The Princess of Urban Pop has jumped on the scene mesmerizing her audience with her powerful vocals and smooth dance moves. Combining Hip Hop, Pop, and R&B Taejah is an artist that is destin to be a musical ICON...


Watch out Industry a new singing sensation has stepped on the scene and is ready to take the game over! This 5’7” Midwest beauty is amazing the marketplace one region at a time. Pairing powerful vocals with a tremendous stage presence makes this artist one rare commodity. Not satisfied with just conquering the underground scene, Taejah is on a mission to acquire worldwide acclaim. With hard work and dedication she continues to grind her way to the top. Blessing the stage with a presence that is beyond spectacular she is refered to as “The Princess of Urban Pop.” With a strong marketing team on her side she is being introduced to the world as the Next Big Thing. Not interested in following in the foot steps of what already floods the radio airways, Taejah strives to set Trendz with her own style and abilities. Through her music she reaches out to her audience with an energy and passion that truly captivates. With the release of her single “Don’t Give Up” off her debut album “Deja Vu” Taejah is looking to raise the bar and set a whole new standard for the Urban music scene. 


Deja Vu was Taejahs first single which received radio airplay as well as performance of the song via TV in both Chicago and Ohio...

Don't Give up is Taejahs second single and is slowly but surely receiving airplay and love in the club...

Album coming soon..

Set List

Taejah has original material a total of 4 songs which are definite crowd pleasers. When it comes to cover tunes occasional depending on the gig she uses up beat material..Beyonce, Janet Jackson, Ciara, and Aaliyah.