists.

While Burrows believes the Bahamian talent can match those around the world, she said that natives still choose to "cling" to reggae, dancehall, rap and other genres.

"Bahamian traditional music hasn't been marketed or packaged, or exploited to the extent where we would think it's cool. I'm not sure why. Maybe we're too laid back as a people," she said.

Burrows further stated that The Bahamas has "dropped the ball" when it comes to promoting Bahamian artists and compensating them for their work, as well as investing in the talent of young people.

"The number one industry in the (United) States actually is entertainment, when you think about the blockbuster films that are released from the States. You know, I feel like since we like to emulate the States so much maybe we should take a page out of their book and put a little bit more focus on the art instead of just the sports, or just the tourism... because there's all kinds of talent sitting up here, right now, guaranteed millions of dollars are worth. Someway, somehow, we just need to find the right alliances to make this happen."

Fresh from a Bon Voyage Concert in Nassau, Burrows revealed that she has taken the first steps in bringing her dreams to fruition.

"I'm getting ready to leave The Bahamas because of many different reasons, a lot more opportunities. People feel as though, young Bahamian females, they just feel as if you're a lowly entertainer and you don't really know what the time is. On the contrary, I know what I do. I don't have a masters degree or a PhD but I know what I do and I do it well and deserve to get paid just like anyone from anywhere else," she said.

"It's been a lot of work to be everything, the accountant, the administrator, the marketer, the promoter, the artist, the songwriter. So at some point you're like 'okay, I'm deciding that I'm going to actually make it big and go somewhere else,'... so this is what qualifies the move."

Burrows is leaving the island on February 17 for Toronto. - The Bahamas Weekly

"Introducing TaDa"

Cover Story-
Guardian Staff Reporter

Introducing TA.DA!!!!

Award-winning gospel rap artist and singer Terneille
Burrows, 24, has revolutionized her sound, her look, and her essence to tell the world that she is all grown up.
The local music industry cannot contain this big blast of a talent. Making her entree with her
new stage name Ta.Da, Terneille’s music is one that still rivets through the soul and its maturity is evident in her lyrics and smooth vocal styling.

This three-time Marlin Award winner has struck gold again with her latest selftitled album - with its mixture of island grooves, contemporary mix of bass, dubbs, and eccentric rhythms which easily creep into the psyche.
There is something for everyone in this musical feast. “When it comes to being special, you’re on top of my list and I never will diss, cause I
like your style,” she says in her song When I Found You, co-written by Scott McCannell. Makes me feel like falling in love ... but yet her other songs seek to encourage listeners to control their own destinies all while she opens you up to “let me hit you with the rhymes so you won’t turn back. Move you, groove you, show you how we ah do it”.

And in her song Groove, she
says she was doing it her whole life, from the time she was five ... and she is doing it as a proud “Girl from da Island.” Yes, Bahamians would have real bragging rights after hearing this album.
She is busting up the local airwaves by crossing over from the gospel station 101.9 Joy FM, to 100 Jamz and to 102.9 Island FM, covering every musical genre and satisfying every musical palate.
She encourages those who are troubled ... not to give in and although things get rough sometimes, they will overcome in brighter days.
“Keep keepin’ on,” she says in Keep Movin,’ noting that the only thing that can hold a person back is himself.
In an interview with the Guardian on Thursday, she said that she aims to motivate and inspire through her music, and that means touching a wider audience than just those in a religious sect.

“This is a contemporary album. I can do a gospel album and I can do a mainstream album; but I don’t fall
in the secular category because my music is mainstream and is something that anyone can listen to, Christian or otherwise. I want to do music to get a message out and then some music is just for fun, and some music is for spreading the gospel” said TA.DA.
This young lady has loftier goals in the music industry, hoping one day to become a full time professional recording artist, especially since she has her own record label, Sanctigroove.

She is well on her way, having been recognised internationally by winning the John Lennon Songwriting Contest in 2000 in the Hip Hop Category for her rap masterpiece "How Can You Be Serious".

