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The best kept secret in music


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So it all starts with Dan..and ends with Janelle

With a long, eclectic musical history, i.e. performing in different styles of bands anging from Jazz to Gospel, and even a little black/speed metal, he was looking for something new...something...untraversed. With an unfulfilled, sad heart he wandered the various clubs and coffee houses in search of a musical companion; but sadly none met the criteria he required for his newfound love for acoustic, classical style. Whilst spending the evening at a local "dive", he sat at the bar (lonesome for his comanion as usual) when a slight turn of the head to the left changed his life..FOREVER. Enter Janelle. With a jolt of stupor and surprise, he saw a very special young lady; little did he know, his life would take a turn for the better.

Janelle Asselin walked towards him with great exuberence. delighted see an old friend from good times now passed; also unaware of the great music to come. Janelle had a long history of performances, the stage is where she found herself-it made her whole. However, the thought of performing outside the realm of performing arts never occured to her. Together the discussed their recent histories and a shared passion for tree planting, and aspirations of travelling to British Columbia. They talked some more, danced the night away, and made plans to hang out more often to ressurect a lost friendship.

One night fateful; night while hanging out at Dan's place, Janelle asked "Dan, do you play guitar by any chance? I see one sitting there." Dan replied with a smile and said "Absolutley, would you like to hear a song?"
"No, but lets MAKE a song."
"Good idea!" Dan exclaimed with a hope that maybe, just maybe, he had found the singer/ songwriter he was looking for.

Upon seeing the prodigous, amazing talent that seemed to flow from Janelles pen to the page, he was needless to say, astounded. Like the las stroke of a paintbrush on a canvas, the first song of the future Jan n' Dan Band was about to be created, and both amired the others' talent and how a song made by the two was better than any they would have created in solitude.

With incredible amounts of time, a virtual miriad of different ideas, and a shared love of music, their song "Synesthesia" was now perfected, and the chance to perform was an opportunity too great to pass. So a gig was set up for the two musicians at the local Georgian Bay Native Friendship Center, a place where bands meet to play frequently.

Upon their arrival to the show, and much to their dismay, they encountered great resistance from the club administration and security personnel. It was as if the locals were putting up barriers for the two, keeping their music bottled up out of ignorance. The two fought for their right to play, and were finally granted their request.

A great wave of anticipation arose within the two musicians as they walked on stage, it was their turn to show the crowd what they could do. Janelle was engulfed in anxiety, worried that her first time on stage would be catostrophic, but a cool, confident Dan assured her that her beautiful voice would inspire such a positive, energetic response from the on-lookers. With a shaky start Janelles anxiety grew within her, but as she sang (and as Dan had expected) the crowd began to join in the song with great positivity, they started to clap along, a tempo was set, and Janelle found her new home. She began to feel more confident and jumped right into the crowd to perform her song on a more "personnal" level. This only increased the crowds excitment and allowed her to finally perform at her most unhibited level.

After the song was over, the cheers seemed to go on and on, and Janelle; humbled by the crowds enjoyment of her performance replied with a simple "thank you." Jan and Dan were now officially a band.

Oh and did we mention? All of this took place in less than three weeks.