What can I say I am a performance artist that has been blessed with the gift of song. Not interested in imitating what already is Taejah strives to bring true raw talent to the forefront of music.


Captivating the males in the audience with her natural beauty, and reaching out to her fellow females through songs of topics they surely can relate too this young woman goes beyond being just a singer to being a true entertainer. There is know mistaking Taejah is an artist with a gift of voice, and is ready to take on the industry by storm. Once you listen to her single, I am sure you will agree this girl has platinum abilities. Her mind blowing musical styling accompanied by sizzling dance moves makes Taejah one rare commodity.


Rear View LP
Battle Field-Single
Who is She- Single
Road Rage- Single
The Chronicles of Taejah- LP to be release late 2008
Southern Girl -Single
Do it Step- Single

Set List

Will do cover tunes, but usually I perform original material either over show cd or live band. My style is straight up R&B/Pop with a dash of Hip Hop. I leave it up to the venue usually when it comes to the length of my sets.