While others furthered their
education studying law, medicine and teaching etc., Ta.Da attended the Harris Institute for Arts in Toronto, Canada and enrolled in the Recording Arts Management Programme graduating with an
honours diploma. “I found this to be a good way to get my feet wet and get deep into the Canadian music industry and see what that was like. It also enabled me to get the grants to do my own videos. A lot of things just fell in place in terms of getting a bit more schooling and a bit more knowledge and I found it to be a great experience,” she says.
She even interned in J Records, which is the legendary Clive Davis’ record label in New York and she got a behind the scenes experience
within the profession.

Music is her lifeline, and she is continuing to follow her dream of not only exposing her music to the world, but assisting up and coming
artists to realise their own dreams in the industry, she says.

“I think that I have grown since 1997 when I was in a rap group, I felt kind of pigeon-holed because I was just doing rap. Before that, I was in a singing group and I wanted to rap and chat, too. Having been left on my ownallowed me to do the things that I wanted to do, which is a combination or at least some variation of all those
forms of music. I don’t just have to do one thing,” says TA.DA.

This, she says, is a creation of a whole new genre itself. “You just can’t classify me as a rap artist and you just can’t classify me as a singer. I am more than that,” she says. “I am doing it ... but I wouldn’t say that I have made it. I am not at the place where I will say I have arrived. I am still trying to achieve more which is ultimately
to be able to do it full time. My driving force is that this is what I know I was born to do. That is what keeps me going and this is what I do best.” - The Nassau Guardian - [06/25/2004]

"TaDa! Bahamian Artists Gain Respect at 'Love of Music'"

"The Love of Music" by Santigroove Productions
The Blue Note Lounge
Saturday February the 26th 2005
f. TA.DA, Aydee, Mizpah Bethel, Dreddy

SUMMARY: The Blue Note Lounge at the British Colonial Hilton was graced on the night of Saturday, 26 February 2005 by some of Nassau's most promising young singers and musicians. All couches and chairs in the darkened room were filled by an appreciative and diverse crowd of Bahamians and visitors, who were treated to the sounds of members of the G-Note All-Stars jazz band, Aydee from Spok'n Tonz and Thoughtkatcher Enterprises, Mizpah Bethel from the Mozaic Band, Dreddy from Bahamen and finally the founder of Santigroove Productions, TA.DA. The presentation was intimate yet exciting as each singer combined original and cover versions of their favourite songs. This event was also the forum to release the new album "Love - Volume I" produced by Santigroove Productions, a complilation of original music by Bahamian artists including Aydee, Dreddy, TA.DA, Richa Sands and others....

REVIEW BY RUSS: There is a vast amount of raw musical talent present in The Bahamas, but sadly, the majority of it is usually overlooked, discredited and brushed to the side by the general public. Luckily, we still have a few persistent individuals out there who enjoy their craft and continue to produce, write and perform mainly for the love.

On Saturday night, Terneille Burrows aka TA.DA and friends (Aydee, Mizpah Bethel, and Dreddy from Bahamen) hosted a live presentation at the Blue Note Lounge in the Hilton entitled "The Love of Music", an event held mainly to showcase local talent as well as to celebrate the release of the compilation CD "LOVE volume 1".

AYDEE opened the night with a three song set that included "My Request", "Waiting in Vain" and my personal favorite "Growing to Hold You". Easily one of the most talented musicians today in The Bahamas, "Mr. Versatile" as he has been christened by members of his Spok'n Tonz crew, Aydee is as comfortable playing Guitar (Bass, Keyboard, Drums...insert musical instrument here), as he is singing - in a band or by himself.

We arrived just as Mizpah Bethel hit the stage with an exciting rendition of the No Doubt/Lady Saw track "Underneath it All". Although not featured on the compilation CD, Mizpah was a welcomed addition to the night. She hit all the right notes and had nothing to apologise for in her rendition of the Tracy Chapman classic "Baby Can I Hold You" before closing out her set with an original song entitled "Down to the River". I have seen Mizpah perform with her band Mosaic several times during the past year and her energy is never ending. This energy was obviously transfered to the small but attentive crowd on hand as they sang and rocked to her every word.

After a short recess, it was time for Dreddy who quickly rebuilt the vibe by opening with "Intoxication", the smash hit from German Reggae sensation Gentleman. Dreddy utilised his international stage experience to gain control of the small crowd. In no time he had them eating out of his hand and by the time he performed his track on the LOVE volume 1 compilation "1 & Only" the energy was so strong that if you closed your eyes you could have easily been in a stadium 20,000 people strong.

By the time MC Ed Fields called TA.DA. on stage to close the show, the night had already been dubbed a success. As she opened her set with "This Music" the crowd welcomed her with opened arms. Her musical mix of R&B, Hip, Hop, Rap, Reggae was well received as she moved seamlessly between genres. Introducing TA.DA (what?), her most popular song locally, built the vibe even further and by the time she moved on to "Groove" (which has been getting a lot of airplay on 100 JAMZ) the audience was absorbing every word.
She interacted consistently with the audience throughout her 8 song set which included songs from her 1st album "Sanctigroove" as well as her new EP "Introducing TA.DA" and by the time she closed with the Hip Hop flavored "How Can You Be Serious" it was easy to see that this artist is no "flash in the pan" as the strength of her musical repertoire is incredible at so young a stage in her career.
After her performance, all the artists returned to the stage and had an old fashioned jam session with the hugely popular "Drop Leaf Riddim" supporting the moment.

Live music is an awesome experience and Saturday night was no exception. I sincerely hope that this presentation was only the 1st of many more showcases to come in the near future...

- Russ
- www.thenewbreed.tv - [3/3/2005]

"TaDa to host Music Momentum Summit (MuMo)"

Nassau, Bahamas - What comes to mind when you hear the names T-Connection, The Beginning of the End, Johnny Kemp, and Tony McKay? These aforementioned Bahamian recording artists have at one time or another, been signed to major recording companies, and attained some degree of international success. Another name was recently added to this elite group, with the signing of Alexandria Christie to Interscope Records. The Music Momentum Summit (MuMo), could not be announced at a more opportune time, while the attention of the major music industry is again drawn to the shores of the Bahama Isles.
MuMo is the brainchild of international award-winning recording artist/songwriter TaDa, and is an official Carifringe event. Taking place in Nassau Bahamas on October 1st & 2nd, MuMo promises to connect the brightest major music executives with the burgeoning talents from the islands. Hosted by The British Colonial Hilton, conference registrants will enjoy panels, star-studded keynote addresses, a listening session, the MuMo Marketplace and special concert events.
“I’m excited to have a chance for my music industry friends from abroad to come down and immerse themselves in a little Bahamian culture, while imparting their music industry insight and know-how. For years Bahamian musicians have asked me to host a music conference, and Carifringe was the perfect opportunity to do so,” said Terneille ‘TaDa’ Burrows.
Panels will cover such areas as Music Business Administration, Songwriting, Promo & Technology, Radio Airplay & DJs, while the A&R listening session will afford select conference registrants the chance to have their record critiqued by major label representatives.
The star-studded keynote speakers, music industry executive panelists and special concert events will be disclosed at a later date. Visit the Music Momentum Facebook page for lineup updates.
Confirmed MuMo media partners include The Nassau Guardian, More 94 FM, TheBahamasWeekly.com, Island FM, e-Life 242 Magazine and Star 106 FM. - Bahamas Press

"Space Junkies Review (Feb 2006)"

Terneille Burrows AKA TA.DA is seriously representing the Bahamas musically in the form of Caribbean fusion. Her own personal blend of urban flavor, incorporating many styles of music into her melodic riddims to form what she calls "Caribbean fusion." Adding just a touch of each and everything under the urban umbrella from hip-hop to soul and reggae; to create a sound that becomes difficult to describe at times, but at the same time it is new and innovative. At first listen, this young woman has a style somewhat reminiscent of Lauryn Hill; able to sing soulfully with a loud, clear and attractive voice then switch it up on a dime and start rapping - not missing a beat. This talent is featured on a couple of the tracks provided on her SonicBids electronic press kit [EPK], "While They're Still Young" and "You Don't Understand." The track "Introducing TA.DA (What?)" I believe is also the name of her EP - a track that is kind of self-explanatory, to introduce the world to TA.DA as an artist, not just a singer or a rapper/MC, but all of the above. TA.DA's EPK on SonicBids.com is one thing that tells me she is serious about this business. I was very impressed, not only with her talent as an artist, but as a professional also. TA.DA's ability to create her music along with her songwriting capabilities has left her with unlimited possibilities for the future and gained her recognition internationally in the form of music awards. TA.DA is an underground artist, singer/songwriter, and MC/lyricist - many things in her music that is apparent, she also happens to be knowledgeable in music business. As the founder of Sanctigroove Productions she has taken her career to the next level not only by committing to herself, but her country and other artists from her country. To check out more from TA.DA as well as other artists, go to her Musicfreedom.com page or the Sonicbids.com EPK. [R.Freese] - www.spacejunkies.net

"Talking shop with TaDa (2006-12-15)"

A few years ago still in high school, I was approached with a CD by a friend who also was a ‘music head’, and he was just too excited over the disc (lol) - he basically commanded me to listen to it. The name on the disc was one I had never heard before "Sanctigroove", and I was again surprised when I learned it was all Bahamian talent. It was here where I was first introduced to the melodious voice of Terneille Burrows. After I proceeded to 'Press Play' a mellow alto voice invaded my ear drums and made an imprint in my mind forever, so it was only fitting that I use this forum to introduce her and her music to you. We sat down for an interview.......

Farreno Ferguson - So to start off, how are u....

- I'm great Mr. Ferguson. Glad to be here. *Smiles*

[ Geez hold that Mister stuff down, I’m younger than you lol ]

FF - Thought we should mention this early, tell me about the new release ?

- Well, the new release is entitled F5, which is a category 5 tornado. I know - you're thinkin' …OK - why F5 right? Well, the Diplight Media crew (who did the art direction on the album) suggested the title to me. At first I was like - but how would F5 tie in - and we don't know anything about tornadoes in the Bahamas anyway. … We do know about hurricanes though, so I took on the F5 title to illustrate the drive that I have to blaze through all obstacles in my way as they pertain to “making it” in the music industry.

[ and this is CD number .... ??? ]

- This is my sophomore solo release and I have also released 2 compilation CDs featuring other independent recording artists since my debut solo release “Sanctigroove” in 2000.

FF - Were you always into music or did it develop later in life...like in the college years?

- I've ALWAYS loved music. I was singing and writing little songs since a very young child, and being in a number of small groups and choirs before going solo in 1998.

[How was the school scene, did it help further nurture your talent ?? ]

- I went to a one-year Recording Arts Management program at The Harris Institute for the Arts in Canada in 2001. By that time, I had already gotten great insight into how the music industry worked, mostly on a local level after having released my first project at home. During my tenure at the institute however, I got to see how the Toronto music industry operated on a much more extensive level. While there, I also got to meet a number of people in the industry, put on concerts and received two grants to produce a couple music videos that later aired on Much Music.

FF - Who were some of your musical influences?

- I think that I really got into Lauryn Hill in my teens. I admired the fact that she was of Caribbean descent and could do everything (singing, rapping, chatting, and songwriting.)

FF - So I guess if Lauryn call your peeps about setting up that collabo… it would be a go for sure?

- Of Course

FF - Now I've listened to basically all your projects, and they all have great songs on them, but which one song has had a great impact on you ??

- Of all the songs I've ever written, “Someday Again”, from the Sanctigroove album is my all-time favorite. The song is very simple, and was written as a dedication to my late grandmother Freda Burrows, with whom I was very close. The song features Adrian D’Aguilar on bass, while I strummed the guitar.

FF - So what gets you in the mood to write a song??? [I've noticed most of your songs have a message entwined ]

- It depends really. Sometimes I get a hook in my head that I just can't shake and it turns into a song. Other times I might be inspired by an experience or I just might hear a solid track and am able to flow from there. I don't generally write songs to fit current trends, themes etc. I try to write what I know and see around me.

FF - Do you think the message in your music....is being accepted, what's the feedback been like?

- The current single “Footprints in the Sand” has gotten a massive response from listeners, and local stations have really supported this song. From a content standpoint, I think the message in this song speaks to so many people, and a few of them have told me just how much. At times like these people need to be encouraged and uplifted. So much of today's popular music does not fill that void.

FF - Getting on Stage LIVE is a rush... any highlights from your touring?

- I definitely agree that live performance is a real rush. Playing with a live band is even better!! A few highlights have been The Love of Music showcase performance at the Blue Note in 2005, opening for Carl Thomas at the Rainforest Theatre in 2004 and the two shows I did in Toronto before I left - they were mad hype!

[any place on the tour for a roaring sax solo ?? ... I think I can still blow !!! ]

- Aw you play den?… Lemmie hear a demo man!

FF - So for the fans and up-and-coming musicians give some words of encouragement?

- I would like to firstly thank everyone tha - by Farreno Ferguson, The Weekender

"F5 CD Review (2006-12-29)"

“Ta Da’s” Sophomore Cd F5 is one of the best Bahamian Cds ever period. The 12 track CD has something for everyone and guess what it’s clean, yep no profanity so the “Rents” [parents] will not be grounding you for listening to crap. "Dangerous", the first track is a sure club-pleaser which will have you chanting to the hypnotic chant “ dangerous take cover and hide do what you must”. My favorite number four “OK" bigs up the Bahamas and other islands in the sun and shows off just a bit of Miss thing’s rapping prowess ok! The Cd is infused with hip hop, neo soul pop and reggae which are all pretty authentic sounding- Ta Da has the ability to become whatever genre she is singing and this is evident in the last song on the Cd which is called “ Keep Moving” done with Tia Thomas and Saba Vsa neo soul song which is in an Erica Badu, juke joint bluesy, finger snapping kinda vibe. I could run on and on about the joint which is aptly named F5 for the force of a tornado or hurricane. Why not run outand grab it and be blown away by the sheer talent of hurricane Ta Da’s latest product.

I got my copy at Logo’s book store at the Harbour Bay Shopping Plaza. - by Nadine Thomas-Brown, The Nassau Guardian

"TaDa - Live in Concert (2007-05-11)"

On Sunday April 29th the newly opened ENVY nightclub and lounge was rocked to the core as promotional company Flip Flop and performing artist Terneille Burrrows “aka” TaDa combined in a live concert resulting in a earthquake that has sparked a new era in the Bahamian music industry.
The concert was hot from the start with opening acts that helped to set the mood for what was to come. The vibe in the Envy lounge was reminiscent of an underground
New York jazz club. A light haze of smoke in the air, and the continuing
buzz of patrons waiting for the main act, kept the night interesting. Then in a barrage of flashes from what seemed to be every photographer on the island, a
petite figure emerged on the stage clothed in white and ready to give the crowd what they had been waiting for.

Backed by a live band, TaDa took us down memory lane by performing songs that spanned her entire discography. A crowd favorite “Back to the Future” with it’s hardcore reggae rhythm was a show stopper along with “TaDa da da” a self titled hit.
Throughout the night TaDa invited
impromptu performers to join her onstage and assist with songs. This helped to keep the diverse crowd glued to the stage, to see what would happen next.
At the end of the night, if you did not think the Bahamian music industry had a “lil life in it left” you definitely knew then.

Flip Flop entertainment and TaDa created a potent mix of people and music to jump start what I think is “The Revolution” of the industry on the island and the beginning
of new vibes to feel on the weekend.

TaDa, is a young Bahamian recording artist/songwriter who is braced to be “the next big thing” from the Caribbean.
Flip Flop Entertainment which hosted the event, is a promotional company made up of young urban professionals.
The TaDa affair was the launch of it’s monthly artist feature which is a portion of the new Sunday’s Unplugged promotion,
which has a goal to provide a platform for young music talent to be heard, and be mature in the performance art industry. - F.DoT


Still working on that hot first release.



International award winning recording artist songwriter TaDa won the Hip hop Grand Prize in the John Lennon Songwriting contest when she was just 19 and has not slowed down since. You might know her best in the U.S. as the voice of the Better in The Bahamas TV ad, but she he has also had music in movies, on global television and has written and recorded songs with major producers like Timbaland and the late Heavy D.

On Monday December 9th, TaDa's 4th full length studio album Element will be officially released. It has been on iTunes Pre-Order since Nov 11th and is already on track to become her best-selling album online to date! TaDa is an unapologetic genre-bender, and always performs original music of various styles. She is a pioneer in the fledgling Bahamian music industry and is an honours graduate of the Harris Institute for the arts, Toronto, Canada.

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